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Meryl Streep in the thriller “Wild River“. Whether the woman will go for “murder“? Imagine

, you were going to go hiking. Took Tourist`s Breakfast stewed meat, the useless husband - the architect who is eternally busy with the sketches and spends the day - spends the night at work, to a synulk of the juvenile and a dog. The baggage is burdensome, but the burden, speak, does not pull.

The husband, of course, rokhlya in intellectual points, not having due respect neither in the opinion of the child, nor in Heart of a Dog. But you are a woman in the blossoming of years and forces. You have behind shoulders an experience of sports victories on a field of river alloys, the positive relation to life and resistant aspiration to achievement of a nirvana contrary to the marriage going to pieces.

However the tourist sortie threatens to turn back big troubles. All problem is that your casual fellow travelers - couple of strong guys with a green sports bag - are much more dangerous, than it seemed at first sight. At first they will ask you to show couple of methods of rafting, then will pretend to be friends, and there at all will change your boat, threatening with the gun and brute physical force. It becomes clear that swells grabanut a rural fair, sewed the security guard and now hurry to Canada where to reach by him without your professional help - well there is no opportunity.

Places here wild, a taiga American, one policeman in a canoe is the share of one thousand miles. To call to the aid it is senseless and reckless, with you the small child whose help bandits just do not need. It`s a no-brainer that at a final stop will not begin to stand on ceremony with you especially as the leader of a gang - the rare moron. It is necessary to count only on himself. And if the burning log hut and horses at full tilt nearby is not observed, we will be limited to suppression of criminals and the mountain river raging thresholds …

History unsuccessful Wick - an enda of the former sportswoman, and nowadays the teacher Gayle Hartman, the famous screenwriter Denis O`Neill composed to nobody. What is characteristic, to it it did not add glory, but in a track record of the director Curtice Hanson there was one intense thriller more. O`Neill took a typical tune of modern literature and cinema as a basis of the text - “decent white people it is in danger“. Respectable Americans at cinema quite often walk smack in trouble and quite often total absence of a civilization becomes a background for their sufferings. We remember similar (only not river, but road) Johnathan Mostou`s thriller “Accident“ with Curt Russell and a classical picture of John Burmen “Disposal“.

For a leading role Hanson it is unexpected for many invited not some combative mademoiselle with the third size, e - e - e... that is the grade in rowing, and venerable Meryl Streep, one of the most eminent actresses of Hollywood famous for the commitment to drama statements. How the director managed to entice twice the winner of the Oscar into almost household thriller - remains a riddle, but its consent obliged also other participants of the project to support a professionalism level. Apparently, Streep promised to add dramatic nature to her image.

The audience is more senior remembers how in the Soviet hire Hanson`s thriller “A bedroom window“ with participation of a star of “Police academy“ of Steve Guttenberg and charming Elisabeth Makgovern was shown. Then, already during video era, the pictures “Bad Influence“ and “Hand Swinging a Cradle“ enjoyed wide popularity at film fans. And everywhere, literally everywhere, Hanson operates one and that stereotypic trick: respectable people suffer from intervention in their life of all criminal elements. In “A bedroom window“ the casual witness and the law-abiding citizen becomes object of prosecution from the serial maniac. In “Bad influence“ the successful financier sputyvatsya with a mysterious tipchik which appears the artful and dangerous criminal. And, at last, “The hand swinging a cradle“ tells about a happy family in which life the harmful nurse dreaming to take the place of the hostess interferes.

However on “The wild river“ the audience got a bit tired from Hanson`s templates. And, apparently, the director was worn out too to tell the same story in different surroundings. Especially as “The wild river“ as if breaks up to two inadequate parts. The first half of the movie urged to open drama talent of Meryl Streep before masses frankly forces the audience to miss. It is visible that creators of a tape tried to pave carefully the way for further events that poured out in slow showdowns, family squabbles and other “pleasures“ of marriage life of terrestrial inhabitants.

Closer to the middle of the narration when Hanson at last remembered that he shoots the thriller, but not family drama, action comes to life. Negodyaysky bastards cease to play friendly strangers, beginning to slight intellectuals according to the full scheme. Here and the composer Gerry Goldsmith wakes up, supplementing the picture with disturbing notes. And the operator Robert Elsvit as if remembers that okromya Meryl Streep and taiga landscapes more fascinating things also have to get into the shot. Since the moment when game in “cat and mouse“ turns into a game of survival, characters change, tension amplifies and Hanson sits down on darling of the fad, forcing audience to be nervous and worry about destiny of heroes.

But authors of a tape nevertheless managed to draw a bowstring. Whether the river subject does not inspire public, whether Streep as combative mummy looked not too convincingly, but “The wild river“, having pleased critics, in hire acted extremely uncertainly. What probably upset most Kevin Beykon which more than ever was successful a role of the main geek. Beykon, thanks to the specific appearance, and especially a smile, quite often represents on the screen of bastards. In “The wild river“ it just surpassed itself therefore final death of the villain (it is even not a spoiler, and quite standard Hollywood hepp - and) is perceived as something self-evident.

Having done a correction of mistakes, three years later Curtice Hanson will remove the best-known and probably the best movie for all career - the detective story “Secrets of Los - Andzheles“. Where, by the way, from a casting of “The wild river“ the actor David Streteyrn who played a role of the shadow businessman Pierce Petchett in “Secrets“ will get over. And it, thank God, the only thing that was borrowed by Hanson from the past, having completely processed own production style.