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How to keep attention of the man? To Hold

. The word - that what interesting. On its chain, perhaps? And in - about - from such nails that chain - to the box?

“To sit! Place …“

Well, it hardly. To hold the man … Especially against his will. Bad job. Rotten!

And whether costs? For this purpose it is necessary to break. At least his will. And what interest in the broken toy? Correctly. - - whom.

Let it remains such what is. By itself. Mobile, courageous, whole and safe. You it fell in love with it? It. And still it is unknown and whether we will love it when it changes. Even if and on our “volition“ and “command“.

Of course, in this world there is nothing impossible. And if very much to want, throw on all this the forces, energy and ability, then … Perhaps will also leave as it is conceived. And socks will lie where you want. But not where He got used to throw them. But … Wrong it. And the received decision at the end of the book of problems for certain will not meet with the answer. Better and not to waste time for holding the man.

And here its attention … with

Same to a sovsa - I eat another matter!

If the man shows obvious or secret signs of attention, so you are interesting to it. And with you for it it is not boring at all.

But … To make as if so that to keep this attention? That interestingly it was also not boring not only today and tomorrow, and on all remained … Or at least till that time, so far you want it.

All ingenious, as usual … Prosty simple! First of all, it is necessary to remain interesting. To it. And that to us (so, and to It!) interestingly?

Something new, to this day novel.

That the man “is visual“, did not forget? If is not present, then be not afraid to change the appearance and image from time to time. Today and tomorrow you shortly short-haired blonde, and in half a year - the celebutante with a magnificent red mane. Yesterday he enjoyed your softness and a wooliness, and now … What for steel in a look and ice in a voice? How to kindle it? What, for your elect there is something impossible? Yes never and for anything!

Well, as a last resort, is possible for it a little and to help with it …

be not afraid to be versatile. Do not throw the hobbies for the sake of darling at all. Look at him. Unless it puts aside the soccer, fishing or work aside? So why it to do you? Learning something new - is unimportant, on work or the hobby, for example, to window plants, - you develop. You rise by new level. About what still yesterday did not even suspect. You did not know, so from where he could know it in you? Here, it, new hyphen. Which is interesting not only to you. But also …

Allowing the man to open for him in itself something new, earlier novel over time, you not only satisfy his instinct of the pioneer and researcher, but also increase the importance in his eyes. You become strong, successful and independent. Such which is never tired to be loved, and that is quite natural want and wish to win again and again.

However, at the same time it is worth to remember about sense of proportion. New and different, but not to such an extent that at some moment there was a natural question:

- Mask, and you who?

I for this purpose.

General plans. “But whether not to go to the cinema for the weekend?“ General memoirs. “Aha, here it, the razor which for the Defender of the Fatherland Day was presented by her“ … And then he will have a shave not just, and to have a shave for you, remembering you every morning.

It is not enough, the trifle it is necessary that suddenly and from nothing there was such magic feeling as love from nowhere. The sparkle slipped. And you already love. And you - too! Love...

But from the same trifle, some cold droplet, this feeling goes to unknown distances. Somewhere, where we are not there.

It is necessary to remember it. Always. And then the cold will not creep on what secret footpath in his heart. And you will always be interesting, favourite and desired.