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The Neuderzhimost of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

of Neuderzhimost will get rid to overcome not to allow to eradicate to reduce the reason to eliminate will cope to avoid brings generates to resist value definition appears promotes manifestation harm the uncontrollable person the pupil the child is uncontrollable to re-educate

z Neuderzhimost - impetuousness, unevenness …
of C of People - the owner of the world, but not the owner - itself.
of C is easier to seize enemy fortress - than itself.
zpv to Fight against a neuderzhimost are promoted by spirituality,
morality, patriotism, positive outlook … z Neuderzhimosti promotes
- lack
of benevolence to people.
of C At uncontrollable people views one - life another.
z Neuderzhimost does not allow the person to arrive as it is necessary.
to the Uncontrollable person - that the car without brakes.
p to Seize a neuderzhimost it is necessary to begin with simple, for example moods.
kp Uncontrollable - yet not the person.
pv the Uncontrollable person cannot take place as the personality, to reach due position in society and to be dear.
and For uncontrollable desire - team to action, being self-controlled - only the recommendation.
p Neuderzhimost - the road to poverty.
p the Uncontrollable person - the slave to desires.
p a neuderzhimost Sign - emptiness of a purse.
and Neuderzhimosti of one in power to spoil to the person life.
and the Uncontrollable person - the savage.
p the Uncontrollable person are capable to stop only diseases and a barbed wire.
and Neuderzhimost from the person expel diseases. p the Uncontrollable person - himself does not belong to
and Uncontrollable is held by need and pain.
and If the uncontrollable person of would destroy not painful restrictions at once.
pzv From a neuderzhimost to a crime - one step.
and the Uncontrollable fool will not curtail from the wrong way - so far he will not bring it to the brink of a precipice.
to Easier to stop a horse at full tilt - than the uncontrollable person.
pzv because of a neuderzhimost - blossom defects.
zd Neuderzhimosti is promoted by excessive freedom.
pv freedom - turns Neuderzhimost into permissiveness. d If the person does not do to
what considers necessary - means, it is uncontrollable.
pv Views of the uncontrollable person - anything.
and At uncontrollable - life a nightmare.
kp Neuderzhimost - the enemy of wellbeing.
p Neuderzhimost from inability to subordinate to reason obstinate soul.
p Neuderzhimost spoils advantages.
p Neuderzhimost enemy of education.
p Neuderzhimost - the enemy of independence.
p Neuderzhimost is pacified by knowledge.
p Neuderzhimost - a hindrance to happiness.
pv Neuderzhimost - a direct road to defects and addictions.
and Clever and reserved people live by the principle: lawfully - it is illegal, decent - dishonourably, harmfully - it is useful, it is favorable - it is unprofitable. Silly and uncontrollable by the principle: pleasantly - it is unpleasant, I want - I do not want.
p Neuderzhimost - the enemy to discipline.
and Freedom constrained - on advantage, uncontrollable - to the detriment, they fall to permissiveness.
z Neuderzhimost - leads the person to others control.
to Uncontrollable - is similar to an animal.
to Neuderzhimost - the enemy of success.
and Neuderzhimost - inability will obey to reason.
and Neuderzhimost - is many-sided, beginning from thinking and finishing with incontinence from addictions.
pz To the power over itself it is possible to come only through knowledge of.
zd Neuderzhimost - the enemy to an order.
d a neuderzhimost Sign - unbalance.
and Neuderzhimost - the enemy to prosperity.
zp Uncontrollable cannot correct treats the health.
and Uncontrollable - are irritable.
p Before dominating over others - learn to operate yourself.
d That to achieve something, the person has to be able to behave.
and Neuderzhimost - reduces life.
of the joint venture The one who does not constrain thought - should be responsible for words and acts.
and the Person is capable to say no to others - but not itself.
and Neuderzhimost does not allow to eradicate shortcomings.
zd Neuderzhimost does not allow the person to resist to excesses.
and Neuderzhimost leads to satiation pleasures.
z Neuderzhimost does not allow to keep calm.
and Neuderzhimost causes disrespect.
p Neuderzhimost - the road to temptations.
z Uncontrollable is difficult to suppress nervousness.
and Neuderzhimost - the road to sexual concern.
and Neuderzhimost - leads to depravity.
and Uncontrollable has sex with those who at the moment of desire appear near at hand, but not with those who are pleasant.
and Uncontrollable - is not self-controlled.
and Uncontrollable - money is necessary more.
and Neuderzhimost leads to diseases.
p The is higher a neuderzhimost - the life is more dangerous.
p Neuderzhimost - the enemy of economy and thrift.
z Neuderzhimost is brought up by will.
z Neuderzhimost is brought up by need and pain.
and Uncontrollable - is not capable to do accumulation.
zd Uncontrollable - is more difficult to organize the life.
and Neuderzhimost one of the main reasons not of the correct expenditure of means.
and Neuderzhimost harms healthy nutrition, maintenance of normal weight.
p Neuderzhimost strengthens vital risk and probability of ridiculous premature death.
z Neuderzhimosti is promoted by lightness.
z Uncontrollable depends on a case and destiny more.
p At uncontrollable - losses is more.
p Uncontrollable - as a rule, are less law-abiding.
p Neuderzhimost becomes a habit.
zd is eradicated by Neuderzhimost - the high level of requirements.
and Neuderzhimost is eradicated by consciousness.
p does to Neuderzhimost the person frivolous. pz it is easier for
to treat Neuderzhimost creation of conditions at
of which it will not be able to be shown - than re-education.
pz Neuderzhimost brake to development and perfection.
and Than is more important activity of the person - that a neuderzhimost more terrible.
p Neuderzhimost - a hindrance in formation of the personality.
and Neuderzhimost - is especially dangerous in military structures.
p Neuderzhimost - the soil for troubles.
zd Neuderzhimost a hindrance in achievement of the objectives.
z to Eradication of a neuderzhimost - is promoted by a debt.
z Neuderzhimost - is impractical.
and Neuderzhimost leads to failures. p Neuderzhimost prefers
pleasant to put.
sz Neuderzhimost is eradicated by understanding.
zd Neuderzhimost is eradicated by self-checking.
and Eradication of a neuderzhimost are promoted by high consciousness.
p is put by Neuderzhimost in the childhood.
p the Child of a neuderzhimost - irascibility.
p is in many respects obliged to a neuderzhimost - tactlessness.
and Neuderzhimosti of one in power to generate the person whose acts disperse from own outlook.
and Neuderzhimost even of the wise man - the fool can give out.
pd Neuderzhimosti generates concern.
and Uncontrollable - wealth only corrupts. zp That who from - for neuderzhimost is not capable to do accumulation it is favorable to
to help others that at the difficult moment to escape mutual aid.
d - should be paid For a neuderzhimost.
d Uncontrollable it is necessary to resort to pleasures extremely carefully.
p Sometimes is not so terrible nonsense as a neuderzhimost.
and Neuderzhimost - is dangerous.
zd is frequent Neuderzhimost from a legkoumiya.
zd lead Neuderzhimost from the loved one to quarrels, tension of the relations, sufferings.
z Neuderzhimost - weakness.
p Uncontrollable is useless to restore and strengthen health, without having cultivated will.
p Neuderzhimost - creates problems.
and Neuderzhimost of the person degrades.
zpv can Influence positively uncontrollable people only the balanced, kind, not rigid, knowing psychology person.
and Rough re-education of the uncontrollable person - can lead to animosity. the aspiration to pleasures often is
and the Reason of a neuderzhimost.
p Not fear has to keep the person from a neuderzhimost - and understanding of its malignancy.
yu fight against a neuderzhimost of others Easier. yu The the person neuderzhimy - the less truth he can sustain
yu the Human nature a neuderzhimost indulges - that he bred better.

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