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Where and how to take the credit under 2771% per annum?

Are easy. In the nearest post office. The quote in LJ: “Someone sent the reference to the credit offer of Russian Post to twitter of the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich. It is called “Pass - a loan: Money without questions“. You take 3000 rubles, in 7 days you give 4599 rubles. 2771% per annum. Dvorkovich pobeshchat to understand“...

Lyrical digression. Somewhere I read that Al - Capone gave money under 50 percent a month (600% per annum). It was considered and continue to consider as the most mean gangster of all times and the people. And here 2771%! Yes the same Al Capone now with envy turns over in the grave! Also notice, everything is lawful. People take money, and the solid state organization - Russian Post gives them.

I do not know how who, but I studied in times old when the predominating ideology including the Marxism-Leninism was economic. And so, the main formula of generation of new money was is as follows: money - goods - new money. It was meant that in goods there is some surplus value, something necessary to people, from - for what they also pay for goods more, than was spent for its production.

However all this in the past. Why to bother, to make something etc.? Economic feasibility, on national - “grandmas at any cost“, became not only a mentality, but also a line of action. Money became quick-selling goods. Somehow I counted such “centers of microfinancing“ near the central market in our small town. Counted seven. Names are corresponding. “Money at once“, “Money now“, “Money for all“, “Money according to the passport“, “Money to a salary“ well etc. Plus the same mail where advertizing of those, 2711% “loans“ hang on foregrounds. Plus a transit advertizing, at entrances, in shops …

Yes, was correctly noticed by Sergey Shnurov: “I know, grandmas are necessary to all and always!“ I Know. And here those who take such “microcredits“ at least once considered percent which they should give? It is unlikely.

A bargaining chip such “the centers of microfinancial services - convenience and speed. Simple example. I type the phrase in Google “how quickly to receive money“. I open the first link.

“Advantages of TsVZ “Money At Once“:

Minimum of documents! For receiving a monetary loan needs only one document - the passport of the Russian Federation.

Quickly! I will jam the First it can be provided within 20 minutes, repeated within 5 minutes (time is specified taking into account registration of all documents).

Conveniently! If you are not able to extinguish I will jam to payment term, then you have an opportunity to prolong payment term, having paid percent for use of a loan.

Absence of the hidden commissions! For simplicity and availability of information all expenses are reduced only to payment of percent for use of a loan“.

Well, also phone across Russia free right there to learn the address of the next in to you “center“ of receiving “fast money“. For such “comfort“ “adequate“ payment is also exposed.

Of course, money can be necessary at the most inappropriate moment, but the best protection against an illness under the name “lack of money“ - prevention. It is just necessary to provide part of the income “against a rainy day“. If it is not made, and the rainy day came, and money urgently was necessary, it is possible to undertake a number of consecutive steps.

1. Try to borrow money relatives, friends, acquaintances. It is quite possible that you them will be given without any percent.

2. Try to obtain at first the credit in usual bank, percent not such extortionate, as in modern “benches of usurers“ there.

3. If all - you decided to address to “the center of microfinancing“, be not too lazy, collect preliminary information.

Collect booklets and count with the calculator where it is more favorable to take. Attentively read the contract. Ask more questions, to give - that you will be blood. And still council: happens that when obtaining the large sum the percent sharply decreases. At the same time rules of many “shops“ provide quite long extension of the contract at a vyplachivaniye only of percent. Over time the percent can decrease considerably. That is you long give percent which constantly decreases, and collect the sum, necessary for return. It is much more favorable, than to give all sum entirely with percent, and then from a lack of money to occupy …

Well again, and I wish you that such case never came.