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How not to break from a diet? Recommendations at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract

of the Illness of a gastrointestinal tract are any violations in work zheludochno - intestinal - a path. For treatment there are special gastroenterologists. The set of drugs, methods and ways of overcoming of illnesses is developed. However, by my experience, the diet remains the most important and most effective treatment.

By means of a diet it is possible to become almost healthy person - when nothing hurts when you do not drink a tablet handfuls and go in search of simplification on doctors. And non-compliance with a diet, on the contrary, aggravates all diseases, adds new and worsens a state, sometimes even brings to need of surgery.

But that is simple to keep to a diet not so-! As a rule, the diet means food on the mode, small portions, and everything that is useful, - fast, tasteless. Often it is necessary to undereat (as portions have to be small). And around there are so much temptations. And so on appetizing, and people eat it, and you catch all smells … Well how here not to break?!

In due time I faced similar problems. And I managed to develop for myself new firm rules and the principles of life. As a result of their observance I feel happy the healthy person. And for a long time forgot what is doctors.

the Principles which to you will help to adhere to a medical diet steadily:

1. Find for yourself recipes of tasty and correct food.

For example, I found many ways of tasty cooking in an oven. We got used to the potato baked in mayonnaise, we replace mayonnaise with sour cream, we add a little salt and waters (for juiciness), and potato as a result turns out is not worse at all!

Besides, I advise thoroughly to investigate double boilers. In them the food turns out not just boiled on couple. At the expense of cups which are located one above another each lower layer becomes impregnated with juice of the top layers. You put in the top cup meat, in following vegetables, and in the lowermost potato. Potato becomes impregnated with juiciness of meat and vegetables. When everything is ready, add a butter piece (or a tablespoon of vegetable), and everything turns out tasty!

2. By rules of a diet and for improvement of a state you behave in a condition of easy hunger all the time.

There are several explanations of expediency of such approach.

In - the first, our organism is calculated on malnutrition. Physiologically from slight malnutrition it will only be better for us. Digestive organs will adjust the work, and in a body pleasant ease and even energy inflow will be felt. In a natural environment the overeating meets much less than hunger. And if malnutrition is perceived by an organism as norm, then the overeating leads to any diseases sooner or later.

In - the second, the easy condition of hunger gives feeling of bright taste from any food! Perhaps, you will also not manage to fall in love with hated porridge, however you will consider tasty what and did not begin to be tried earlier.

Adhering to this council, not too be zealous. In everything “golden mean“ is good. If on a diet it is necessary to eat in 3 hours, then eat steadily in three hours! Having passed time, you risk to get hungry strongly owing to what to break and have a bite the first (and often big) a piece which to you came to hand (and the first piece always does not correspond to a diet - it is checked!) .

3. it is comfortable drink helps to feel with a condition of easy hunger.

Tea and water can be drunk safely and many (if you have no restrictions in drink connected with other diseases). I noticed that the tea drunk during food muffles hunger better, than the tea drunk after food. Thus it is possible “to deceive“ as if a stomach feeling of satiety. If I ate and drank, but I feel that I am still too hungry, then after food I drink an additional glass of tea.

Tea can be absorbed also between food. Green tea is an ideal option for an organism. However in the choice of tea it is possible to trust in the preferences safely. For example, I drink black sweet tea with leaves of raspberry or strawberry. I actually derive from it pleasure and I fill the need for sweet.

4. Sometimes afford small weaknesses, but under control and in very limited quantities.

I, for example, very much love garlic. I dare to add a big segment of garlic on a soup pan. And my organism does not react to it. On a diet it is possible to eat a zephyr. But just like that zephyr not really tasty. I prefer it in chocolate. Absolutely without consequences I am able to afford one zefirka in chocolate twice a day.

5. Fixedly watch the organism.

The organism can have features which sometimes it is more important, than thoughtless observance of a diet. For example, kefir on a diet can be used. And I on kefir have a heartburn. For certain and you noticed for yourself some features. Adopt this information. And if you doubt something, ask the stomach: “How I will feel if I eat this now?“ - also listen to feelings.

6. Use the will power.

The anticipation of pleasure from food needs to be switched persistently to feeling of pleasure from ease in a body, from the health. Then this new state will become for you natural, habitual.

Hidden (implicit, unconscious) harm from errors in food which we sometimes afford

1. If you eat a small segment (one) chocolate, nothing terrible for certain will occur. Danger not in it. Danger in temptation not to restrain. Believe, it is easier to restrain from eating up of all chocolate until you began to eat it. And when already began, slobbers began to flow, and everything is so tasty, and what you eat every day, so bothered … Then the following segment and all chocolate is thrown in themselves so quickly that you do not even manage to think that made!

2. Before permission to myself a portion something forbidden, I always think here of what: the portion of the forbidden food will bring minute pleasure. But I should pay for it hour pains, heartburn, discomfort, and finally the subsequent diseases.

Of course in order that all this worked, it is necessary to undertake itself. To realize that the most heavy responsibility for the health is born only by you. Only in this case you will be helped by my councils. And also you will be able to think up the principles which will help you to remain throughout all life the healthy person, despite problems in work of a gastrointestinal tract. What also I wish you!

Health and long years of life!