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How to get acquainted on the Internet? There are no

In this life anything difficult or impossible. Eyes are afraid - hands do. And if you agree with this quite simple, but for some reason quite often the truth going out of the head, then everything will turn out. It “will turn out“, but “should not“ or “it can turn out“.

Of course, self-confidence is already superfluous in preliminary baggage getting acquainted, but the confidence is simply necessary. It is the first component of success .

However, have not enough to pack backpack . Let in it there will be all necessary, but so far we will not shoulder it to ourselves and we will not leave the house, even mountains not to reach. Not to mention that so it would be desirable to rise by top and to look down from there on all people around:

- Aha! Did not trust? And we made … Made it!

Sitting on a sofa, not to cook a fish soup. If to sit a back to a plate. It is necessary to work! Well, at least, to rise from this myakonky, warm and cozy haven of all modern Oblomov, to reach a plate and to include it. It, if to an ear. Or porridge. And for acquaintance - that already the computer.

The computer, the computer …

to Take and include. Why not?

If someone considers that the Network - a sediment of losers, so it - in vain. Perhaps once so it also was. Once. But not now. Today it is simply fashionable to get acquainted on the Internet. Now on dating sites enormous crowds young men and girls who just owing to their age cannot be carried to the category of the rejected losers in any way rush. In the Network there are a lot of successful, wealthy and just handsome men at whom … Well, here so it turns out - they have no time to run on fields and rural lands in search of the girlfriend of life. No! And a computer - here it, near at hand. Clicked with a mouse - and you already …

A here where is other question.

It is possible to get acquainted in the Network the weight, the whole mass of ways. For example, to sit on “ICQ“ and to catch man`s (female) names through search. Or to climb the Internet in search of nice photos. But it is the most convenient … More simply, more conveniently and easier - through special dating sites. At the same time the main criterion of the website which has to interest you is its attendance. The more people, the choice is broader and the chance of good luck is higher. That as a result … Let one of these days, but in a month - another, in half a year you it is obligatory … You will surely find the half.

But for this purpose … It is necessary


to be defined by and what you want . The purpose of acquaintance can be the most different - a little flirtation (well, it is necessary to cheer up to feel in shape!) the serious relations, up to a marriage, trivial sex or … just friendly correspondence by mail with the person, clever and close on a temper.

to Love men (women) , to know their problems, to respect their thoughts and to say what they want to hear. Yes, not the secret that women “are auditory“, but also for the man flattery is his drug. Who does not love when it “on a hair“? Therefore - flatter! From you will not decrease, and it will be pleasant to it. It is pleasant to read your letters, it is pleasant to listen to you … And as a result - it to appear near you …

to be itself . Well, here such you! Your potential half has to know about it then bitterly not to be disappointed. And not to disappoint you with the withdrawal from an acquaintance straight line where aside. Acquaintance - the weapon two-edged, and everyone has the right to interrupt it at any time. So let it happens still before at you manage to appear what feelings and attachments.

not to be afraid of . To be afraid of nothing. Including possible failures and mistakes. Negative result - too result. And as “the son of mistakes difficult“ appears experience. That, without which on life just anywhere.

to Have patience . The one who hurries - loses. And you came not to lose, find and get on a dating site. And therefore - not today, so tomorrow, not tomorrow, so … But will be. It will be obligatory, that … The one who is necessary to you …

All. It is all. Or almost everything.

The main thing - to begin to work. And there, if there are what questions, so is not present such on which someone once, but did not find answers yet …