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How to register SP independently?

the Individual entrepreneur - the simplest form of the organization of business. Registration of SP carries the simplified order and takes no more than 7 - 10 days. So, with what to begin if you decided to register SP independently, without resorting to services of law firms?

First of all, it is necessary to decide on system of the taxation and to pick up types of economic activity according to the All-Russian qualifier of types of economic activity.

The Russian businessmen have an opportunity to choose one of two systems of the taxation: the general and simplified. The general system of the taxation (OSNO) - a type of the taxation at which accounting is kept in full and all insurance taxes and fees are paid. The simplified system of the taxation allows to keep accounting not in full, that is the organization is exempted from payment of the VAT, income tax, the property tax and insurance premiums for obligatory social insurance and for medical insurance.

The code is appropriated to each kind of activity in the All-Russian qualifier. At registration of SP among other it is necessary to define a front view of activity of SP and additional. It is desirable to select the maximum quantity of types of economic activity which can be required for further work. Also it is necessary to pay attention that for implementation of separate kinds of activity special permission can be required (the license, the admission etc.) .

The following stage - preparation of documents. As the individual entrepreneur in registering body at the place of residence it is necessary to provide the following documents for registration:

- the statement in the P 21001 form;

- receipt on payment of the state tax;

- copy of the passport of the applicant;

- the statement for transition to the simplified system of the taxation in a form No. 26. 2 - 1 (at desire).

The application form for state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur is filled in as follows.

Sheet 1. On the first leaf of the statement the name and a code of registering body (in Moscow registering body is No. 46 MIFNS) are specified. Here data of the individual entrepreneur (a surname, a name, a middle name, a floor, a birth date and birth place, nationality, the residence etc.) are specified . In the point 8 “quantity of types of economic activity“ by figures it is specified total number of kinds of activity.

Sheet 2. On the second leaf of the statement data of the identity document are specified. For citizens of the Russian Federation such document is the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation therefore they fill in points 9. 1.; 9. 2.; 9. 3.; 9. 4.; 9. 5.; 9. 6. statements.

Sheet 3. On the third page we specify taxpayer identification number (at its existence) and we append the signature in the column “applicant“. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to sign the application only if documents for registration of SP to registering body are directly filed by the applicant. In case you are going to send documents by mail or through the authorized representative, authenticity of the signature of the applicant and the copy of the passport have to be testified by the notary.

The leaf of the appendix “A“ finishes our form. Data on the types of economic activity chosen by you are reflected in this leaf. We specify by the first a primary activity, and additional we enter below in any order. On one leaf of the appendix “A“ it is possible to place only ten types of economic activity therefore the number of sheets “A“ in your statement will depend on total number of the chosen kinds of activity.

All sheets of the statement need to be sewed together. On an insertion to specify total of the sewed sheets and to put the signature of the applicant.

So, you were safely registered in IFTS. Now it is necessary to receive the letter of Rosstat (statistics codes), to make the press and to open the settlement account.