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Christ or Messiah?

Christ or Messiah?

H. Z. from Ioann, - 15, With - 13.

The new testament - one of the Sacred writing on the basis of which the Russian Orthodox Church carries out the activity. At church “culture“ there is a large number of Saints to whom there are certain prayers and addresses. One of the “main“, Supreme Saints is Jesus Christ, his mother - Virgin Mary or the Virgin, the Holy Spirit and God (Father). When you begin to go deep, study this religion involuntarily you ask a question - and why so many Saints at the head of whom Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin? Why different types of activity and crafts “are protected“ patronized) not by the one God, but a great number of other Saints? Really God is not able to follow and help behind everything to all at the same time? If is not present then why was to create all of us? Then to give up our maintenance on the assistants (or servants), to be exact on slaves Bozhiikh?

To Jesus, of course, absolutely other relation, he came to atone for the mankind sins. But whether so it actually? Who such Jesus Christ to whom and for what He was sent? Let`s try “to rummage“ and find out a little - what, first of all, the Russian people, and in general Slavs are related to the matters. To start search of the answer, perhaps partial, we will begin with the simplest. Let`s address the modern sacred writing. Let`s consider “New testament“ from Matfey, Mark and Luka.

Many opinions exist about discrepancy of the Scripture given [“New testament“], about its falsification. Not to be verbose we will independently read it and we will analyse it. In the analysis, I [the author of article], will state the conjectures, the point of view on written, and of course at everyone the opinions and views of all events. The used reductions in the text:

E. N. Z. - Gospel of the New Testament.

So, we will begin:

The first contradiction which we face it is Jesus`s family tree. In chapter 1 E. N. Z. from Matfey - Jesus Christ`s family tree, the Son Davidov, the Son Avramov. Verses 2 - 16 chapters 1 E. N. Z. from Matfey list Jesus`s family. However, verse of the 18th chapter 1 E. N. Z. from Matfey says that “Jesus Christ`s Christmas was so: “ after a betrothal of Mother of his Maria with Iosif, before than they were combined, it turned out that She has in a belly from the Spirit Svyaty “. It is absolutely clear that Maria was already pregnant with Jesus till a betrothal with Iosif, but not it draws attention, but the fact that he is conceived from the Spirit Svyaty. I.e. the son, Jesus, was not Iosif that pushes on a question - and why it is listed in verses 2 - 16 chapters 1 E. N. Z. from Matfey Jesus`s family tree to which he has no relation since it was not conceived by Iosif?

Chapter 1. E. N. Z. from Mark abated 5, 22, 24, 34: “ I left to it all country Judaic and to Iyerusalimlyana, and all were christened from it in the Jordan River, professing the sins.


I marveled to its doctrine because He taught them as the power having, but not as scribes

of ………………………………………………………………………

Leave! What to you to us, Jesus Nazaryanin? You came to ruin us! I know You who You are, the Saint Bozhy.


I It cured many, having various diseases; cast out many demons, and did not allow demons to say that they know that He is Christ “.

In this chapter it is clearly written about a baptism only of the Judaic country (and also Jerusalem, but you should not forget that Israel and Jerusalem are not the same country), professing the sins. Therefore, nobody needed any more baptism, and sins that especially as for Jews, there is nobody was not observed, so and nobody any more, except Jews at that time needed rescue, no states are specified any more.

Jesus`s strength is also obvious. Its spiritual and moral power, “… because He taught them as the power having, but not as scribes“

the Demons who are cast out by Jesus, know who he is, and (addressing, by the way, it by name) call him Christ (!) .

Chapter 3. 7 - 9 E. N. Z. verse from Matfey: “Having seen Ioann of many Pharisees and Sadducees going to it to be christened, told them: generations of an ekhidnina! who inspired in you to run for future anger?

create a worthy fruit of repentance.

also do not think to speak about itself: “the father at us Abraham“ because I say to you what God can erect from these stones of children to Abraham “.

Today it is known that Pharisees and Sadducees are two Hebrew it is religious - philosophical schools. John the Baptist clearly states that on them there is an anger Bozhy (after Jesus`s birth), on them - Jews. Pharisees and Sadducees I know it. Also visually it is stated in chapter 1. E. N. Z. from Luka verses 68 - 80: “ is blessed the Lord Izrailev that visited the people and created disposal to it,

I erected a rescue horn to us in David`s house, the adolescent Svoyego,

As announced lips of the Saint prophets who were from a century,

That will save us from our enemies and by hand all hating us;

Will create favor with our fathers and will remember a sacred precept,

the Oath which He swore to Abraham, our father, to give us, Neboyaznenno`s

, after disposal by hand of enemies of our

to Serve It in sanctity and the truth before It, in all days of our life.

And you the baby will be named use of God because you predydt before the person Gospoda to prepare ways for It, to Allow to comprehend

to the people its rescue in remission of sins them,

On blagoutrobny mercy of our God which visited us the East from above, to Illuminate

sitting in darkness and a shadow mortal, to direct our legs to a way of the world.

The baby increased, both became stronger spirit, and was in deserts about day of the phenomenon to Israel “.

Still example - Chapter 6 E. N. Z. from Luka verses 30 - 32: “ Scribes and Pharisees grumbled and told to pupils it: why you eat and drink with publicans and sinners?

Jesus told them in reply: not healthy have need in the doctor, but patients;

I came to call not righteous persons, but sinners for repentance “.

Also here - Chapter 7 E. N. Z. from Luka: verses 29 - 31: “ I all people listening to it and publicans rendered glory to God, krestivshis a baptism Ioannov;

And Pharisees and legalists rejected will to Bozhy about themselves, not krestivshis from him.

Then the Lord told: to whom I will compare people of this sort? And to whom they are similar? “

Chapter 11 E. N. Z. from Luka verses 39 - 44, 52 - 54: “ But the Lord told it: nowadays you, Pharisees, clear appearance of a bowl and a dish, and your interior is executed plunders and slyness.

Unreasonable! Whether the Same Who created external created also internal?

Give better alms from what you have, then everything at you will be pure.

But a grief to you, Pharisees that you give tithe from mint, a rue and any vegetables, both a neradita about court and God`s love: this should be done, and not to leave that.

A grief to you, Pharisees that you love predsedaniye in synagogues and greetings in people`s assemblies.

A grief to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites that you - as coffins hidden over which people go also do not know that.


A grief to you, legalists that you took an understanding key: did not enter and prevented entering.

When He told them it, scribes and Pharisees began to start strongly Him, compelling at Him answers to a lot of things, Looking for

under Him and trying to catch something from lips it to accuse him “.

In these lines it is accurately reflected whom he addresses what charges of Jesus.

Chapter 12 E. N. Z. from Mark abated 29: “ Jesus answered it: the first of all precepts: listen to Israel! Our Lord is the Lord uniform “.

Jesus addresses only Israelis.

Chapter 6. A verse 19, 20, 21 in E. N. Z. from Matfey: “ do not collect to yourself treasures on the earth where mol and a rzha exterminate and where thieves undermine and steal. But collect to yourself treasures in the sky where neither the mol, nor a rzh, exterminate and where thieves do not undermine and do not steal because where your treasure, will be also your heart there “. This note does not belong to our analysis. It is presented for reflection on rather settled fact that the patriarch Kirill wears watch for 35 000 euros. And on the facts which are stated in article on the « portal; Russian Agency of News “ about the income of Russian Orthodox Church.

Chapter 7 in E. N. Z. from Matfey: “you do not judge and you will not be judged “. Interestingly, the patriarch Kirill when spoke about Slavs how the spiritual “leader and the mentor“ of our state that they “… second-class citizens“, he forgot about this precept of Jesus?

Chapter 9. A verse 22 in E. N. Z. from Matfey. “ Jesus, having addressed and having seen it, told: dare, dshcher! Your belief rescued you. The woman from that hour became healthy “. The concept “Dshcher“ exists at least 100 000 years. It meets in H`Ariyska Karune. The knowledge and use of this concept by Jesus gives a reason to assume that It was from Rod Svyat of Race, to be exact belongs to white race, and Jews, Jews - they treat gray race.

Chapter 10. A verse 38 in E. N. Z. from Matfey. “ So, you ask Mister of a harvest that sent makers for the harvest“. Jesus allocates separate “Mister of a harvest “. It is similar to how at Ancestors of Slavs it was esteemed many “misters“ or Gods. Each God watched, operated, was a patron of this or that kind of activity, manifestations of live and inanimate nature etc. This verse besides says that Jesus can be considered as ancestor Svyata Rasy.

Chapter 10. Verses 5 and 6 in E. N. Z. from Matfey. “ of These twelve was sent by Jesus, and commanded them, speaking: you do not go to a way to pagans, and to the city of Samaryansky you do not go; and go to a naipacha to the died sheep of the house of Izrailev “; Jesus sent the pupils whom allocated with abilities to cure patients, to preach to Jews, but not to pagans. Pagans are Slavs.

Chapter 11 E. N. Z. from Mark verses 15 - 17: “ Came to Jerusalem. Jesus, having entered the temple, began to expel selling and buying in the temple; and overturned tables of menovshchik and a bench of the selling pigeons;

Also did not allow that who carried by any thing through the temple.

Also taught them, speaking: whether it is written: my house will be named the house of a prayer for all people? And you made it a den of thieves “.

Here an obvious example against what Jesus fought. Against system of Financial parasites! When they [parasites] already then in consciousness of people substituted moral and moral values for financial benefit, arranging a torzhishch (in the most offensive way!) in temples. And as it “became clear“ later to be exact it happened, and even more precisely - as we can observe today, after Jesus`s death, at parasites it turned out, at the vast majority of people today God is money, and no more than that. Further, as proof to it, we will give lines from chapter 18 E. N. Z. from Luka abated 18, 22 - 24: “ I somebody from commanding asked it: Teacher of blagiya! What to do to me to inherit life eternal? ……………………………………………………………………………….

Having heard it, Jesus told it: does not get one more to you: everything that you have, sell and distribute to beggars, and you will have treasure in heaven, and come, follow Me.

He, having heard this, grieved because he was very rich.

Jesus, seeing that he grieved, told: as difficult having wealth to enter the Kingdom Bozhy! “, of course, I do not want to show

Ya at all that today each person has to give away the shirt off back for the sake of truth, (but, by the way, and the last shirt has no pockets) these chapters display distortion of consciousness of people who got under influence of “values“ of financial parasites.

Chapter 12 E. N Z from Matfey. In this chapter we meet also that Pharisees, but nobody else, want to ruin Jesus - a verse 14: “ Pharisees, having left, had meeting against It, as if to ruin it. But Jesus, having learned, was removed from there “.

And still the set of times can be met this desire from Pharisees:

Chapter 3 E. N. Z. from Mark abated 6: “ Pharisees, having left, immediately made from irodiana meeting against It, as if to ruin it “.

Chapter 10 E. N. Z. from Mark abated 2: “ Approached Pharisees and asked, tempting him: whether permissibly to get divorced to the husband from wife? “

Chapter 12 E. N. Z. from Luka abated 4 - 5: “I Tell to you, my friends: be not afraid killing a body and then not able nothing more to make;

But I will tell you of whom to be afraid: be afraid of the one who, after killing, can cast into Gehenna: it, I speak to you, be afraid of that “.

These lines about speak many. But very few people focus attention on them. They say that the person has a body and soul, though the Russian Orthodox Church of it does not deny. The soul, after death of a body, continues to live. Only on the basis of it it is possible to tell that the person has life as it is eternal since his soul is live, though it can be killed. Only there is a discrepancy - the soul lives, and the body dies, and further what? There is not enough, in my opinion, theory of reincarnation, such as it [reincarnation] is in the movement of Consciousness of Krishna. This nedoslovlennost gives a reason to assume that falsification of this writing takes place to be.

Chapter 13. 36 - 39 E. N. Z. verses from Matfey In these verses Jesus gives interpretation of the parable of the wheat and chaff in the field (verses 24 - 30): “ Then Jesus, having released the people, entered the house. And, having started It, pupils told it: explain to us the parable of the wheat and chaff in the field. He told them in reply: sowing a kind seed there is a Son Chelovechesky; the field is the world; the kind seed is sons of the Kingdom, and a ryegrass - sons of the evil; the enemy who seeded them is a devil; the harvest is death of a century, and reapers Angela`s essence “. Interestingly following words from a verse 37: “ … a kind seed is the Son Chelovechesky “. “Son the Human“, but not the son Bozhy or Messiah or still somehow differently. Therefore there is an assumption that Jesus did not mean himself as son Bozhyego, and means the ordinary person, the Person from capital letter who lives on conscience and honor.

Chapter 13 E. N Z from Mark verses 32 - 37: “ About day that, or hour, nobody knows, neither Angela heavenly, nor the Son, but only the Father.

If you look, then be awake, you pray because you do not know when comes this time.

It is similar as if who, departing at way and leaving the house, gave to the servants the power and each to their own business, and ordered to the gatekeeper to be awake.

So, be awake because you do not know when the host comes: in the evening, either at midnight, or in singing of roosters, or in the morning;

That, having come suddenly, did not find you sleeping.

And that I speak to you, I speak to all: be awake “

Jesus edifies the apostles: Pyotr, Jacob, Ioann and Andrey on Mount of Olives (a verse 3) not to sleep, and to be awake in days “ … after grief of that, the sun will grow dim, and the moon will not give the light, and stars will fall down from the sky, and forces heavenly will hesitate for a time “ (verses 24 - 25). Absolutely it is clear, about what here the speech - when “… will rise the people on the people and a kingdom on a kingdom …“ (a verse 8) and “The brother`s brother to death, and the father - children will betray; also children on parents will rise and will destroy them“ (a verse 12) Jesus asks to keep clarity of mind. It is conscious and fair to belong to “ Ya occurring after Jesus`s death beforehand told you everything “ (a verse 23). Or more precisely it is possible to express thought in the lines from the Gospel of the New Testament from Luka in chapter 21 in which the similar thought, as in the lines given above is traced: verse 34: “you watch for yourself that your hearts were not aggravated by an objyadeniye, both alcoholism, and everyday interests and that day that did not comprehend you suddenly “.

Chapter 15. Verse 24 E. N. Z. from Matfey: “He told in reply: I am sent only to the died sheep of the house of Izrailev “. Here, I think, comments are excessive. By the way, the word “ Israel “ means “ fighting good luck “.

Chapter 16. Verse 21 E. N. Z. from Matfey: “Since then Jesus began to open for the pupils that to It has to go to Jerusalem and suffer from elders and high priests and scribes much and to be to ubit, and in the third day to revive “ Here clearly is told where Jesus - in Jerusalem will be killed, but not in Israel! Also still in all the Gospel of Matthew was not told that Jesus was sent to all people living at that time on Earth.

Chapter 17 E. N Z about Onions verses 20 - 21: “ of Byv zhe is asked by Pharisees when Bozhiye`s Kingdom comes, answered them: Bozhiye`s Kingdom will not come in a perceptible way,

I will not tell: here, it here, or: here, there. Because here, Bozhiye`s Kingdom in you is “.

Chapter 18 E. The N Z about Onions abated 15 - 17: “ Brought to It and babies that It touched them; pupils, seeing that, prohibited of

But Jesus, having called up them, told: let children to come to Me and do not prohibit to them because those there is Bozhiye`s Kingdom.

Truly I speak to you: who will not accept the God`s Kingdom as the child, that will not enter it “.

Here a bright example and an image of what Jesus speaks about: “Bozhiye`s kingdom“. Children, in the first years of the life, absolutely differently perceive world around. It will be correct to tell that their eyes do not look at the world through “pink glasses“ (though not each person has these pink glasses). Their consciousness and mind are not filled with templates of perception of the world, as at the adult, imposed to it by society. Children, as someone told from my contemporaries, it is Gods, and we do of them people, imposing and misleading the morals, on the basis of the “high“ or “big“ life experience.

Chapter 19. Verse 28: “Jesus told to them: truly I say to you that you followed Me, - in a pakibytiya when the Son Chelovechesky on a glorious throne of the sits down, also you will sit down on twelve thrones to judge twelve knees Israel “. Again we meet accent in the writing. Jesus accurately discloses against whom was sent. The same is written and in the Gospel of the New Testament from Luka in chapter 22 30 abated: “yes a yadita and the poet behind my meal in my Kingdom, also you will sit down to judge on thrones twelve knees Israel“.

Chapter 23 E. N. Z. from Matfey. In this head Jesus exposes Pharisees.

Also and here - chapter 7 E. N. Z. about Mark verses 5 - 10: “ are asked Then by his Pharisees and scribes: why your pupils do not arrive according to the legend of aged men, but eat with not washed hands bread?

He told them in reply: well prophesied about you, hypocrites, Isaiah as it is vain: these people honor Me lips, heart will far be spaced them from Me,

But vainly honor Me, teaching doctrines, precepts human.

Because you, having left the God`s precept stick to the legend human, ablution of mugs and bowls, and do many other things, to this similar.

Also told them: whether it is good that you cancel the God`s precept to observe the legend?

Because Moisey told: esteem the father and the mother; θ: talking scandal the father or mother death yes will die “.

Chapter 26 E. The N Z from Matfey abated 2: “ you know that in two days there will be Easter, and the Son Chelovechesky will be devoted on a crucifixion “.

Chapter 14 E. The N Z from Mark abated 12: “ In the first day of opresnik when pinned up the easter innocent person, pupils say It it: where you want to eat Easter? We will go and we will prepare “. (by the way, about the word of the innocent person. “Innocent person“, if to spread out this word on abbreviations, then on the basis of H`Ariyska Karuny we will get the following transfer: The innocent person - “agn - c - and -“ - the sincere fire directed to God; or - the soul aspiring to God; or - the soul striving for Creation.)

Chapter 2 E. N. Z. from Luka abated 41 - 42: “ his parents went Every year to Jerusalem for Easter holiday.

And when It was twelve years, they came also on custom to Jerusalem for a holiday “.

Chapter 6 E. N. Z. from Onions “On Saturday, the First after the Second Day of Easter, It Happened to It to Pass the Sowed Fields, and Pupils Broke It Ears and Fir-trees, Pounding Hands “.

How so? Today it is considered that Easter is the holiday established in honor of Christ`s revival! He still did not even die, and there is already a speech about a holiday which will name its wonderful revival! (?!)

Chapter 23. E. N. Z. from Luka abated 13 - 24; 46 - 48: “ Pilat, having called high priests, both chiefs, and the people,

Told them: you took to me the Person Sego as corrupting the people; and here, I at you investigated and did not find the Person Sego guilty in anything what you accuse him of;

And Herod also because I sent him to him; and nothing is found in It worthy death;

So, having punished him, I will release.

And to it also they needed for a holiday to tpustit one prisoner.

But all people began to shout: death to It! And release to us Barabbas.

Barabbas was put in a dungeon for the indignation made in the city and murder.

Pilat raised a voice again, wishing to release Jesus.

But they shouted: crucify, crucify him!

He for the third time told them: what evil was made by Him? I death found nothing worthy in It; so, having punished him, I will release.

But they continued to demand with great shout that It was crucified; also overcame shout them and high priests.

And Pilat decided to be according to the solution of their


Jesus, having proclaimed a loud voice, told: Father! In your hands I betray my spirit. And, having told this, died.

The centurion, videv occurring, glorified God and told: truly the Person Etot was a righteous person.

And all people, sshedshiysya on this show, seeing occurring, came back, and beat breast “

Here application of Psi - the weapon on people is very obviously reflected.

In general the first three narrations are read hard, at least for me since there are no coherent phrases, and especially actions of the events. It is clear, that “brevity sister of talent“. But to describe 33 years of human life in 28 heads on only 41 leaves … There is still a quantity of points which I did not begin to take out since it is just opposite, and “language does not turn“ to tell and comment on these lines. One common feature which, by the way, is not so mysterious is traced, actions develop between Jesus, the Son Bozhiya called, by the way, only by demons whom he casts out from people, Christ (in translation from Greek - the Messiah), both Pharisees and Sadducees, i.e. Jews, and no more.

But on it everything only begins. Most “fascinating“ as in direct and figuratively, the narration about life Jesus is reflected in E. N. Z from Ioann. Reading this sacred annunciation brings a set of emotions, takes the breath away (at least at me). When reading chapter 1 there can be a mass of questions:

Verse 6, 19, 24, 29, 31, 36, 41: “ Was the person sent from God; name to it Ioann.
I here Ioann`s certificate when Judea sent priests and levits from Jerusalem to ask it: who are you?
A sent were from Pharisees;
Ioann The next day sees Jesus going to it and speaks: there is a Lamb of God Who undertakes a world sin.
Ya did not know it; but for this purpose came to christen in water that It was shown to Israel.
I, having seen the going Jesus, told: there is a Lamb of God. ………………………………………………………………………
It the first finds
the brother Simon and speaks to it: we found the Messiah that means: Christ
“ to

Besides, absolutely clearly it is visible who is more disturbed by Jesus`s appearance and to whom it was shown. Coming back to the word “Innocent person“ I will repeat that the translation of the word “Innocent person“ is not - “lamb“, and “Innocent person“ if to spread out this word on abbreviations, then on the basis of H`Ariyska Karuny we will get the following transfer: The innocent person - “agn - c - and -“ - the sincere fire directed to God; or - the soul aspiring to God; or - the soul striving for Creation! Further, Christ, and it is already clear, there is a name (or, I`m sorry, a middle name), it is a rank, a position to which Jesus was put. And when I hear “pravoslavno - Christian church“ what turns out? Pravoslavno - missionary church? So whether? With the translation of the word “Messiah“ we occur also in chapter 4 verses 25: “The woman speaks to It: knowing that the Messiah, that is Christ will come; when He comes, will compensate to us everything“.

Also more than once mentions of Easter holiday which exists in honor of its revival today meet, but at that time already existed when Jesus did not die yet: chapter 2 13 abated: “Easter Judaic came, and Jesus came to Jerusalem“, 23 abated: “And when It was in Jerusalem on Easter holiday, many, seeing wonders which It worked, believed in the name Its“; chapter 6 4 abated: “Easter, the holiday Judaic came“; chapter 11 55 abated: “Easter Judaic came, and many of all country came to Jerusalem before Easter to be cleared“; chapter 12: “In six days prior to Easter Jesus came to Bethany where there was Lazar the dead whom he revived from the dead“; chapter 13: “Before Easter holiday Jesus, knowing that time has come, to pass it from this world to the Father, showed business that, having loved real in the world, up to the end loved them“.

Chapter 2 15 - 16 abated: “ I, having made a scourge of ropes, expelled from the temple of all as well sheep and oxen; scattered money at menovshchik, and them overturned tables.

Also told selling pigeons: take it from here and do not do the house of the Father Moyego by the house of trade “. Here before us again a picture in which Jesus struggles, at least, with dealers, on bigger with Financial parasites who drove the whole world and each inhabitant of Earth into financial slavery today.

Further the reasons for which Jews will agree to kill Jesus, chapter 5 verses 16 - 17, 30 - 44 clear up: “ I began to drive Judea Jesus and looked for to kill him for the fact that did such things on Saturday.

Jesus spoke to them: The father Moy does hitherto, and I do.

I can create nothing from Myself. Both I hear, and I sit, and my court is just; because I do not look for my will, but will of the Father who sent Me.


If I testify Itself to Sebha, then my certificate is not truly.

There is another, confirming Me; and I know that that certificate which it testifies to Me is true.

You sent to Ioann, and he testified about truth.

However, I not from the person accept the certificate, but I tell it in order that you escaped.

It was the lamp burning and shining; and you wanted to be glad small time by the light of it.

I have the certificate more Ioannov: because affairs which the Father allowed Me to make the these affairs created by me demonstrate to Me that the Father sent Me.

And the Father Sam who sent Me testified about Me. And you neither it never heard a voice, nor did not see His face;

Also you have no the word Its staying in you because you do not believe to That Whom It sent.

Investigate the Writing because you think through them to have life eternal; and they testify to Me.

But you do not want to come to me to have life.

I do not accept glory about chelovek,

But I know you: you have in yourself no love for God.

I came to a name of the Father Moyego, and do not accept Me; and if other comes to the name, accept it.

How you can believe when you from each other accept glory, and glory which about the One God do not look for? “

to Steam of direct words for what Jesus`s Jews - chapter 7 verses 1, 7 wanted to kill: “ After this Jesus went across Galilee because across Judea did not want to go because Judea looked for to kill him.


The world cannot hate you, and hates Me because I demonstrate to it that its affairs are evil “.

Why Jesus was sent to Jews? And what words became “deadly“ to Jesus? We read here - chapter 8 verses 13 - 19, 37, 40 - 47: “Then Pharisees told to It: You testify to Sebha, your certificate is not true.

Jesus told them in reply: if I and Sam testify to Sebha, my certificate is true; because I know from where I came and where I go; and you do not know from where I and where I go.

You judge by flesh; I do not judge anybody.

And if I judge, then my court is true because I not one, but I and the Father who sent Me.

And yes in your law it is written, cht two people the certificate is true.

I testify to Sebha, and the Father who sent Me demonstrates to Me.

Then told It: where your Father? Jesus answered: you do not know either me, or the Father Moyego; if you knew Me, then would know also the Father Moyego. ………………………………………………………………………

I Know
that you a seed Avramov; however look for to kill Me because the word My does not hold in you. ………………………………………………………………………

A look for
now to kill Me, the Person who told you truth which heard from God: Abraham of it did not do.

You do things of your father. On it told It: we not from a lyubodeyaniye are given birth; however we have the Father, God.

Jesus told them: if God was your Father, then you would love Me because I from God isshyol also came; because I not Sam from Myself came, but He sent Me.

Why you do not understand my speech? Because you cannot hear Moyego`s words.

your father devil

; and you want to execute lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and did not resist in truth because there is no truth in it. When he tells lie, you tell the because he is a liar and the father of lie.

And as I tell truth, you do not trust Me.

Which of you will convict Me of a lie? If I tell truth why you do not trust Me?

Who from God, that listens to God`s words. You therefore do not listen that you not about God “.

And further I submit the quote as Jews to be afraid for myself from Jesus`s actions, chapter 11 verses 47 - 53: “Then high priests and Pharisees brought together by council and spoke: what to do to us? This Person works many wonders.

If we leave it so, then all will believe in It, both Romans will come and will seize and our place and the people.

One of them, somebody Caiaphas, being that year a high priest, told them: you know nothing,

I will not think that it is better for us that one person died for people than that all people died.

He told this not from himself (pay attention - not from yourself), but being that year a high priest, foretold that Jesus will die for the people,

From this day put to kill him“ with

I of course among Jews there were people who trusted Jesus, but were traitors first of all before by itself - chapter 13 verses 42 - 43: “However, from chiefs many believed in It; but for the sake of Pharisees did not profess not to be separated from a synagogue,

Because loved more glory human, than God`s glory “.

Jews is the died sheep of the house of Izrailev, followers of the Father of their Devil told the last word - chapter 19 7 abated: “ of Judea answered it: we have the law, and under our law He has to die because he made Himself the Son Bozhiim “.

It would be possible to present to the reader more extensive and detailed picture of an event in time when there lived a Person who in the New Testament is called Jesus. But I have no big data, than the book in the hands. The analysis of geographical positions of the cities specified in the New Testament did not do. All above as you, the reader, understand, is not my invention, and only quotes from the book and ascertaining of the facts. And it is therefore interesting how these four Sacred Annunciations can belong to Russian Orthodox Church if the speech goes to them, only, about Jews? Moreover, it is possible to tell safely that this narration about some certain site of time of life of these people. In other words part of their history. And for what then Jesus costs in “first rows“ of Saints of Russian Orthodox Church? The big great number of Saints reminds a picture of outlook of Slavs of pagans who had a large number of patrons of different types of activity and crafts who were called Gods. And if to say that Jesus atoned for all sins of mankind, then why then today speak to us (the same Christian attendants) what we are given birth in a sin? About what sin there is a speech if Jesus already atoned for all our sins? Not to mention that we sin during life, and we these sins are indulged, also say that we are guilty. Why every year death becomes more and more, the wars some it is unclear from where the developing diseases, the ecology of Earth is almost destroyed, nasty things, immorality it is more and more every year - whether for this purpose Jesus was crucified on a cross? Most likely all this occurs just because Jesus was crucified and died and if he did not die, and could inform of light and execute the mission, then we would not live in this hell today.

Personally I for myself drew conclusions such: Jesus was the Messiah therefore - that he was called Christ. It is the banal translation of the word from one language on another - sense - that does not change, it is only necessary to apply it correctly. The Messiah, sent to change life of the people Judaic since “… its affairs are evil“. Yes! It is possible to connect it with Slavs and representatives of white race since I consider that its activity, those years, can be referred to activity of Orthodox Slavs safely. Who how the Truth the Glorifying Slavs, at all times existence on Earth, lived on the truth and convicting lie, not living on lie (on a falsehood)? Always trying, first of all, the word kind and truthful, just and honest to inform of truth of the events …

brought only the superficial analysis of Saints Blagovestvy four apostles Here (though they were 12! Where the others?) But on it the New Testament does not come to an end. Further to you will the facts which were not less Taking the breath away, to be exact direct quotes from this book about the relation of ancestors of Slavs to Christianity religion are provided.

And still - chapter 21 E. N. Z. from Ioann abated 25: “ Much and another was created by Jesus; but, if to write about that it is detailed, then, I think, and to the world not to contain the written books. … “.