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How it is correct to be prepared for a holiday on March 8? Many men already know one of options

: time after celebration of the Defender of the Fatherland Day very much even linearly and kalendarno. Moreover, it is transient - will not manage to look back as The Eighth of March here! And women stood in happy expectation of hour (time to give - to accept gifts) …

of the Man somewhat too stood. More precisely, froze with fear of critical difficulties on the way to this “idle“ and empty March 8. Also strive to postpone for “tomorrow“ all efforts on preparation of a holiday. Even the explanation of the events does not help (“postponement for later“ unpleasant thoughts and affairs - actually psychological illness; a certain mechanism of fight against the alarm connected with undertaking or completion of any affairs, with acceptance of crucial decisions).

And meanwhile, men can turn March 8 into the real holiday for women very easily and absolutely “without serious consequences“. Also it is necessary - that for this purpose absolutely nothing - to do right thing in only three moments enough:

In - the first to prepare a gift in advance.
In - the second to make it a surprise.
B - the third to become most pleasant “surprise“ for the woman this day (in good sense of the word, of course).

There is no wish to teach on points - I will try to simulate a situation. I will dream up on a subject. So:

Vyacheslav (the man of average years, middle-income and average abilities) in which eyelids decided to be prepared for this inevitability in advance - by a holiday on March 8 which contrary to its spells everything is will come (you will not argue with a calendar, however).

Easily and easy it made the list of those women that are subject to a compulsory procedure of a congratulation. In mind made addition to the list on which right there imposed a security classification - “special importance“. Decided to congratulate other women as required (in sense if meet on the way).

Not less easily and not less easy Vyacheslav found out the budget of the forthcoming holiday by recounting of cash and specification of the available rest on the bank account. Without being distressed concerning scarcity of the budget at all, it with good mood divided all finance into three equal parts. One part - on gifts according to the list, the second - on addition to the list, the third - on produktovo - a drinking component of a holiday.

Remaining in good mood, Vyacheslav went to a supermarket behind the most important - behind good alcohol and more - less tolerable snack, without forgetting about gifts for women according to the list. It is a pleasure to wander in the afternoon about ranks in shop at the end of February - to the people is practically not present. Unshaven “defenders“ of the Fatherland slightly greenish by sight it is not counted. Lonely old women - too.

Time has enough!. And therefore Vyacheslav quietly and methodically embodies conceived - realizes the plan of preparation for celebration on March 8. Its movements are measured and smooth … The cart with produktovo - a drinking component almost silently slides before it. Clean and dry hair flutter under a light breeze of conditioners.

Vyacheslav smiles: he remembered red ugly faces of the furious men in turn who decided to arrange a holiday for the women at the latest moment. Remembered brilliant bald heads and hair, the long lines at cash desk and tired eyes of cashiers, wet from sweat. Remembered and smiles, happy with himself: “Good fellow, Vyacheslav!“

of Stocks - the full refrigerator … Vyacheslav quietly and slowly chooses gifts for women in branded departments. Remembering that there is no such task - to dress in March 8 of the women from head to foot, he in pleasant loneliness walks on departments in search of festive actions and with pleasure buys attracted. As it is good - and a thing with decent labels in company packing, and very available at the price! And all because Vyacheslav prepares for a holiday in advance.

At last on March 8!. Vyacheslav woke up the first and already makes a breakfast for women. He is pure, tidy and on the occasion of a holiday put on more decently. From it the light aroma of perfume proceeds. Having waited when women make toilet, he warmly congratulates them and solemnly hands them gifts. Women are happy - Vyacheslav saw to it in advance.

Even more solemnly he declared that he will make with own hand a festive lunch … The women who already became stupid with happiness in a trice intercepted its initiative and with might and main began preparation for a feast, having asked it to help only.

It is really pleasant to women - the man does not ransack since morning searching though some gifts and something food. The man made everything in advance. He thought of women! And even decided not to smoke this day...

In as!