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What at us now instead of the warrant for housing? The contract of social hiring

was somehow simpler Earlier. Came to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies, the warrant to you gave out and go, become populated. Now - the Housing code. No, it did not cancel earlier issued warrants. And if who where according to those warrants lives, so can sleep peacefully. Will not take away. But … Now, if you even needy or another what, the right having, then - all. Any warrants.

Only this contract. Social hiring. About it in the Code a whole chapter. The eighth. And just lot of articles. Even thirty one. With the sixtieth on the ninety first.

And what the piece such is? What about it, darling, in these articles?

Contract as contract. However, with the features.

As well as with any contract that to sign it, there have to be, at least, two parties. The citizen having the right for improvement of living conditions or just to receiving housing … For example, children are the orphans who were brought up in special establishments (orphanages) and reached the corresponding age. This is the first participant of the contract - the employer. The second - the lessor - the owner of premises of the state or municipal housing stock. And the owner can act or directly represented by the bodies authorized on that (for example, Housing committee of Administration), or to transfer this right of some organization in the form of Management company that now succeeded different ZhEU.

The premises can only be subject of the contract. Apartment, house or parts of the apartment or house. And these premises have to be surely isolated. In other words, it is necessary that you from your neighbor were separated by a wall. Let and with a door … You never know, maybe, he to you on a visit will want? And you as if and not against. So the door and not superfluous will appear. And if it opposite - very bad and from a mouth at it smells? Especially since morning... That`s when a stenochka - just on the place. And the door and can be strengthened. To move a dresser to it!

And here under this contract one of the parties (that for which this property is available), transfers to other party (which does not have it yet) this subject. Premises.

And time is transferred, except the contract … Yes, by the way, the contract is surely signed in writing (item 1 of Art. 63). And to it, as an integral part, - the delivery-acceptance certificate .

And the contract of social hiring is not just like that signed, and for the purpose of concrete. The premises are transferred to the employer for accommodation . Therefore “to live - it is possible to live“ absolutely quietly. To both employer, and all members of his family.

About volume the Housing code - especially. In article 69: this provision of the law carries the spouse, children and the employer`s parents to members of the family of the employer. And all - all of them have to be surely specified in the contract .

And suddenly will be born who? On that it and a family. Surely someone is born. On installation to parents of their minor child permission of either the lessor, or other family members is not required. But here it is necessary to change the contract and to bring in it the new family member. It and water and that another consumes. And garbage from it. Utility payments of office different wish to count strongly. From that at them or what income will be, or losses continuous. If not to change the contract, just losses … for

it is not obligatory, but … Sometimes the family member stops being that. Well, the former spouses divorced, for example, and continue to live in the same, the isolated premises. What here you will do? Happens … So same, 69 - I am article, but other its point, the fourth, keeps behind it, not the family member, all those rights any more that have as remained members, and the employer.

Still happens … The person dies. That that employer. So about that, besides, specially - article 82 - I. On which in case of death of the employer any family member who reached majority can become him. Only it is necessary to make changes to the contract. Surely! The employer - that another a little.

Changed the contract and live quietly further. He acts.

And if at the person was nobody? Absolutely anybody … Here then article 83 - I establishes that with death of the living alone employer the contract of social hiring stops … Alas … It is difficult to be lonely not only, but also it is unprofitable.

If it is a little more about features of the contract of it, then it is termless (item 2 of Art. 60). That is in a month, year or ten nobody from not provided premises will ask you. Even if through any time the bases and conditions which granted the right to premises under the contract of social hiring will change suddenly. Here the day before yesterday you had a right and gave the apartment state, and today he died. Cancelled what clever man yesterday. Well, cancelled and cancelled. To you as aktik signed, to a door it.

Or if the owner at premises exchanges. Transferred, for example, the house from federal property to municipal. Earlier it behind the Ministry of Defence was, and now the city the owner became. Too nobody and ever for this reason will come, will ask to release politely and to take out things.

So received and live quietly. Only … Do not forget about duties! It is a little of them.

To pay in due time for premises a rent and for the utilities provided to you. And do not pay that more than in six months and … The lessor in court will drag you. To terminate and move. Of course, the judge will attentively look and as far as the failure to pay reason disrespectful, but all the same … Unpleasantly. And it is troublesome. Run on instances, collect references that the income at you small, dependents is small - it is small - a heap whole and in general … Jobless you third month.

To use these premises, besides - it is possible for accommodation, but not cultivation of rabbits or production of a varnish there - colourful products. It can not be pleasant to neighbors. Will take and will write where the complaint. And to you justify then. Besides - in court. But will not write, and anything it seems. In the new Housing code limits of use of premises for implementation of professional or business activity are expanded, “if it does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, and also requirements to which the premises have to answer“. It is article 17. So agreed with neighbors - you breed rabbits. Or you saw weights. Speak, they inside - gold …

Well, and it is necessary to ensure safety of the room. Because the party interested in that - you, as the employer. With loss (destruction) of premises the contract of social hiring stops. So the law on that speaks. And it, though is strict, but is obligatory to execution. And - all. So still Romans spoke. And they were fairly clever children.