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How obstinate to become the wife the wife happy?

the Majority of the family conflicts and quarrels arise when spouses on the first place have only own interests. Many married couples very not easy are given compromises. Women, trying to achieve the necessary result from the man, began to use man`s methods imprudently: rigidity, pressure, straightforwardness.

And it is enough to women to use typically female cunnings and ways of behavior - and it is possible to win against the man without war! If it is simpler to man to break the locked door, then it is enough to woman to pick up the necessary key to open it.

To reach the desirable, it is optional to influence the man directly. He should not realize that openly operate it. Though if guesses, can apprehend new rules of the game with a bang. Unlike man`s approach, women have more effective weapon: softness, tenderness, compliance, playfulness, smiles and tears. It is enough to change tactics of behavior, habitual for you, to adjust warm and harmonious relationship in a family. The angry requirements to replace with polite requests, dissatisfied grumble - on the honest story about the experiences.

Here several options behavior in some semeyno - everyday situations.

1. The help with the house

Instead of a habitual dissatisfied reproach or the order to take out garbage try to ask benevolent tone the husband about the help: “Darling, please, take out garbage!“ Believe, it works!

2. Joint rest

it is urgent to h2 to allocate for

Instead of the requirement you to have a good time somewhere (at cinema, in theater, at a concert other) it is possible to tell, for example, on the eve of display of the movie to the husband about the desire there to go: “There will be a premiere of the film soon, I would like to look at it together with you!“ Warned about your desire in advance, the man more likely will carry out him.

3. Gifts

Instead of the angry phrase “Again to me could not be put on!“ it is possible to play a lovely performance. For a start to pogrustit, sigh a little a little. And then to share the grief: “Videla dress of the dream. But I will not be able to buy it, unfortunately: it is very expensive!“ The probability is high that the husband will sympathize with your grief and will want to please you.

4. Repair

Instead of criticism of abilities of the husband on performance of repair or its sluggishness apply an unexpected tactical move: encourage him and tell what at it turns out better and better. When your man feels sincere support and approval, he will want to meet your expectations.


Instead of charges that the husband helps you with education of child(children) insufficiently try to tell education of children to the spouse: “Our child adores when you near him! It is so exciting to watch how cheerfully you play together! Until you are busy with game, I will be able to prepare something tasty for you!“ It will be useful for all of you!

Of course, for any woman of change in itself and in the behavior is the work and sometimes hard. However creation of family happiness without application of efforts happens only at cinema! Each of us has an option therefore solve: to be right or to be happy, to be at war with the husband or to reach compromise, winning without war, to live in a constant stress or in the atmosphere of love and harmony.