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How to subscribe for favourite magazines?

Once we decided to subscribe for Koster, Konstruktor-modelist and Yuny tekhnik magazines, familiar since the childhood. The magazine subscription was planned to present to children for new year. All these “Bothered already Cheloveki - spiders“ both other readily available and silly nonsense. There was a wish for the present checked by reading matter time. And still nostalgia appeared. The pleasant children`s pleasure when every month you receive the newcomer crackling, still smelling of typographical paint the magazine was remembered.

Seriously our father also treated a subscription. He is a technician and work at it engineering, and hobby for a modelizm serious. So, the subject of magazines was useful not only to children, but also ourselves.

Before registration of a subscription we carried out investigation regarding: whether magazines are live. Strangely enough, magazines were live, edition works “to the utmost“. Extreme releases are uploaded to the websites. Information, as always actual, interesting. As they say, take, read and rejoice! But, not here - that was...

Between our dream and its realization by an insuperable stand MAIL made. The Russian mail, this such certain state which lives by the rules which are known to nobody (even him). Probably, each of us “was already lucky“ in this life to face services of mail. It when you at first stand two hours in a queue, and then before a nose the inscription appears:“ Obed“. And you on the future draw a conclusion: the concepts “be in time“ and “mail“ - not compatible! If you go on any affairs on mail, it means, for today do not even plan other affairs. All the same you will not be in time!

We, just in case, once again studied all alternative options. Alas, they are absent. All services are started on mail. Therefore, waited in the put line, and, at last, treasured receipts are received, is subscribed!

And we, such joyful, repair a mailbox and … we wait. January passed. Silence. February begins. Vague doubts creep in: something here not so. I remember, on old times, magazines came approximately for a month later … However, decided to make sure that everything is normal. Called office, asked when magazines come. Received the answer: we do not know, wait. When come, then will come. We wait. End of February. There are no magazines. I feel that it is time to sound alarm! Nearly four thousand money sank into water, there are no editions, and from mail neither the answer, nor greetings! I ring
not in our office of mail This time, and Management of a federal mail service. It appears, there is such special department of a subscription! In it I obtain information that: Koster and Modelist-konstruktov magazines on our office of mail are not registered, and “The young technician“ - is not present any subscription to all city! Here that is called arrived!

I go to our mail. It appears, the subscription really did not pass. But they learned about it just now when I came and convincingly asked them to specify all details. Why the subscription did not pass? Because they have old computers, and everything so left because of malfunctions in the program.
- Why you, workers of mail, knowing that in the program there are failures, is timely everything did not check and did not specify?
- Because, the program worked well for a long time … And we have a catastrophic shortage of shots, in our office a shortage 4 operators … Excuse us, please, we very much are guilty to you, - the chief of mail justifies herself. By sight, the ordinary woman, not so spiteful, does not cause any negative feelings. Money returned us in the same day …

- And how to us now with guarantee to subscribe? My purpose to return not money, I want to receive and read magazines!
- Well, you come tomorrow, from the morning (at 8 in the morning by mail the people have slightly less), and I will personally check that everything passed, - the chief tells me. Her words sound convincingly, and next day since morning I go on mail again. Again there is a turn, fill in subscriptions. I approach the operator, and … it becomes clear that the program in general hanged and categorically does not work. To adjust work, it is necessary to call the programmer.
- And what to do to me?
- Try to descend in our office of mail in which the subscription is not transferred on a network, and it is made out directly on the place.

I go to that office of mail. There already a lot of people were gathered. There is a turn (half an hour). Before me the woman, at it 20 (!) registered mail. Each letter to seal up, enter data in the computer. 25 minutes were enough for the operator, and … the program hangs. Reboot. And all turn, together with me waits for 25 minutes again because everything should be done at first …

a double two I spent three hours of the time For a subscription. If I worked according to the standard schedule (as it does the vast majority of people), then such test would not master …

Conclusions to which I came as a result of the drudgeries:

1. Without mail to subscribe for magazines perhaps (in certain cases), but this question should be investigated still. Delivery will be always made by mail.

2. To fight against mail it is useless. Universal shortage of shots, the equipment “on the verge of a fantasy“, confusion in work, is only small part of an iceberg which I saw. Mail should be perceived as an inevitable evil.

3. For the above-named reason, people prefer not to contact mail at all and all what cannot be made without participation of this structure. (Pay attention, on the Young Technician magazine there was no subscription to all Novosibirsk. And it is the million-plus city with existence of many institutes and research centers that is developed). From there is conclusion: people just do not subscribe to remarkable necessary magazines. And not because do not want to read them. Frequent reason: mail.

4. I tried to investigate options of “a direct subscription“ and “direct delivery“, that is, works directly with editions. But, it appeared hard-hitting and too expensive.

5. It is possible to subscribe through mail. But for this purpose it is necessary: to spend half a day of the time, and it is obligatory to make sure that it passed at employees of department of a subscription of Management of a federal mail service of your area.