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You visited Alessandro Safin`s concert?

Having got an education of the opera singer at early age, as the young man of Alessandro Safin found tendency to bottoms - music, and since then mixes both styles in all the compositions which received the new name at musical critics the “priest-op“ direction. At first it created a furor in native Europe with the work “Insieme that“ in 2000, and then struck the American public with the album of “Alessandro Safin“ of the same name, the debut passed in America the next year. Mix of the opera and bottoms - oops it was the exciting cocktail for admirers, the musical critic Barbara Gebden (Queensland, Australia) writes to “Sunday Mail“: “In 2001 the name of Safin became one of the most popular tenors in the world“.

He was born and grew up in the small Italian town of Siena, in a musical family: his mother with the father were fans of the opera and execution of a vocal. Began the training in Alessandro studying operas when he was only five years old. He paid for lessons, working in office shops - business of the family. In 17 years it came to conservatory of Statale Musica “Luigi Cherubini“ in Florence. And in 1989 began the opera career, executing such classical works as “Bohemia“ Puccini and “Eugene Onegin“ of Tchaikovsky in Italy and in France. At the end of teenage age found tendencies in Safin to popular music, including to fate. Listening to such groups as Genesis, The Clash, Simple Minds, and U2, it asked itself(himself) questions that it would be possible to synthesize the best opera arias and popular music in a new form. But it happened earlier, than it got chance to try experiment. Some time he attended law school, but regretting it later he told that it was its biggest regret from - for a downtime.
“ However after it met the famous Italian pianist and Romano Musumarr`s composer, Alessandro had an opportunity to finish the musical vision in life. Both of them, together with the producer Eric Chenazi, began to write down the works, the album under the name “Insieme that“ (together with you) became the culmination. The album “Pop Opera“ was the purpose of this project, and Safin addressed Hebden and told that it will unite in itself the best elements of an opera vocal with a rhythm of melodies of bottoms - music: “Our project, is experiment which could capture wider audience - the priest - operas, and would become generally mix between an opera voice and popular melodies and rhythms“. Pop Opera was defined how a victory formula, having lifted ratings of this album, in particular and the album was sold in a single from an album “Only You“ (Luna) with a copies of 700 000 copies worldwide by 2002.

The song laid down on a melody of bottoms - drum rhythms, followed by the big orchestration, and support of a female vocal performed by Safin.
“ Uncommon swarty appearance of Alessandro got to it broad attention of audience, often sravnenivy it with the American actor of cinema and television a star George Clooney and promoted to take the place in the list of the Lyudi magazine as to one of 50 most beautiful people of 2002. He does not agree with comparison him with George Clooney, however, to tell that appearance is less important for it, than force of its voice will be not absolutely true. “It forces me to laugh, but it is better, than to be compared to Danny Devito“, - told the Lyudi magazine of Alessandro. “Glossy heroes of the magazine look these days more well-groomed, than women, the pulled-out eyebrows and an earring in an ear “, - the singer continues. He also does not object that now his hair colors of salt and pepper. “On a scene“, - he told in the magazine. -“ The hair color shines on fires“.
“ Safin made the debut on the British television in an annual London Royal variety show, having taken a place of honor in 2001. At action of headliners together with the queen there was also a priest - a star Elton John, the tenor introduced the individual version of execution “Music of night“ from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera“.
by means of part of a series of “Great execution“, it the first could reach the American audience the same year, acting in public system of broadcasting (PBS), with a concert under the name of “Alessandro Safin“ in the Concert Hall (Only You). Fantastic popularity was reached by its performance in Ancient Greek theater in the Sicilian city of Taormin, Patricia Manterola - Latin the priest - a star and the conductor Stephen Merkury also appeared in this broadcasting. Safin executed Romano Musumarr`s music which brought him stardom in Europe, and also a hit “Only You (Luna)“. The album of Safin of the same name was let out in the USA in 2001, this album Johnathan Vidran from “All Music Guide“ spoke, that it of Safin “leans on a wide collection of surprising passionate melodies, revealing their emotional depth which is convincing also fascinating.... “ The performer was also presented on a soundtrack to the movie “Moulin Rouge“ in which executed Elton John “Your Song“ in a duet with the actor Evan McGregor. In interview to the London newspaper “Guardian“ in 2002, Alessandro emphasized what most of all occupies it that it managed to reach and touch hearts of those who hear it.

“ Telling Mathew Gurevich in “New - York Tayms“, that he hopes to carry out the idea through a new musical form, “objedineniv preferences of fans of klassicheky and popular music, it would be exciting to reach association of the most different people, creating new energy which will attract people in theaters “. And, according to him, it would be absolutely good if it could attract young people in ranks of more senior generation of admirers of the opera. Now in Rome, Safin continues to write down new compositions and to give concerts. After the record version «Your Song“ with Elton John, in personal release on Alessandro`s album claims that there was only one risky work: singing about fate - U2 group. It already executed U2 music, in concerts at the own risk, including “MLK“ (Martin Luther King`s tribute), at a concert in the Netherlands. “It is the only fatal song which I sing at the concerts“, he told Keith O`Chare in “News of Buffalo“, - “because I have a special feeling with this song“. Safin it was very happy that found success in the United States and in Europe. According to him today`s the USA is Elisa Gardner: “For the Italian singer it is easier to arrive to the States and to make pizza, than to execute the priest - music. For me to be with my small Italian the priest here - an album, it is remarkable“. Answering a question whether it had a personal motto, he answered Rosanna Grinstrit from “Guardian“: “Follow the dreams“.

The chosen discography:

Insieme is that, Universal, 2000. Alessandro Safin, Interscope, 2001. Janko Ti, Universal, 2001. Moulin Rouge (soundtrack), Interscope, 2001