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In recent time to me the idea to make the collection of words, so-called outdate (though any they not outdated, just forgot about them during destruction of the Russian standard of speech and spelling) words came. There are words which uzheyo appeared a turn of speech of the Russian people long ago, and interpretations of words which we use today are also given, but incorrectly we understand their values. Interpretation went on the basis of H`Ariyska Karuny and Holy Russia images. In case someone from readers attentively read article about H`Ariyskaya to Karun, then it will notice that to contain in this “dictionary“ images of runes of this ancient writing. Including Vedic Gods of Slavs are in alphabetical order described. There are also words which interpretations will seem to you absolutely absurd. It would be desirable to pay attention that it is only research work therefore I assume that interpretations of some words are incorrect. For this reason I suggest the reader to express the opinion on read.

Drawing up the collection continues, and I suggest the reader to take part in it. I ask to leave all wishes, corrections, opinions, or your words in comments or on a box of shpuntovk@mail. ru

of Reduction: h`a. river - an image of a rune from H`Ariyska Karuny;

See - look.


This information contains in Slavyano - the Aryan Veda

1 - a finger (elements “Earth“);

2 - vezhda (elements “Star“);

3 - triuda (elements “Fire“);

4 - couples (elements “Sun“);

5 - span (elements “Tree“);

6 - shed (elements “Heaven“);

7 - pressing (elements “Ocean“);

8 - to viyet (elements “Moon“);

9 - dshcher (elements “God“);

10 000 - darkness;

100 000 - a legion;

10 000 000 - vran;

100 000 000 - a pack;


A whitefish - the unit of time equal about 1/300 - a million fraction of a second;

An instant - microsecond, 160 whitefishes;

A moment - millisecond, 760 MiG;

A share - second, 72 moments;

Part - minute, 1296 shares;

A time - hour, 144 parts;

Days - one day, 16 hours;

Week - 9 days;

Month - 40 (41) days;

Summer - 1 year, 9 months;

Krugolyot - 16 years of Terrestrial years;

One circle of life - 144 years;

One Svarozhy Circle - 180 circles of life, 25920 years.

Svarozhy Circle:

1. The goddess Dzhiva is the patroness of a hall of the Maiden;

2. God Ramkhat is the patron of a hall of the Heavenly Wild boar;

3. The virgin Rozhana is the patroness of a hall of the Pike;

4. The virgin Makosh is the patroness of a hall of Heavenly Lebed;

5. Ognebog Semargl is the patron of a hall of the Heavenly Dragon;

6. God Varun is the patron of a hall of the Raven;

7. God Svarog is a keeper of a hall of the Bear;

8. God Rod is the patron of a hall of Busl (Stork);

9. God Velez is the patron of a hall of the Wolf;

10. The goddess Maryona is the patroness of a hall of the Fox;

11. God Kryshen is the patron of a hall Tura;

12. Lada - the Mother - the patroness of a hall of the Elk;

13. God Vyshen is the patron of a hall Finista;

14. God Kupala is the patron of a hall of the Horse;

15. God Perun is the patron of a hall of the Eagle;

16. Dazhdbog Tarkh Perunovich is the patron of a hall of Ras (Leopard);

Days of week:

1. Monday (God Hors);

2. Tuesday (God Orey);

3. Triteynik (God Perun);

4. Chetverik (God Varun);

5. Friday (God Indra);

6. Shestitsa (Stribog);

7. Week (God Svarog);

8. Osmitsa (the Goddess Zarya - Mertsana);

9. Week (God Yarila).


1. Ramkhat (month of the Divine);
2. Aylet (month of New Gifts);
3. Beylet - (month of Belago Siyaniya and Rest of the World);
4. Geylet - (month of Blizzards and the Icy cold);
5. Daylet - (month of Awakening of the Nature);
6. Elet - (month of Crops and Narecheniya);
7. Veylet - (month of Winds);
8. Heylet - (month of Receiving Gifts of the Nature);
9. Taylet - (month of End);

- And -

- near, before. (h`a. river)

Agatho (name) - “ag-and - a background - (fan)“ - rejected by divine fire, soul.

Haggai (name) - “ag-the gay -“, “agni-the gay -“ - the fire spirit, aggressive spirit.

The agent - “ag-ent - (inta)“ - connecting, connecting souls, sincere fire.

Agnitsa - “agni-c - and -“ - the sincere fire directed to God (see God); the soul aspiring to God; the soul striving for Creation.

Agni (Ogjn, the Tsar - Fire, Live Fire) - Heavenly God - the Patron (see God) Sacred Fire of Creation. God Agni operates festive Ceremonies with Fiery, without (c) blood sacrifices. He is esteemed in all Families of Orthodox Christians (see Orthodoxy) Conservatives - Inglingov, and in each altar, near Kummir (an image, the image) of God Agni, was always supported live Sacred Fire. It is considered that if in an altar of God Agni Sacred Fire goes out, then the earth of this Childbirth will cease to yield a good harvest, workmen people will forget to make necessary utensils, weavers will cease to weave good, sound fabric, storytellers will forget all ancient legends of the Families of great antiquity. Dark times will last till that time until people light Sacred Fire of God Agni in an altar and in the hearts.

Agni - fire. Sacred fire of a home, and also fire of vital energy which is in a forehead and a body of the person. (h`a. river)

An agony - “ag-it - and - I -“ - the sincere fire awakening divine communication.

Hell - “and - d -“ - a harmony source, initial prosperity

Infernal - “and - d- sk-y -“ - a source of perfect harmony.

Az - I, the God (see God) living and creating on Earth. (cm images of a Holy Russia drop cap).

Azar (name) - “az-are -“ - the person is from Earth of initial accommodation Ha - Souls and Spirit of ancestors of Rod.

Passion - “az-rat - (host)“ the mighty aggressive beginning.

The alphabet - “az-- uk -“ - an iznachalya, sent by God (see God) to render

of Az - to judge, to manage court.

Elements - “az-y -“ - an iznachalya, the sources created in the distance.

The Ainu - Ouch - exclamation of pleasure. Reflects emotions of the light plan in sense: “It is wonderful, magnificent“ when better and it is not necessary. (h`a. river)

It is scarlet - al - a stone, something firm or densely squeezed. (h`a. river)

The alphabet - “is scarlet - favit - (phyto)“ - firm, steady connection, interpenetration of spiritual and material spheres.

Greedy - “it is scarlet - h - N - y- y -“ - a skontsentrirovaniye of creative restriction (restrictions) in the person, or unwillingness to share Creative mood and the beginning of the person, firm restriction of creativity and creation in the person. In fact, not the characteristic to the person that it greedy, and as state of mind.

Amon (name) - “and - m - it -“ - initial highest wisdom. The highest means leading, wisdom which leads, leading - confirmed with acts and actions means, so responsible (see Otvedstvennost) to lead.

An angel - “An - - ate“ - literally - not the vyshny teacher of wisdom, “get“ the teacher of pure Light images means, and “An“ is an opposition, anti-…, the impostor (in modern understanding).

Anta - anti-- against something, opposition, opposition to something.

Antichrist - “anti-hr-St -“ - the person (being) not capable to learn, study and teach someone to something. Does not carry any mystical value, and simply “antig - Ha“.

To ares (name) - “and - Ra-of m -“ - the person light-conceiving, the person turning others to Light.

Arius (Aryan) - “and ri - (Rita) - y -“ - the person observing laws RITA (see Rita)

Arys - the lineal descendant. And so - the receiver to something or someone. (h`a. river)

Aristarkh (name) - the lineal descendant Peruna and Svaroga (see Perun, Svarog).

The aristocrat - The one who conducts a family tree directly from Rod`s Source, from some famous Rod.

Arsh - a measure something. (h`a. river) Arye`s

- century (a h`a. river)

The expert - or “As“ - the superperson. Manifestation in life Physical Talented Essence - Experts with the increased abilities and opportunities. (h`a. river)

Asgard - the ancient name of the capital of the state, the city of Gods (see God).

Asp - the vital force lifting from below up, turbinal. (see Dau), (a h`a. river) Aspeda`s

- people who can rise and move in space.

Assa - war, star war.

Asessor - “the expert - the EU - litter -“ - the professional liar.

Atlantis - or is more correct than Ant - Laniya (see Lan) - the earth Antov (see Anta).

To halloo - “hey - to - and - t - - sya -“ to look for in itself the Divine.

Aus - or “Hey“ - the address on type: “Listen that I will tell you“, or a signal of got lost. (h`a. river)

Aura - “Agni-at - Ra -“ - shine, soul at light, something shining concentrated in a certain volume. It is also possible to spread out on “and - Ur“ that the measure of Ur means (literally). I.e. it is possible to determine a level of development by aura and health of the person.

- B -

- precious fabric of crimson color, clothes from this fabric.

Baydana - a chain armor.

To Bai - “- and - yu -“ - God of the person takes away out of ordinary limits.

Bayushki - “- and - yu-sh-to - and -“ - God of the person takes away out of ordinary limits to general harmony.

Belobog - Heavenly God - the Guardian (see God) Ancient Knowledge of the Vyshny Worlds (see the Vyshny World). He is a generous bearer of any blessing, happiness and pleasure, to all hardworking people from ancient Slavic and Aryan Childbirth, Belobog edified in the most ancient times of our Multiwise Ancestors for a constructive labor in Slava and Greatness of all Childbirth of Great Race. To the good creators going on the Golden Way of Spiritual Development. Wise Belobog granted Ancient Knowledge of the Vyshny Worlds, and they created such fine creations which throughout existence of life on Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth) nobody could repeat. Belobog not only protected Ancient Knowledge of the Vyshny Worlds, having collected Light Heavenly Troops, from encroachments of evil Chernoboga (see Chernobog), and its dark troops, i.e. all greedy followers of his ideas from the Worlds of Darkness, but also watched how the Ancient Knowledge changes consciousness of inhabitants of the Porubezhny Worlds which also ours concerns Midgard - Earth. Thanks to Belobogu on Lands Obvious (see the Reality) the World people - the creators filling life with beauty, love, good and harmony without which human life would be gray and uncomfortable are born.

Borzo - quickly.

Harrowing - defense.

Abuse - war.

Transitory - the dead. A transitory body - the died body.

Bobylka - (the grandmother - a bobylka) the lonely elderly unmarried woman, as a rule, the widow. Arose from merge of two words - GOD and was. Or a little more in detail - the person who remained was, in private good luck, Gods, without satellite or the companion of life. At a fast pronunciation of these two words - “God was“, the sound of ““ is lost, and “solitary man“ turns out “áîáûë“ or, slightly more softly.

God is the Person who during the evolutionary development reached the spiritual level of the creator, the person creating, creating good first of all for the good of all surrounding - to people, animals, the nature. Hierarch.

Byst - is (and. river)

- In -

- the aircraft transporting people and freights from one planet to another or within the planet.

Vaytmara - the aircraft which could bear on the board from 144 vaytman, intended for transportation of people and freights from one galaxy in another.

The Valkyrie is the Goddess - the Patroness (see God) soldiers, Childbirth - Keepers (the people of Belovodya) i.e. keepers of Ancient Wisdom of Gods and Purity of Great Race. The Valkyrie is a Goddess - the Comforter of all dead for the Native Fatherland and the Right cause of soldiers which She accompanies in Heavenly Volkhalla where they are met the owner - God - the Soldier Volkh and his Great Heavenly Colleagues: God Perun, God Odin, God Indra, God Velez, God Ladaad, God of Torahs, God Semargl, etc. On Midgard - Earth (see. Midgard - Earth) Valkiriya elects among beautiful girls to himself assistants whom allocates with the Great Heavenly Force by means of which girls create the Oberyozhny Circle around the promiseds, which (which) on Rod is written to be Soldiers - Defenders of the Native earth. These beautiful girls in ancient times were called, as well as the Goddess - Valkyries. They were recognized by the special embroidered Ornament on shirts and sundresses everywhere, and also on rich, almost to toe, a fair-haired braid. Maiden braids the Goddess Valkiriya transmitted through hair to girls Great Heavenly Force. Was considered that if at terrestrial Valkiriya to cut off a braid, then her man - the Warrior will lose the Oberezhny Circle of Valkiriya and will be killed in the first battle.

Varun - God (see God), the managing director Stikhiyey of the movement of the Star Sky and watching sacred ways which connect Vrata Mezhdumirya in different Halls (see the Hall) Svargi (see Sva) Prechista. Varun - God operating roads of Destinies Human. Only God Varuna can determine power of Spiritual Formation and completeness of performance Vital Missions by the person. A raven - a bird Prophetic, the faithful companion Boga - the Manager Varuna. He accompanies Souls of the dead to Vyriya`s Gate (see Vyriye) in Great with Svarge Prechista and reports to Souls - navyam about what high objectives they achieved in the Spiritual and Sincere development and in performance of Vital Mission on Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth). If God Varuna decides that the person needs to give an opportunity to finish the begun act which he did not manage to finish in connection with suddenly occurred death then he directs to Soul of the died person of the assistant - the Crow. A raven - the keeper Zhivoy and Dead water, gives the chance to Soul of the dead to return to an own body that the person, having returned to the World of the Reality (see the Reality), could finish the unfinished business. In Mira Yaovi about such person speak: “he endured clinical death“ or “he returned from a next world“. Strangely enough, but after return by God - the Manager Varuna of the person to his former life the person changes the image of behavior, does not burn the life in vain and finishes business which did not manage to finish. If the person cannot be returned to his own body because of its elimination, then Heavenly God Varuna asks the Goddess Karna (see Karna) to find a suitable body for this Soul - a navya.

The Varangian - “In Are I am a Hectare“ - the moving person, dvizhus.

To know - the nobility, to have knowledge, to impart knowledge.

The Veda - knowledge.

The Vezha - a tent, a tower.

Vezhda - eyes (watch Eyes), numerical 2 value it is applied to display of couple something or someone. (and. river)

Velez - Boga - the Patron (see Boga) cattle-farmers and cattle breeders, and also the Patrimonial Patron of the western Slavs - Skottov (Scots) therefore they from pokon told centuries all that “Veles skoty Bog“. Having moved to the British Isles, families of great antiquity of Slavs - Skottov called all rendered habitable provinces Earth Skottov - Scotland (Scotland), and in honor of the Patrimonial God - the Patron Velez they called lands with the best pastures his name - Wales (Wales, i.e. Velez). As Velez is a God - the Patron and the Manager of the Heavenly Hall (see the Hall) the Wolf in the Svarozhy Circle which is located near the Heavenly Boundary dividing Mira Sweta and Darkness, Vyshny Gods entrusted Velez to be the Supreme Keeper of Heavenly Vrat Mezhdumirya. This Heavenly Gate is on the Gold Way of Spiritual Development which is conducted in Heavenly by Asgard (see Asgard), and also in Heavenly Vyry (see Vyry) and in Light Halls of Volkhalla. God Velez always personifies comprehensive care, laborious creative diligence, honesty and determination, firmness, constancy and master`s wisdom, ability to be responsible for all the acts, the told words and perfect acts. God Velez, protecting Heavenly Vrata Mezhdumirya, passes in Svargu Prechistuyu Souls only that deceased who did not spare the life in protection of the Childbirth, in protection of lands of Fathers and Grandfathers, in ancient Vera`s protection which it is diligent and creative worked for prosperity of the Childbirth and which in all sincerity carried out Two Great Principle: To hold Gods and Ancestors and living on Conscience in harmony with Mother Nature sacred.

Vend is zemleprokhodets, zemleprokhodets. (and. river)

Belief - ve-knowledge, ra-light, an enlightenment knowledge.

Verst - the linear measure to equal 500 sazhens or 1,0668 km, boundary verst is equal to 2,134 km.

Vesta is the Heavenly Goddess - the Keeper (see God) the Most ancient Wisdom of Vyshny Gods. Younger sister Bogini Mareny (see Marin) who brings rest and Winter to Earth. The goddess Vesta is also called the Patroness of the Renewed World, the kind Goddess Vesny who operates arrival on the earth It is sacred Races - Spring, and awakening of the Nature Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth). In day of the Vernal Equinox in her honor organized national festivities, pancakes as Yarila`s symbol - the Sun surely were concerned; Easter cakes, steering-wheels and bagels with poppy, as a symbol of the earth wakening after a winter dream; gingerbreads in the form of larks and cookies with svastichny symbolics. Besides, the Goddess Vesta symbolized not only finding of Ancient Wisdom of Vyshny Gods by representatives of Slavic and Aryan Childbirth, but also receiving a pleasant, good news in each Sort of Great Race.

Weigh - Lani`s part, some area belonging in the ancient time to a certain Rod. (and. river)

of Veche - a cathedral, meeting of people.

In vain - it is vain, for nothing.

To Viyet - to blow, numerical 8 value, the basis radiating some uniform energy. (and. river)

Vy is Mighty God - the Keeper (see God) the Heavenly border dividing Light and Dark Halls (see the Hall) Mira Navi (see Nav). God is the Patron of Earth of Vy in Yarila`s system - the Sun (see Yarilo - the Sun). Vy protects not only borders of the light and dark Worlds, He sharp-sightedly watches that was not among people from Childbirth of Great Race of violations of the moral laws established by God Svarog (see Svarog). Many people consider that Vy will not see their injust acts and acts from - that eyes (see Eyes) Vy were closed for centuries with dense eyelashes. These people do not know that God Vy sees all their injust acts and thoughts even through the closed heavy eyelids. On such people God Vy sent nightmares, various terrible visions in which warned people about the future punishment for injust acts and acts if these injust acts and acts nevertheless are made.

Vit - figurative value: “Phyto“ - the isolated life form concluded in a certain cover or Structure in isolation from external influence. In the itself living hermit, or Vit - a yushchy individual in clouds. For example: Vita - Min - a special food product in a cover, or “Vit - liya“ - the individual who is going woolgathering the Dreamer (and. river)

The hero - special category of soldiers. Heroes possessed abilities quickly and qualitatively to operate vital processes in the organism that allowed them to conduct a battle with realization of the maximum opportunities and superopportunities of the person, both in respect of defense and protection, and in respect of attack. Thus, a small amount of heroes (in several tens) could win against army of enemies numbering from several hundred to several thousand people. The source of hardness which will show to an iznachalya from Gods knows.

The magician is Nebesny Bog - the Soldier (see God), God - the Defender of people from Childbirth of Race Great and all descendants of Rod Nebesny. He is beautiful God - the Healer helping to cure wounds at the soldiers battling for a right cause and protecting the Childbirth, the Old Vera and Native Earth. God Volkh is the beautiful and loving Heavenly Bogini`s son - Pokrivitelnitsa Midgard - Earth - Mothers Syra of Earth (see Mother Syra - Earth) and Vyshny God of Indra (see Indra). The magician, Bog is Keeper Chertogov (see the Hall) Volkhalla (The Heavenly dwelling place of soldiers), and also the loving and careful spouse of the Heavenly Goddess Lelya (see Lelya) who helps him and keeps order and a cosiness in Volkhalla`s Halls.

Votan - Nebesny Bog - the Soldier (see Bog) operating all military teams of Childbirth of Great Race. Bog - the Soldier Votan always leads military teams to a great and awesome Victory during bloody battles and various fights with a fierce vorog. Especially God Votan helps when this vorog (enemy) attacks Otchy lands and arable lands of Slavic and Aryan Childbirth when he destroys dwellings and Pagan temples (see the Pagan temple), ruins granaries and farmsteads, steals a livestock and takes away people of Race Great in bondage. Votan is a God - the Manager of fair liberating war. After a victory over vorogy (enemy) to it brought plentiful Gifts, generally from fighting trophies. In his honor plentiful feasts were arranged and there were fine songs - bylinas.

A gate of Mezhdumirya - devices, are located on different planets - Lands, pressing through space in such a way that in the internal volume of this Star Gate, were closed in one point, two spatial points carried from each other on huge distances, millions, and at times billions of light years are intended for wandering (see. To wander) (teleportations) from one planet to another on which this gate is established.

Pasture - a pasture where cows are grazed.

Vyriye - the world of Vyshny Gods.

Vyry - a paradise garden or Govern (see. Govern).

Vyshen - Bog - the Patron (see Bog) our Universe in the Light Worlds of Navi (see Nav), i.e. in the Worlds of Slavia (see. Glorify). The careful and mighty Father Boga Svaroga (see Svarog). The fair judge resolving any disputes which arise between Gods of various Worlds or between people. He patronized our Multiwise Ancestors in their aspiration to move ahead on the way of Spiritual Development (see Development) and Perfection, and also­ Inglingam when they follow in the footsteps of the Great Ancestors patronizes all Orthodox Christians (see Orthodox) to Conservatives­. God Vyshen is a God - the Patron Chertoga (see Chertoga) Finista in the Svarozhy Circle. Vyshen is strict in relation to those who seek to distort Ways of Spiritual Development and Perfection, to those who give the Falsehood (see the Falsehood) for the Truth (see the Truth), low for Divine and black for white. But at the same time He is kind in relation to those who observe Heavenly Laws of the Universe and do not allow others to violate them. He helps resistant to win fight against powers of darkness which bear in everything Mira the evil and ignorance, flattery and deception, desire of the stranger and abasement of one living being to others. God Vyshen allocates the people who are moving ahead on the way of Spiritual Development and Perfection, ability to reflect on various aspects of life both Terrestrial, and the subsequent and to draw correct to a sootva (t) stvuyushchy conclusions; to feel when people speak not sincerely or intentionally, pursuing some mercenary interests, lie.

The Vyshny world - Govern (Glorify) (see. Govern)

the Vyya - rotation, squeezing. (and. river)

Wei - trend. Applicable Earth - Wind, the Tornado, a hurricane etc. the Movement of atmospheric masses. (and. river)

- -

Gard - a hail, the city, the settlement with fortifications.

A hyena - a hyena - rotting.

A dialect - someone else`s speech, the distorted speech, accent.

A time - the ancient name of temporary unit of hour.

Gy - Over - the Person, the descendant of a sort.

The ancient settlement - the large settlement of people.

Backwoods - the virgin nature.

The humanoid - components “gu-man-the Aida -“, nelyud.

- D -

of Dazhdbog - Bog (see Bog) Tarkh Perunovich, Bog is a Keeper of ancient Great Wisdom. Dazhdbogom (the giving God) for what Nine Santy gave to people of Great Race and Rod Nebesny`s descendants (Books) was called. These Santiya, written down by ancient Runes, contain the Sacred Ancient Veda (see the Veda), Tarkh Perunovich`s Precepts and his manual. There are various Idols (image) and the Images representing God Tarkh. On many Images he holds in the hand gaytan with the Swastika (see the Swastika). Tarkh is very often called the multiwise son Boga of Perun (see Perun), the grandson Boga Svaroga (see Svarog), the great-grandson Boga Vyshenya (see Vyshen) that corresponds to truth. Dazhdbog is the bearer of all benefits, happiness and wellbeing. Tarkh Dazhdboga was glorified in sacred and national chants and anthems not only for happy and worthy life of Childbirth of Race Great, and also for disposal of forces Dark Mira. Tarkh did not allow to win to powers of darkness from Pekelny (see the Scorching heat) Mira who were brought together by Koshchei (see Koshchey) on the next Moon - Lelya to capture Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth). Tarkh Dazhdbog destroyed the Moon together with all powers of darkness which on it were. In memory of this event a peculiar Ceremony with a deep meaning made by all Orthodox Christians (see Pravoslaniye) people, and not just Conservatives - Inglingami in every summer, a pas great spring Slavyano - the Aryan holiday - Paskhet appeared. Dazhdbog Tarkh Perunovich is a God - the Patron Chertoga (see Chertoga) Races in the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle). Very often his beautiful sister, the gold-haired Goddess Tara asks to help people with different ancient Vedic texts of Tarkh Perunovich from Childbirth of Great Race (see Tara). Together they made good acts, helped people to render habitable boundless open spaces on Midgard - Earth. Legs Tarkh specified on what place it is the best of all to place the settlement and to build the Pagan temple or the Sanctuary, and his sister, the Goddess Tara, prompted to people from Great Race what trees need to be used for construction. Besides, it trained people that they a pas the place of the cut-down trees sat down new forest plantations that for their descendants the new trees necessary for construction grew. Subsequently many Childbirth began to call themselves Tarkh and Tara`s grandsons, and territories in which this Childbirth lodged nazvaat Great Tartariya, i.e. Tarkh and Tara`s earth.

Give - God`s the beginning, an essence. (and. river)

the Distant distance - length unit, equal, about, 1,4 light years on modern representations. “Light year“ is, distance which light passes within one year if to consider the speed of the movement of light in space to equal 300 thousand kilometers per second. Thus, the light year is equal to 9,4608õ1012 km and, respectively, the distant distance is approximately equal to distance in 13,245õ1012 km.

Daariya - the continent, on the planet Earth plunged under water about 110 thousand years as a result of planetary accident. Settles down on the North Pole.

Dau - the continuous movement from top to down (cm Asp). (and. river)

Business - work. Creative or destroying by acts bad Harmony depending on Essence which creates acts. During acts the essence is guided (copes) inspiration which visits this or that essence and to Nava - howls Image of what needs to be Created. From what Navi to a nava - the image - Light or Dark is howled matters.

The democrat - the slaveholder (from the Greek word “people“ - the free person having slaves).

A right hand - the right hand.

Dzevana is the Heavenly Goddess - the Keeper (see Bog) and the Goddess - the Patroness of small children from all families of great antiquity of Great Race and Rod Nebesny`s descendants. The goddess Dzevana is a Goddess - the Patroness of all nursing mothers of Great Race confessing Old Vera Pervopredkov - Ingliizm. She watches that at mothers did not fuse and breast milk, and also that mothers and children of Conservatives - Inglingov were avoided by all illnesses - diseases was not gone. The goddess Dzevana protects them from damage, slander, a malefice and from any infirmity.

Diva - Dodola (Perunitsa) - the Heavenly Goddess (Bog`s cm) of plentiful Fertility who operates a rain, thunder-storms and lightnings, the spouse and Vyshnego Boga Perun`s assistant. To the Heavenly Goddess Diva - Dodola had the right to appeal only women - the Priestess, serving as her. Therefore when the rain was necessary for people for watering of fields and meadows, representatives of different Childbirth brought in the Pagan temple (see the Pagan temple) Diva - Dodola rich Gifts that Priestesses made an ancient Ceremony of calling of a rain. During commission of an ancient Ceremony of the address to the Goddess Zhritsy dressed white, with a special ornament of a dress and with a golden fringe below and executed ancient ritual dance of a rain, asking the great Goddess Diva - Dodola to grant a fertile rain on fields and meadows. And never in life was any case when the Goddess Diva - Dodola refused to the faithful Priestesses.

The child - acts a creation source.

Dzhiva - (The Maiden Zhiva, Diva, Siwa) - the Goddess (see Bog) Eternal Universal Life, the Goddess of young and Human pure Souls. The goddess Dzhiva gives to each person from Race Great, or to Rod Nebesny`s descendant, at the birth in Mira Yaovi (see the Reality) pure and light Soul (see Soul), and after righteous mortal life allows the person to enjoy Divine Suritsa from the Bowl of Eternal Life. The goddess Dzhiva is an embodiment of Fruitful Force of Life, eternal youth, youth and love, and also the highest Beauty of all Nature and the person. The goddess is the Patroness Chertoga (see Chertoga) Maidens in the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle). It is considered that when Yarilo - the Sun (see Yarilo - the Sun) is in Nebesny Chertoge Devy, the children allocated with special feelings, such as are born: anticipation of great changes in life of people and a prediction of the terrible natural phenomena, ability to understand any confused situation. The goddess Dzhiva is the goodhearted spouse and Tarkh Dazhdboga`s rescuer (see Dazhdbog), She also allocates with tenderness, kindness, geniality and attentiveness of pregnant women and nursing mothers from Childbirth of Race Great which observe ancient family traditions and centuries-old Patrimonial way.

Dzhiva is the maiden. Granting the Beginning of Life from the Image of Spirit and Blood of the first husband in the belly. (and. p)

Dzelo - the energy shown in space and in time. (and. p)

Good - acts light. (and. p)

Dolya (Srecha) (see Nedol) is the Heavenly Goddess (see Bog) happy destiny, happiness and success in life and creative acts. This is eternally beautiful, young Heavenly spinner who spins a wonderful thread of life human. The goddess Dolya is very skillful skilled worker and the needlewoman. From its emerald spindle the equal and strong, golden thread of life and destiny of the person which she strong holds in the tender and gentle hand flows. The goddess Dolya is the most younger daughter of the Heavenly Virgin Makosha (see Makosh) and younger sister Bogini of Nedoli (see Nedol).

Dolya - the ancient name of temporary unit of second.

Don - the influence force, the strong personality, the leader, the mighty power of elements moving stones (river Don). Something or somebody, capable to get through barriers and to overcome obstacles. The one who grants Protection weak, needy and ailing. (and. p)

A hand - a palm. (and. p)

Dravidiya - the ancient name of modern India.

To fight - to tear up itself (see.).

Wad Dra - a tree - a tree, as literally, and in sense of a tree (tree) of ancestors. (and. p)

The silly woman - soul at Ra.

The fool is du - two, ra-light, to - return and introduction. An opportunity to think (to shine) in two planes at the same time (cm the Silly woman).

Soul - “du - sh-and -“ - the copy of divine essence. Second beginning of the person. Kindly multiplied which is initially sent in works by the person.

Dshcher is the daughter, numerical 9 value. (and. the river) Dybati`s

- to be stolen.

- E -

of Evichi - Jews.

Ezer - or “Ezer“ - a reservoir (the lake, a bog, etc.), also value of the direction: “from something“.

Ertoula - prospecting groups.

Elts - a rake.

A fir-tree - high-wise vyshny god, who / what bears a pure image.

- -
to Wait for

- dying down waiting. Temporary rest. A state when no actions, temporary dying down waiting for something, changes in time are taken (and. river) .

Zhelya is the Heavenly Goddess - the Patroness (see Bog) and the Goddess - Okhranitelnitsa of carrying out Ceremonies of Funeral feast (see Funeral feast). The goddess Zhelya - very goodhearted, good-natured younger sister Bogini of Karna (see Karn). The goddess Zhelya meets Souls - nav which rise with the Sacred smoke of Kroda (see the Cord) or funeral Lodyi, and gives them necessary manuals that they could accustom to Mira Navi (see Nav) and atknew where they should go further on the Golden Way of Spiritual Development as Vyshny God Svarog commanded (see Svarog).

The woman - the wife`s rank. Girls on reaching 16 years had the right to marry (look the man), at the same time getting a rank (watch a rank) wives.

A stomach - life (cm Life), existence. In the ancient time people called life - a stomach, and a stomach of the person or an animal - a paunch.

Life - - origin, growth, “and“ - harmony, flash, “ç“ - the life form, has still connection function, “ü“ - God`s embodiment (see God) on Earth. The life of our Earth created from above.

The priest - the priest. Attendant of a cult of Ra or Moon (good and evil). Knowing about Canons (see the Canon) Eternal Life - the Cult - Ra, Sveta; or caducity of life smert - the Navo, the cultivating fear of Guo - with - then - Guo of an essence similar, and taka - “Calley - Ma“ - the goddess Black Mother. (and. p)

- Z -

- a fortification, strengthening on the top part of a fortification.

A gap - a shame.

Zapona - the women`s clothing, quadrangular fabric, on a bend with an opening for the head, put on over a shirt and girded.

The earth - not - a besny body“. Addressing around Stars - the Sun or Stars on an orbit, according to Canons (see the Canon) world (All - the World - Navo) Inclinations - - Ra - Vitation. Stars, granting light to these Lands, generate Life (see Life) depending on the range of Spekt - Ra of radiation and Geo - Logiya (composition of Crust) of Lands. The earth - Mother (the Universe Matrix). (and. river)

Zimun is the Great Heavenly Goddess - the Patroness (see God) Why (see Father) the House and the Most ancient Heavenly Ancestral home (see Pr) from where moved on Midgard - Earth many Families of great antiquity of Great Race. The virgin Zimun loving and careful Mother of many ancient Heavenly Gods - Velez, Odin, Votan, etc. The virgin Zimun, being the Goddess - Okhranitelnitsey of Sacred Heavenly cows, she is skillful to reincarnate in the Heavenly cow to track which of her God the Son indulges and does not allow Sacred animals to be grazed peacefully on spacious meadows by Svargi Prechista, and exhausts them to be grazed in Heavenly Vyry - the Garden (see Vyry) or on the dark heathlands lying near the Boundary dividing Light and Dark Halls (see the Hall). Once Zimun went to check herds of Sacred Heavenly cows and did not find them. She asked to find Sacred cows of God Perun (cm Vales). It found the gone herds, on dark heathlands where they were driven for the sake of a joke by God Velez, the son Bogoroditsy Zimun. For God Velez`s faults for three years sent on Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth) that He helped Childbirth Skottov (Scots) of a mouth the infinite herds. It helped as well to Families of hunters. People from various Childbirth called it differently, one spoke (said) that “Velez Skoty God“, and others, - that Velez and his brothers One, Votan and others: “Sons of the Heavenly cow of Zimun“. From - for this Velez and his brothers represented in horned helmets, and on boards the head of the Sacred Heavenly Cow in which their Virgin - Mother reincarnated was represented. A name of the Heavenly Virgin Zimun our wise Ancestors from Slavic and Aryan Childbirth called one of constellations of a northern Sky (Small Medveditsa).

A golden Way of Spiritual Development - self-development of the Person living in blessings, good works and on Conscience, getting Outlook during life. Living on canons (see Kohn) Svaroga (see Svarog) and other Gods of Rod Nebesny, reached the spiritual level of the Creator, the Creator.

To be angry - to anger itself (watch yourself).

Znich - the Fiery Nebesny Bog (see God) protecting Sacred unextinguishable Fire which is esteemed in Families of Conservatives - Inglingov as the Eternal Source of Life. It exists everywhere, in everyday wordly life of Childbirth of Great Race, in various Spiritual rituals and Ceremonies of Priests - Svyashennosluzhitelya Stara of Vera. God Znich gives to all plants forest and garden grow, to all flowers in fields and the woods - to blossom, and to all people of Great Race to live in happiness, love and pleasure. Priests - Znich`s Priests always were inspired and inspired by this God, they helped people, relieving them of illnesses and adversities, reporting Spiritual Power of Sacred Fire of Znich to Souls human. Fiery God Znich inspired Slavic and Aryan soldiers on a victory, awakened in them force, bravery and military heat. People addressed God Znich at treatment of various illnesses and diseases, wishing to receive simplification.

- And -
to Play

- “to gjkhorat“ ancient sounding. To transfer bequeathed by Gods (see Bog) and confirmed with experience embodied on Earth (see Earth) gods wisdom.

Initially - from the beginnings of Navi (watch Nav).

Ingl - life porodyashchy light.

Ingl - Eternal Bog is a Keeper Pervichnogo Zhizn of rodyashchy Fire of the Universe (Zhiznnesushchey Inglii) and Pure Light of Spiritual Knowledge and Creation. God Ingl is a God - the Patron of our Multiwise Progenitors who inhabit ours Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth) and all Orthodox Christians (see Orthodoxy) Conservatives - Inglingov which preserve in invariable purity ancient Vera - Ingliizm. It fills with Divine shine and heat Sacred Fire in our house Centers and preserves Sacred Fire in Pagan temples (see the Pagan temple) and our Sanctuaries, in Ancient settlements and our Drying houses. Nowadays around Kummir (an image, the image) the representing God Ingl, Orthodox Conservatives - Inglingi, as well as in ancient times, always plant various flowers with a bright fiery coloring. It symbolizes relationship and harmony between Initial, Nebesny divine Fire and our Natural terrestrial fire. Before the Idol of Vyshnego Boga Ingl who was decorated with our Ancestors fiery symbolics in the Sacred svastichny altar Priests of God Ingl constantly supported Sacred Fire. As the victim Bogu Inglu Natural Gifts were brought: flowers, fragrant herbs, cones, mushrooms and berries, branches from Sacred Trees which were cut off only in moonless nights (new moons), or in the winter not to do much harm to Soul of the Tree. The place of a cut on a tree was oiled by fragrant and tied by a linen or silk tape.

Indra - Vyshny Bog (see Bog), Gromovnik, the assistant Vyshnego Boga Peruna in Heavenly fights at protection by Svargi (sm. Sva) Prechista and all Star Heaven from powers of Darkness. Indra is Tysyacheoky God - the Keeper of Light Heaven and Heavenly Halls (see the Hall) Vyshny Gods on the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle). He is a keeper of Divine Swords and the Sacred Divine Weapon of Fair Punishment who to it lodge thirty Gods - Defenders of the Light Worlds when they have a rest from Heavenly fights with Powers of darkness. These thirty Light Gods - Defenders make a mighty Heavenly team of God - the Thunderer of Indra whose purpose - to protect Boundaries of the Light Worlds. Vyshny Bog Indra was always a patron for soldiers - defenders of the Fatherland, and also for all Priests - Priests from the most ancient Childbirth in which the Ancient Sacred Veda are stored (see the Veda). Indra participates not only in Heavenly fights with Powers of darkness - in ancient times It helped Slavic and Aryan hosts and teams with fair fights with enemy forces which also settlements of Great Race attacked various grada (see Gard). Besides, it is considered that Bog Indra reduces prompt streams of a rain from cloudy mountains and, bringing together them in special receptacles, creates terrestrial sources, streams and the rivers, multiplies their waters, digs for them wide courses and directs them.

Other - another.

Inta - the union. (and. river)

Iry - pure. (and. river)

Irination - Pure Lyubov in high understanding, i.e. merge physical, Sincere and Spiritual for the rest of life

of Irinirovat - to mix.

Irtysh - the river Irtysh or Ir Calm - Iry Tishayshy, is considered a pure source of pure light, the sacred river of Slavs - Ariyev.

- Y -

of the Yogi (Yoginya - the Mother) - Vechnoprekrasnaya Loving the goodhearted Goddess - the Patroness (see Bog) children - orphans and children in general. It wandered across Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth) on the fiery Heavenly chariot (the vaytmena - Vaytman`s cm), astride a horse on all lands on which there lived Rhoda of Great Race and Rod Nebesny`s descendants, bringing together without (c) prizorny children - orphans on a hail (see Gard) and to rural lands. In each Slavyano - Aryan Rural lands (see. Weigh), even in each populous hail or the settlement, the Goddess - the Patroness was recognized by the radiated kindness, by tendernesses, to mildness, love and elegant boots decorated with gold patterns and showed It where there live children - orphans. Simple people called the Goddess differently, but it is obligatory with tenderness who the Grandmother Yogoy the Golden leg and who and absolutely simply - Yoginey - the Mother. Children - orphans Yoginya delivered in the foothill the Monastery (see the Monastery) which was in the thicket, at a foot of Iriysky Mountains (Altai). It did all this to rescue from inevitable death of these last representatives from the most ancient Slavic and Aryan Childbirth. In foothill to the Monastery where Yoginya - the Mother saw off children - orphans through the Fiery ceremony of dedication to Ancient Vyshny Legs, there was a Pagan temple (see the Pagan temple) Rod cut in the mountain. Near the mountain Pagan temple of Rod, in the rock there was a special deepening which Rod`s Priests called - Peshch Ra. From it the stone scaffold divided by a ledge into two equal deepenings, called a shovel moved forward. In one deepening which was closer to Peshchi Ra Yoginya - the Mother stacked the sleeping children - orphans in white clothes. In the second deepening dry brushwood then a shovel moved back in Peshch Ra was imposed, and Yoginya set fire to brushwood. It meant for all attendees at the Fiery ceremony that children - orphans were devoted to Ancient Vyshny Gods and in wordly life of Childbirth nobody will see them any more. Strangers who sometimes were present at Fiery Ceremonies very colourfully told in the regions that they with own eyes observed how small children were sacrificed to Ancient Gods, having thrown their live into the Fiery Furnace, and the Woman Yoga created this. Strangers did not know that when the scaffold - a shovel in Peshch Ra moved, the special mechanism lowered a stone plate on a shovel ledge, and separated deepening with children from Fire. When Fire in Peshchi Ra lit up, Rod`s Priests transferred children - orphans from deepening on a shovel to rooms of the Pagan temple of Rod. Subsequently from children - orphans brought up Priests and Priestesses and when they became adults, young men and girls established families and continued the Rod. But nothing from this strangers knew and continued to distribute tales that wild Priests of the Slavic and Aryan people, and in particular the blood-thirsty Woman Yoga, children - orphans sacrifice to Gods. These silly foreign fairy tales affected a pas Yogini`s Image - Mothers, especially after a hristianization of Russia when the Image of the beautiful young Goddess was changed for image of the ancient angry and humpbacked old woman with elf-lock who steals small children, fries them in the furnace in a forest log hut and eats them then. Even the name of the Goddess Yogi was distorted, began to call her “A baba-yaga a bone leg“ and began to frighten by the Goddess of all children.

Yogoy is the person who during evolutionary development reached a certain spiritual level, capable to unite around itself the Rodovichey Rod Energy of the Spirit. (and. river)

- To -

Kagan - a title, a rank of the head of state (VIII-XIII century)

the Cossack - possessing strength of mind. (and. river)

A calendar - Christmas carols (see the Christmas carol) gift.

The pagan temple - the temple.

Karna is the Heavenly Goddess - the Patroness (see Bog) all new births and human transformations. The goddess Karna grants the right to each person to get rid from perfect in Obvious (see the Reality), mortal life of mistakes, unseemly acts and to execute the mission, prepared Vyshnim Bogom Rodom. Depends on the Heavenly Goddess Karna in what district on ours Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth) in what of families of great antiquity of Great Race, in what conditions and in what historical time there will be a new embodiment of the person. That the person could adequately, with honor and with a clear conscience to finish a course of life on Midgard - Earth and to continue it in other World.

Kashchey - without (c) mortal. Master of the dark world; the sincere fire containing in itself, connecting in a community the Rod.

China - the fenced city, the city behind a wall.

A Christmas carol - Bog (see Bog) the Christmas carol. Vyshny Bog, the managing director of Great Changes in life of Childbirth of Race Great and Rod Nebesny`s descendants. In ancient times Vyshny Bog Kolyada granted to many Childbirth which moved to the western lands, system of calculation of seasonal time for conducting field works - the Calendar (Kolyada gift), and also the Wise Veda (see the Veda), precepts and manuals. Kolyada is a God - ­ the Patron of military people and Priests. Kolyada was often represented with a sword in a hand, and the blade of a sword was turned by an edge down. The sword turned by an edge down in ancient times meant preservation of Wisdom of Gods and Ancestors, and also firm following by Nebesny to Laws as it is established by God Svarog (see Svarog) for all Halls (cm the Hall) the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle). The holiday in honor of God Kolyada falls on day of a winter Solstice, this holiday also call Menari, i.e. Day of Changes. Went to a holiday on the yards of group of the men dressed in skins of various animals (masked) who were called by Kolyada`s teams. They sang the anthems glorifying Kolyada and arranged special round dances around sick people to cure them.

A game - the firm rule providential. (and. river)

Korzno - a raincoat, a cape with a fastener.

Kotora - quarrel.

Sedition - to light turned molv.

The Kremlin - internal strengthening of the city. Was under construction around a princely tower (see the Tower).

A falsehood - lie, a lie, something initially distorted or incorrect.

Kroda - a funeral fire.

A circle of Years - time interval in 16 years.

Kryshen - Nebesny Bog - the Patron (see Bog) Ancient Wisdom. He is Bog, the managing director of commission of ancient Ceremonies, Rituals and Holidays, observing that during gifts without (c) blood Occasional offices and Gifts on burned sacrifice were not bloody sacrifices. In peace times of Kryshen preaches in various Lands Svargi (sm. Sva) Prechista Ancient Wisdom, and in Races, heavy for Childbirth, Great times He takes up arms and acts as Bog is the Warrior protecting women, old men, children, and also all weak and unfortunate. As Kryshen is a God - the Patron Chertoga (see. Chertoga) Tura in the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle), he is called Nebesny Pastukh who grazes herds of Heavenly Cows and Rounds.

Culture - “a cult at ra“, cultural following to any rules, ra-light, following to the rules keeping light. It is more correct to translate this word follows so - “cultural hurrah“ that Urov means following to rules. Ura are the people living in ancient civilizations of White Race 13 000 years ago whose purpose was to bring up and form Light moral and moral qualities in the person, learned to live on Conscience.

Kupala (Bathed) - Bog (see Bog) who gives to the person the chance to create any Ablution and carries out Ceremonies of Clarification of the Body (body), Soul and Spirit from various illnesses - diseases. Bog edifying on joyful and happy life. Kupala - the cheerful and beautiful Bog who is putting on in the easy white attires decorated with flowers. On God Kupala`s head a wreath from fine flowers. Kupala was esteemed as God of warm time Leta, wild flowers and field fruits. Many Slavyano - the Aryan Childbirth which is engaged in field husbandry read God Kupala on an equal basis with the Goddess Makoshyyu (see Makosh) and the Goddess Chara, and also Gods - Perun and Velez. Before a harvest and collecting field fruits, in honor of God Kupala the holiday on which brought to God Kupale, and also all Ancient Gods and Ancestors without (c) the blood victims was celebrated. During the holiday Orthodox Conservatives - Inglingi without (c) the blood victims and occasional offices are thrown into fire of the Sacred Svastichny Altar that everything sacrificed appeared on holiday tables of Bogov and Ancestors. After bringing without (c) blood sacrifices from live fire of the Sacred Svastichny Altar Community members light candles and ognevitsa who fix on wreaths and balsas and send on a current of the rivers. At the same time on a candle or an ognevitsa, Orthodox Conservatives - Inglingi from various Communities slander the intimate desire or a request for disposal of illnesses - diseases, all failures, various problems, etc. This ceremony can be explained as follows. The burning candle or an ognevitsa lights a request or desire of Community members, water of the river remembers them and, evaporating, rises to Heaven, informing Gods of all requests and desires of Orthodox Conservatives - Ingliigov. During the holiday each of Orthodox Christians (see Orthodox Christians) Conservatives - Inglingov has to pass full clarification that completely cleared to start collecting field fruits and by the beginning of a field harvest. Full clarification of Orthodox Conservatives - Inglingov consists of three parts: First clarification (Clarification of the Body). Each attendee at a holiday in Day of God Kupal has to wash the body in sacred waters (the rivers, lakes, a reservoir etc.) to wash away from itself fatigue and dirt. Second clarification (Clarification of Soul). In order that attendees at a holiday in Day of God Kupal could clear the Soul (see Soul), burn big fires, and everyone jumps through these fires because Fire burns all negative and clears aura (see Aura) and I Smother the person. Third clarification (Clarification of Spirit). Each Community member Starover who is present at a holiday in Day of God Kupal, and also persons interested can clear and strengthen the Spirit. For this purpose from the burning coals of a big fire create the Fiery Circle on which Conservatives - Inglingi from various Tribal, Slavic and Aryan Communities go barefoot. Community members lead those persons interested who for the first time decided to pass on coals to clear and strengthen the Spirit through the Fiery Circle by the hand. This holiday is inseparably linked also with other event of antiquity. In ancient times God Perun released in the Caucasus from captivity of the sisters and sent them to be cleared in Sacred Iriya`s (Irtysh) waters and in the Smetanny Pure Lake (Lake Zaysan). Gamayun is also narrated about this event in the fifth ball of Songs of the Bird. Because Kupal is God - the Patron of the Heavenly Hall (see the Hall) the Horse in the Svarozhy Circle, in ztot day it is accepted to bathe horses, to braid multi-colored tapes in manes and to decorate them wild with flowers.

Barrow - the place of a zakharaneniye of ashes of the dead after it was burned on a mole (Krod`s cm).

- L -

Ladaad - God - the Keeper (see God) the Highest Truth and Intimate Heavenly Wisdom in all Light Worlds. Ladaad commanded to residents of all beautiful Lands (see Earth) in each great or small Hall (see the Hall) the Light World to store Ancient Wisdom of the Ancestors and Heavenly Wisdom of Light Gods. God Ladaad`s priests always protect Sacred Ancient Wisdom and should not allow to it those who on the course of life did not reach a certain Spiritual and Sincere perfection because it is demanded by Vyshny Light Gods.

LADA - the MOTHER (Mater Sva) - Great Heavenly Mother, the Virgin. The loving and gentle Mother Bolshinstva of Light Gods of Race Great, the Virgin - the Patroness of all People of Great Rasseniya (see Rasseniya) and the Hall (see the Hall) the Elk in the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle). The heavenly Virgin Lada - the Mother is the Goddess (see God) Beauty and love preserving Matrimonies of Childbirth of Great Race and the Family of all descendants of Rod Nebesny.

Lado is God - Is Nebesny Bog - the Patron (see God) rest and harmony between people from various Childbirth of Great Race, besides, of Lado - God also God - the Patron of various arts and crafts. Wise Lado - Bog is Bog - the Patron all of reconciliation and a consent in ancient Slavic and Aryan Labour, Clans and Families, and also the Patron of the true firm friendship and sincerity between Childbirth and the People.

A fallow deer - or still “Bosom“ - a surface something, space, both in physical and in the sincere plan.

A chest - a chest.

A chest - a coffin.

Easily mortars - to leave legkostupy, i.e. to leave instantly, to disappear, teleport.

Lelya - Forever young and eternally great Heavenly Goddess (see Bog). Lelya is a keeper of immemorial, mutual, pure and constant Love. She is the careful and gentle Goddess - the Patroness of family happiness, matrimonial a consent and all wellbeing not only in all Labour of Great Race, but also in all Families of descendants of Rod Nebesny. The goddess Lelya is the obedient daughter of Vyshny God Svaroga (see Svarog) and the Heavenly Virgin of Lada - Mothers (see Lada - the Mother). She is a kind, careful and gentle spouse Boga of Volkh, the keeper of Heavenly Halls (see the Hall) Volkhalla. Lelya preserves its rest and a cosiness, and she is helped by the Goddess Valkiriya (see Valkiriya). In these Halls She cares not only for the beloved spouse, and also undertakes a duty to treat Volkhalla`s guests who fell in fights of soldiers and Heavenly Gods - Colleagues of the husband. In the most ancient times people of Great Race in honor of it called one of neighbors Loong Midgard - Earth - Lelya.

Lelya - a face. It is an image, the Moon which died more than 111000 years ago it is connected with number “7“, this number of days it rotated around Earth Midgard. And so - with successful, but not without consequences, military operation, for the purpose of destruction of strongholds koshcheev (see Koshchey) Darkness, koy (which) were based on this moon and had intention to attack Midgard`s inhabitants (see Midgard - Earth). What was prevented by Tarkh Dazhd - Bog (see Tarkh), having destroyed Fasch - the destroyer (see. Fasch) the Satellite of our Earth in semi-part - almost instantly. During this operation of Tarkh it was warned about danger of falling of splinters and waters of this moon on (Da`Ariya) (see Daariya) the Magician Spas, as a result of this Rhoda Ariyskiye moved from Giperborei (Da`Ariya) in Rasseniya (see Rasseniya) on the Stone Belt which rose and the Ural Mountains became. Rose so - West - the Siberian lowland which was Okiyan`s bottom - Curved seashores. And the earth that behind Northern Boreas - Giperborey, went to waters formed the North - Navo Okiyan - the Seas

Summer - calculation unit, time period, to equal 365/369 days. Examples: Summer of the Svarozhy Circle = 16; Summer of the Circle of Elements = 9; Lives (16 × 9); 1 / 4th part of the Svarozhy Circle: “Mornings, Day, Evening and Noch Svaroga“ = 6480 years; 1 / The 16th part of the Svarozhy Circle - the Hall = 1620 etc. (Aryan runes).

The chronicle - records about the events which took place in the past. Entries were made in books which sheets did of skin, on parchment, birch birch bark. This word was replaced with the word “history“ today.

A face - an image.

Lithuanians - mix Red Rusov, descendants Antov, with Evichami (watch Evichi)

Love - “ëþ“ - people, “áî“ - Bog, “in“ - to know - people of gods know.

- M -

- the big cart conducted by oxen.

Makosh - the Heavenly Virgin, the Goddess (see Bog) a happy lot. Together with daughters of Shares (see the Share) also Pour in too little (see Nedol) defines Destinies of people and Gods, spinning Destiny Threads. The goddess Pokrovitelnitsa of weaving and needlework, and also the Hall (see the Hall) Lebed in the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle). Slavyano - the Aryan name of constellation of the Big Dipper - Makosh, i.e., Mother of a ladle.

Mara - “ma-ra -“ or figuratively “madder“. The world of Anti-Ra - light resisting - Inomirya. The madder - the Hall (watch a hall) M - Ra - KA - the Fox (Navi) Pokrovitelnitsa, and also “Winters, Nights and Death“, knows transition from Life to Death (from Yaovi in Nav (watch Reality and Govern values in appropriate sections)) and vice versa - revival of souls from Navi (in the new embodiment). (and. river)

Maryona is the Great Goddess (see Bog) Winters, Night and the Eternal Rest and Eternal Life. The goddess Maryona, or Maryona Svarogovna, one of three named sisters of Multiwise God Perun. Very often she is called the Goddess Smerti stopping mortal life of the person in Obvious (see the Reality) Mira, but it is not absolutely right. Maron`s goddess does not stop human life, and gives to people of Race Eternal Life in Mira Slavi (see. Glorify). It is considered that the Great Goddess Maryona has on Far North Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth) Ice Halls (see the Hall) in which She likes to have a rest after wanderings on Svarge (sm. Sva) Prechista. When the Goddess Maryona comes on Midgard - Earth, all Nature fills up, retires, sinking into a long three-months sleep. And when Maryona Svarogovna goes to the Ice Halls, for the second day after day of the Vernal equinox there is an awakening of the Nature and various life. In honor of wires of the Goddess Maryona on the North Krasnogor, Day of Maslenitsa - Maryona, called also by Wires of the Goddess Zima is annually marked out a holiday (the modern name - the Farewell to Russian winter). This day the doll made of straw, symbolizing not the Goddess Maryona as many think, and snow Zima is burned. After ritual of burning of a straw doll the handful of ashes was dispelled over the field, a garden or a kitchen garden that the good, rich harvest grew. But the Goddess Maryona, except supervision over rest of the Nature on Midgard - Earth when Mother Nature gains vivifying strength for spring awakening and life of plants and fauna, watches also life of people. And when time to people comes from Childbirth of Race Great to start on the long journey on the Gold Way, the Goddess Maryona gives manuals to each died person according to his mortal Spiritual and wordly life, and also according to the got creative experience in what direction to it to continue the ­ posthumous Way, to the World Navi (see Nav) or to Slavi`s World (see. Glorify). The goddess Maryona is Patroness Chertoga Lisy in the Svarozhy Circle (see the Svarozhy Circle).

Mother Syra - Earth - the Heavenly Goddess - Pokrovitelnitsa Midgard - Earth. Goddess of terrestrial fertility and rich, plentiful harvest. Before a sowing campaign all Slavic and Ariyskiye Rhoda brought to the Goddess rich Gifts and Occasional offices. Data without (c) blood sacrifices and Dara made generally the most beautiful forest and wild flowers and the best grades of perfect grains. Priests and Priestesses who serve Mother as Syra Earth brought these sacrifices and Dara to a pas the Sacred fiery altar that with altar fire all Gifts and the brought Occasional offices rose also Heaven, in Halls (see Chertoga) Goddesses - Pokrovitelnitsa. Mother Syra Earth - careful and gentle mother of Nebesny God Volkhva (see Volkhva), the Keeper of Sacred Halls Heavenly Volkhala in whom the soldiers who fell in fights with voroga and powers of darkness find rest.

Melenka - a manual mill.

Mercury - Bog`s Earth (see Bog) Horsa (see Hors) Mertsan`s

(the Dawn - Zarenitsa) - the Heavenly Goddess - Upravitelnitsa (see Bog) a dawn and the Goddess - Pokrovitelnitsa of a good, plentiful harvest. This (this) Goddess was especially esteemed by villagers because She promotes the fastest maturing of plentiful harvests and fruits therefore in her honor made national church services and asked it about a good harvest. In ancient times considered that this kind Heavenly Goddess - Upravitelnitsa has the fine shining Halls (see Chertoga) on the second Earth from Yarila - the Sun (see Yarilo - the Sun) therefore called it in all Labour of Great Race by Earth of the Dawn - Mertsana. Mertsana, besides, is a Goddess - the Patroness of love in early youth. Generally young girls who fall in love with young men on a sit-round gathering, on holidays address Zareh - Mertsana. In the Pagan temple (see the Pagan temple) the Goddess Mertsana of the girl brought various Gifts, wattled of beads and amber of ornament, the embroidered bench hammers, fine bouquets from bright wild and forest flowers to learn from Priestesses of the Goddess Mertsana what promised to them is granted by Heavenly Gods.

Mech - power and force (and. river) .

An instant - the ancient name of a unit of time of microsecond.

Midgard - Earth - a proper name. Earth - the ancient name - Midgard - Earth belongs to our planet.

The world - rest. A state without war. Also it is used for display of communities in the nature - the world of people, fauna, flora, the sea world etc. (Aryan runes).

Mir - the Universe (and. river).

A pestilence - think of an image military.

It is revenged - seems, it seems.

The man - the husband his rank. The young man who reached 21 - oho years, taking in wives the girl was called the man.

Mshel - a bribe.

Myslete - to think, think. Ability to perception and judgment of information, both obvious, and space (and. river) .

Mytnik is a collector of a tax.

- N -

of Nav - the world of spirits, It is located between Vyry (see Vyriye) and the Reality (watch the Reality) Terrestrial.

Are nude - one of the tribes living in ancient Dravidiya (see Dravidiya), ancestors of modern Hindus.

Hope - expectation of a message, aspiration to acquisition something the best (and. river) .

- to name Nareche another (Communal or secret).

An adverb - uniform Rod`s part of the language differing in accent (watch a dialect) from the basic.

On - Rod - pure Nash Rod of

Nat - daylight.

Nachyotki - tags on something.

Not share (Nesrecha) - the Heavenly Goddess (see Bog) who allocates various people and their children with unhappy destiny for violation of Laws RITA (see Rita) and Blood Precepts. She is an elderly woman who spins a special thread of life human. From its old granite spindle the curve, uneven and fragile gray thread of life and destiny of the person punished by a lesson Bozhiim flows. When the person completely carries out a lesson of Gods, Nedolya tears off a gray thread of his life, and the person exempted from unfortunate destiny goes to the World of Ancestors, or interweaves a gold thread of the younger sister into destiny of the person. The goddess Nedolya is the most oldest daughter of the Heavenly Virgin Makosha (see Makosh) and elder sister Bogini Doli (see. Share).

The German - it is educated from the words “it this“. The person who is not speaking Russian.

Neprazdna - is pregnant.

- no, denial. (and. river)

Ny - Nebesny Bog - the Patron (see Bog) Moray and Oceans. He is also Great Patron of navigation and fishery. God Ny was always represented with the Sacred trident in the right hand. A trident Ny operated weather, winds and storm at the sea. He held a sea shell which he used for an appeal of the faithful assistants - dolphins, killer whales and whales in the left hand. It is considered that God Ny lives in the beautiful underwater palace of a pas an ocean floor only during certain periods of time. He spends the rest of the time in the Nebesny Chertoge in an environment of eight beautiful daughters. Ny is Patrimonial Bog - the most ancient Slavic Rod`s Patron - Antov whom ancient Greeks called Atlanta. It preserved as well fertile lands on which there lived the tribes of Antov and grew up bread.

- About -

the Image - created by god embodied on the earth (see Bog).

Obruchya - part of a military armor; women`s jewelry.

Ob - numerical 2 value. Unity of two beginnings, something, conveying dual meaning to something.

To embrace - to capture something a look, thought or hands.

Odes - the left hand.

Odin - Nebesny Bog is a Keeper (see Bog) Wisdom of Ancient Runes, Bog - the Patron and Rod`s Defender da`ariysky, Bog - Nebesny Asgard`s Guardian (see Asgard) and Volkhalla. Odin is Bog - the Soldier who battles against all Powers of darkness, both in Prechisty Heaven, and on ours Midgard - Earth (see Midgard - Earth). God Odin, to find Wisdom of the Vyshny Worlds Svargi (see Sva) Prechista, exchanged the eye for the Spiritual Eye of Knowledge of Ancient Wisdom therefore it sometimes ignorant people call One-eyed, but it in a root is not right. One eye God Odin saw our Obvious (see the Reality) the World, and to others - multidimensional Mira Navi (see Nav), Slavi and Pravi (see. Govern). For many people Nebesny Bog`s Image - the Keeper Odin mixed up with an Image of the living pas Midgard - Earth the Father of Diya Odin who stayed in ancient Asgarda Iriysk and blessed many Families of great antiquity of Slavs and Ariyev on resettlement to the lands lying in the West behind Ripeysky (Ural) mountains. Etabout the lands protected by Skand`s Soul (Skandi - Navya) and various fertile lands of Western Venei (Europe). About these resettlements narrations in ancient Runic written sources - Eddas and Sagas remained.

One circle of life - 144 years.

Ozem and Sumerla - Gods (see God) an underground kingdom preserving boundless underground storerooms of Mother of Crude Earth against greedy people who look for various riches in bowels of the earth. These gloomy storerooms, and also Ozem and Sumerla`s majestic rooms are lit up the unique shine by underground Fire which is reflected by magnificent gloss in scatterings of various semiprecious stones, and also in gold and silver veins.

Ohm - om - creativity, energy of creativity, creation. (and. river)

Orach - the plowman, the peasant.

A horde - “The Shouting Dan“ - army.

Orey - Earth (see Earth) Orey - the planet Mars in solar system.

Responsibility (responsibility) - the action going from knowledge whole, submission of to maintaining what you do.

Father - the patron of descendants of Rod. The one who bears responsibility to Gods - Ancestors for those to whom On - Blood - Telstvuyet.

Ouk - or “Ouk“ - deep sense. Secret inner meaning something. Specifies what it is necessary to pay attention to. (and. river)

- P -

Weather - “a pas - go-yes“ - the Way of Experts of Guo (Descendants of the Heavenly Cow Zimun from Rod Nie - a demon - Navo) acts of Arsh (terrestrial Ariyev).

A scorching heat, the pekelny world, the native of a scorching heat - the world of powers of darkness, soldiers of a gloom natives of the dark world. kingdom of the Viy (Pluto).

A finger - numerical 1 value. The first finger on a hand, a unit of measure something or part of whole.

The Father Dy (Dy) is God - the Patron (see God) the Clear Heavenly scope and space. The keeper of inexhaustible Vital force of Earth Dei by means of which priests the Father Diya made various miracles. He is God protecting Ancient Truth of Heavenly Gods, and also Wisdom Undercover. God Father Dy is a Keeper of Main Putey Mezhdumirya through which Gods could visit the manned Worlds. It could transform the appearance beyond recognition therefore nobody could keep shape of this God in memory. One saw it in an image of the young mighty soldier, others in the form of the elderly wise aged man or the priest. Seius (this) God since ancient times patronizes all Priests - to Old Vera`s Priests: To days - to the Supreme Priests heading Vesevye Dukhovn