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Happy marriage at Martin`s Ricky?

It was only two years ago when Martine`s Ricky declared to the whole world that it “the happy homosexual man.“ Noting the stage “Livin ` La Vida Loca“, in the March magazine “Detali“ the singer opens details of the four-year life with the partner Carlos Gonsalez who works as the economist and brings up with it 3 - x summer twins - Matteo and Valentino. Its plans for the future develop day by day. “I would like that people understood that the love is shown differently,“ - Martin says. - “Allow me my life to build most, and I will not contact you. Here then I would not be angry very much and would not knock on a table “.

In spite of the fact that he long waited, so far to him 38 years isponitsya to marry, Martine`s Ricky, nevertheless does not feel any guilty in so long expectation, though questions of his sexuality were not raised, at least years ten. “You know when I hear about the boy or the girl who comes in 15 years and explain that they same as I. That I understand that nothing can be done with it. They have to pass through the one whom they were yesterday and to become those whom they are today.“

of Ricky to Martin now 40 years, already ended disputes around his performance in 2001 on George Bush`s inauguration - younger, being the supporter of the rights of gays. “They gave me the chance to represent Latin community,“ - he explains. - “It was out of policy. Next day after this event, I was presented in 85 newspapers worldwide-. On the Main page. Many people would ask me“ you were photographed with it again? And I answered: “He has to resolve a lot of things in a question with human trade in order that it occurred. Now I would tell it openly volume as I see a question with human trade and the gay - community

last year, Martine`s Ricky submitted the application for the Spanish nationality, to it the fact that he planned to marry Carlos Gonsalez as the gentleman in the native land where same-sex marriages are lawful induced it. But the performer, - who can be seen on the Broadway in the musical “Evita“ - it is not confident that, it with Carlos wedding bells will sound in the near future. “Believe me, all ask me about when I am going to marry“, - Martin says. - “People whom I do not know push me to this act. But it not what we speak about “. INFDaily. comB that time as Martin and Abella cannot have

relations approved by the government nevertheless they have a family.

Two men bring up twins Matteo and Valentino who were born at substitute mother in August, 2008. Now it is their kids, the singer tests all pleasures which come together with paternity, - and difficulties also, as we know, a complex challenge to define children in preschool institution in New - York where it lives at present. “Many people spoke to me about it, but I knew nothing about it until I actually started the solution of the matter“, - Martin in “Details“ says. “There are legal procedures for this question. I was obliged to write the composition on the children. Same kindergarten, but not college for preparation. But I understand that there are such orders, and through them will not jump. Therefore I sat down at the computer and on the display opened for them my heart. Apparently material turned out much“