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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 25 - 26? “Ghost Rider 2“, “Shame“, etc.

Whether in honor of the days off increased at the expense of a holiday, whether as closing of the plan for winter film premieres, but to the forthcoming Wick - and Russia will come out more than ten new tapes.

Key figures of this week will become Nicholas Cage in the sequel of the blockbuster “Ghost Rider 2“ who is made up under ex-the director of FBI Leonardo DiCaprio in the drama “J. Edgar“ and Michael Fassbender in the most scandalous movie of last year “Shame“.

In mass meeting of domestic hire it will be possible to find for the new movie of Dzhanik Fayziyev “August. The eighth“, the youth thriller with Amanda Sayfred “Game of survival“ and a tape based on life of the smuggler of marijuana Howard Marks “Mr. Gandzhubas“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Ghost Rider 2“ (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, 2011)

Apparently, after a number of trials, sharply were necessary for Cage money. I cannot find other explanation for its consent to participation in continuation of “Ghost Rider“. This time, remembering inexpressive financial progress of the original of 2007, the studio invited to a position of directors of authors of “Adrenaline“ and “Gamer“, and also bashfully cut the budget of the project by half. And not for nothing, because to the first premier Wick - and the picture did not manage to rise above the third place.

Owing to absence in our hire of the serious competition, Cage in an infernal appearance can expect to win, but hardly on love of the audience. Many admirers of comics of the Marvel company note that both Ghost Rider is not the most interesting character, and Cage - the doubtful candidate for this screen version. To the grandma do not go, the sequel will be spectacular and vigorous, but PG rating - 13 obliges the Racer to behave decently that, you see, is difficult when your worst enemy is the Devil and his numerous henchmen.

2. “J. Edgar“ (J. Edgar, 2011)

Still slightly - slightly and Leonardo DiCaprio will become the unluckiest actor in modern Hollywood. No, it is not threatened by Eddie Murphy`s infamy or oblivion in soap operas yet, but it was not nominated again for Oscar. And Leo so tried. And even abandoned Martin Scorsese, having despaired to gain recognition of film academicians in its movies to adjoin more successful Clint Eastwood. Also agreed to spend plenty of time in a make-up room, changing in one of the most odious characters in the contemporary history of the USA - the director of FBI Edward Hoover whose informal biography formed a basis of the movie of Eastwood.

One business when the screenwriter of a tape Dustin Lance Black describes life of the American politician Harvey Milk who died for the political views and nonconventional sexual orientation. And absolutely another when the same person undertakes to prove, based on the unchecked facts and conjectures, that one of the most influential people of America, the former director of FBI, had tendencies to homosexuality too. Film academicians and the audience decided not to encourage similar tendencies (that look and will reach George Washington) and unfriendly treated new work of Eastwood. DiCaprio is, of course, not guilty. He - that gave all the best on all hundred fifty. But the two-hour biography of Hoover too came down to materials of a yellow press. The homeland of such message did not approve.

3. “Shame“ (Shame, 2011)

Is things about which it is not accepted to speak aloud. But it is possible to show at cinema. And there are things about which all speak, but hesitate to show. To see on a screen of suffering of the addict, alcoholic or even the serial murderer - as easy as shelling pears, such pictures tens. But perish the thought to align the story on sex. To you what, there is not enough industry of movies for adults and Tinto Brass?

In Europe Steve McQueen`s tape did not begin to be put pejoratively a muzzle in dirt. Scandal, of course, happened, but the Venetian jury all - noted magnificent game of Michael Fassbender. Prudish British and Americans decided not to awake dashingly, having refused to accept history of the lonely erotomaniac - a seksogolik in a similar “shameless“ look. A minimum of the nominations on prestigious awards and obviously “terrible“ rating of NC - 17 that yet not the pornography, but is no place closer. Very clever, touching and incredibly powerful drama with brilliant game of one actor and digression to loneliness of big cities is behind these foolish sanctimonious gestures.

4. “August. The eighth“ (2012)

After “The Turkish gambit“ Dzhanik Fayziyev sustained a pause of 7 years. Then, having bitten off a third of annual state financing of the Russian cinema, decided to strike audience with special effects from creators of “Lord of the Rings“ and the human drama based on a recent rossiysko - the Georgian conflict. To Fayziyev for some reason nobody reported that to mix genres of the military drama and comic book it is not necessary by definition because at the exit inedible weight from tears, firing and computer robots will turn out. Even Spielberg having experience in both directions for the present does not dare to mix flies with cutlets. But who is concerned by these foreign authorities, the truth? Dzhanik did in time the tape to palm off exactly under February 23, and we are infinitely grateful to it for the fact that it had enough mind not to spoil the Victory holiday. August looks “. The eighth“, despite all 16 million dollars as the cheap patriotic propaganda material incapable to cause even a momentary attack of love for the country.

5. “Game of survival“ (Gone, 2012)

Is remembered by

, at Johnathan Demme in “Silence of lambs“ the maniac kidnapped girls, killed them and sewed to himself a dress from human skin. Dalia the villain steals nice maidens from Brazilian Heitor directly from a warm bed, throws into a hole in the middle of the wood and … And further, friends, authors did not think up. But as the potential victim already is, it should be rescued. At least for the sake of a tick. The police in the movie works by the principle “I believe in what I see“ therefore does not respond to appeals of the sister kidnapped. The poor thing needs to search for a manyachina independently, than she all movie also is engaged. About such tapes usually speak: “I will not look through, so though I will sleep“. Separate pity is deserved only by Amanda Sayfred who stupidly spends all available talents.

And now a two-three of paragraphs about other debutants of hire. The German collage “Men in the big city 2“ will remind something our domestic comedy “What Men Speak About“. The same simple, but expressive humour, without vulgarity and fecal motives. The same contemplate approach to life where talk on love and relationship with women becomes an occasion for a little mad, but beautiful acts. From familiar faces - only Til Schweiger, but here is a little of him.

If there is a wish European, but with an adventurism raid, pay attention to the tragicomedy “Mr. Gandzhubas“ - the screen version of the autobiography of Howard Marks, famous British drug dealer. Role of the person to whom in 70 - e years of the last century belonged 10 - a percentage share of a world turnover of hashish the compatriot Reece Ivans executed it. And hardly anyone - nibud could cope better.

And again in the list of premieres distressful “Olympic village“ Aleksandra Sukhareva who tries to come the second year to the big screen. The company to it will be kept by the teenage comedy “A casting for the villain“ which sense is opaquely dictated by heading.

In limited hire the Chelyabinsk film company Dalmatian Film, within the Week of Hot Cinema program, will show at once several exotic projects of production of cinematographers of Latin America, including Mexican “A season of hurricanes“ , the Argentina comedy “The new guy for my girl“ , Brazilian “The beauty on are big“ and “What to hell love?:(“ from Chile.