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How celebrate a female holiday in the different countries?

are already felt Spring in everything - in aromas of air, in humidity of the darkened snow, in a thaw from roofs, in murmur of a stream on the seasonal dacha, well and, at last, in vanity of men whom these first March days in shops it is much bigger, than women.

Run, look narrowly, rustle with beautiful brown paper, buy something in jewelry stores, having slightly become stupid from the prices. It is necessary to tell, not only the Russian men are anxious with approach on March 8, in many countries of the world celebrate the International Women`s Day.

Having got on March 8 on the North of China , at once it is possible to remember a female holiday in Soviet period at us in the homeland. Somehow very probably. Solemn meeting at the enterprise, in a district committee of party, city meeting. And on everyone celebrate the best women, winners of socialist competition, it is the best of all working last year. Though in Celestial Empire this day is not celebrated red in a calendar, gifts of the man give the same as at us, and choose them not less carefully.

On March 8 for French men not a reason for bustle on shops, there this holiday officially is considered Day of fight of women for the rights, but no more than that. In any case, this day at the French men it is somehow not accepted to give gifts to women, to wash the dishes and to sweep the floors.

In Italy

(notice - not the socialist country) on March 8 it is considered b Women`s Day. Only his women the companies, without men celebrate, having a rest after work in cafe or restaurant. Men this day allow the darlings to have a rest from vanity of ordinary affairs. By the way, in Rome at many restaurants this day women can look at a man`s striptease absolutely free of charge.

Germans , having forgotten about the ancestor of the International Women`s Day - Klara Tsetkin, the holiday is practically not celebrated, it remembered unless only among the Russian emigrants yes in families of east Germans living in the territory of the former GDR. The women in Germany are celebrated on the Mother`s Day.

Bulgarian women this day receive congratulations not only in a family, but also at work as the holiday is not the day off. By the way, it is noticed that in Bulgaria recently women became more sincere to congratulate each other on the International Women`s Day, than men who slightly grew cold by a holiday, including it “a remnant of socialist times“.

Since 2007 in Latvia on March 8, lost the status of a holiday in 1991, found it again. Celebrate the International Women`s Day, according to statistical polls, not less than 80% of the population. Men surely please the Latvian women this day with the attention and gifts.

And here Japanese , though do not celebrate the International Women`s Day, but indulge in March the women two holidays at once: On March 3 - celebrating the Holiday of girls (or the Holiday of peaches), and on March 14 - celebrating White day when women receive gifts from the beloved whom they presented on St. Valentine`s Day. So it developed that in Japan on February 14 only women give gifts to the beloved.

How treated March 8 in other countries, and at us in Russia it is the real holiday for our darlings and beloved, for mothers and girlfriends, for girls and girls. Dear men, let`s not look back at the abroad, and from the heart we will congratulate the women, we will wish them good luck and love, the peace sky over the head, beauty and eternal spring!