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And what, if God - one of us? History of a song of Joan Osborn “One of us“

On a question who such Joan Osborn (Joan Osborne) some can tell that it is the wife or Ozzy Osbourne`s daughter - “great and awful“ (of course, it not so). Music lovers with good memory will surely answer that this that ringlet with piercing in a nose singing “E - e - e!“.

I do not know, it or not when the song written not by you, written, to put it mildly, incidentally and even not planned to the edition, it becomes unexpected your only widely known hit is sad. But quite so also happened to composition of “One of us“.

the composer and the producer Eric Bazilian (Eric Bazilian) of the house Sat somehow and the Sergeant Pepper watched with the wife transmission about record of an epoch-making album of BEATLES “...“. Here the wife take and ask: “And show - to me, darling as it - to register in four paths“. Well, why not to show if the portable portable studio costs near. Eric Bazilian took a guitar, connected, struck strings, and a certain simple guitar riff gradually began to appear.

And the wife does not calm down - “Now sing“, - says. What to sing, Bazilian first did not understand and began to explain patiently to the wife that he so at professionals does not become. It is necessary supposedly “to write the song, to discuss the concept, to remake everything and to decide that the first option was better...“. But the wife did not recede, and Eric began to sing the first that came to mind. Gradually the text was issued, and demonstration record was ready.

“It was, probably, the fastest of my songs written to stand out before the girl“, - the author laughed. Having decided
that to good to vanish is more useless, Bazilian was declared on studio to the ward Joan Osborn who just wrote down a new album.

It is necessary to tell that on the birth the girl was not Joan, but Elisabeth at all, but in the first class she unexpectedly decided that she wants to be called quite so.
published the First album of Joan independently, her voice which is excellently singing the blues - fate, estimated and concluded with it the contract. For the second album several composers - including Bazilian helped to write it material...

So, Bazilian came to studio and showed the as he was expressed, “the strange song“. Joan remembers that first the composition was gloomy and sad, in the spirit of Leonard Cohen. Its text was based on the assumption: “And what if the lonely stranger who goes with you by the bus is God?“.

One of Us

(lane. Marishka Mironova)

If God had a name, as if it sounded?
I could address you It by name?
If appeared before It in all its greatness,
What you would ask if you could ask only one question?

Yes, yes, God is almighty.
Yes, yes, God vseblag.
Yes, yes, yes - yes.

A if God was one of us?
the Rude fellow what there is a lot of,
the Stranger arriving home
By bus?

If God had a person what it would be?
I you would like to see it if it demanded from you
of Belief in heaven,
In Christ Redeemer, in Saints and in prophets?

Yes, yes, God is almighty.
Yes, yes, God vseblag.
Yes, yes, yes - yes.

A if God was one of us?
the Rude fellow what there is a lot of,
the Stranger arriving home
By bus?
Simply arriving home...
… Back, on heaven, all alone. there is no
, he calls to nobody by telephone.
Perhaps only to the Pope …

Yes, yes, God is all-powerful.
Yes, yes, God vseblag.
Yes, yes, yes - yes.

A if God was one of us?
the Rude fellow what there is a lot of,
the Stranger arriving home
By bus? As sacred roll
- the field,
… Back, on heaven, all alone....

He just arrives home... there is no
, he calls to nobody by telephone.
Perhaps only to the Pope …

of Joan Osborn:
“The producer heard the song and told: “About! what beautiful song! Joan, why don`t you try to sing her?“ I was not against, but did not want to submit the song in such look. I tried to introduce in the song lighter shade, in the high register. As a result on an album more gentle version of a song appeared. I presented myself the child asking: “And what if God - one of us?“, as usual children ask questions on which actually there are no answers“.

besides the singer preceded the song by a cheerful singsong from a spiritual gospel of “Heaven`s Airplane“ (“The heavenly plane“).
of “One of us“ was written down, but Joan doubted - whether it is worth including it in the blues - a cancer album - very much it was beaten out from the general stylistics.

It is known that the song in an album was included moreover published on a single. The single left on February 21, 1995 and quickly reached 5 - go the place in the USA, and a year later - and 1 - go places in Britain. As a result the song was attractive “blende“ because on an album “Relish“ it is more of nothing similar was. Not without reason following singles “Right Hand Man“ and “St. Teresa“ did not make similar success.
But not blinkered an album gave to people a sheer pleasure. I will bring about the fragment from Pavel Gubarev`s article because you will not tell better is mute.

“Listen at least to half-songs from Joan Osborn`s album about which there is a speech in this text, - and you unmistakably define it as “well it is good music“. The devil knows why. Yes, there are formal “technical“ signs: it both good melodies, and magnificent voice, and quality of record, and mastery. But such music, in general, dime a dozen. How many in the world now jazz and blues singers who give all the best not less, than Osborn? But in this plate there is something else that in my personal “the hit - parade“ puts it level with, will tell with “Tommie“ of The Who. This is not about the historical importance of a disk. But it is such plate to which there is a wish to listen and listen - hard drinking, to come back occasionally - but always with pleasure“.

That to “One of us“, the song naturally caused negative reaction from Catholic league of the religious and civil rights. Its president William Donakhyyu declared that “even admirers of the singer see in the song sacrilege“ and, moreover, that “the song absolutely intentionally brings Catholics to a temptation“.
Bazilian came true the fact that it only a work of art, but not the religious treatise.

Eric Bazilian:
“It is not the religious song. And I am not a religious person. I do not try to set thinking nobody on something. It from those songs which are written not by you, but which write you. I not intentionally wrote the song in which there is a word “God“, just such words poured out from me outside“.

However, to Joan Osborn`s biographies is liked to be written that she is a girl religious, from a Catholic family, and a song for it “as prayers“. I don`t really know..

The person who is rather belonging to religious faith perfectly knows the answer to a favourite question of iyegovist, and will instantly tell to you the name of God - Jesus, Allah, Krishna... Besides, on Christian dogma more than two thousand years ago God really was “one of us“.

Plus to all Joan without a moment`s hesitation executed the parody written by Bob Rivers on its song. The parody carried the name “What If God Smoked Cannabis“ (That if god smoked a grass) and as it seems to me, similar jokes are more useless to sing to truly religious people.

But we will not bother on orthodox things, “One of us“ - really not the philosophical treatise, and many rehashed the song.

In - the first, Prinze (to it even attributed authorship) who replaced a song line on “If he is a slave as one of us...“ (the singer sang about sore when he could not break off the enslaving contract with the company and as a result was left without the scenic name).
Sounded the song and in movies (“Bruce the All-powerful“, “The vanilla sky“), and in series (“New Zhanna D`Ark“, “Chorus“).

Besides, two domestic rappers took notice of its melody even. At rappers is it is in general favourite counter - to sing the texts on others soundtracks and samples. So “One of us“ became a basis of songs “Casting“ (THAT WILL DO 3) and “Offitsialny Buttle“ (Noize MC). And if the version of BASTY was usual reppersky run and especially did not impress, then at the Noise the excellent ironic text in many respects parodying religious subject of a song turned out:

... Then still there was even no Chisinau.
was not either a grendmaster of a flash, or the DJ of the hundred eighth.
But was the word. I over water rushed as if a gadfly.
Was cold, dark, boring and bespontovo.
Ya told: “Yes there will be light!“, and, estimate, gave a ride!
In the sky flared that hour a star.
I rushed, to me went the power to the head at once.
Yes will be that and there will be it, nakreativitsya thoroughly.
plowed All week as the guest worker, to sleep without laying down.
Only by Sunday somehow settled dust and dirt.
If the devil then did not pull me finally on Saturday, to create
Adam and Eve, now there would be no care.
Now as I do not try, these swine do not believe in me.
to Sege here also I think why handed over a track on selection.
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