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To grow thin without diets - whether it is possible?

the First question - why to grow thin? I not for nothing began with this question because many times faced such people who weigh at most 50 kg and when see at themselves the smallest fold in a hysterics go on some kefiric or yogurt diet. Other question, of course, when the person weighs more than 150 kg and cannot grow thin - it is sad, especially presently when every second calls himself the nutritionist and swears that will help in a month, only give the unlimited sum! How to distinguish the true nutritionist from the swindler! More than once having missed and having left with blood, people begin to enter panic and gain weight even more! Eventually having tried all offered diets and having been disappointed in them, with the words “Already Nothing Will Help Me!“ all throw. And why then you wanted to grow thin, you it is so easy to stop time! Where your purpose, your dream!

The second question - what is a diet and how it helps? The diet is not special products which need to be used to throw off superfluous! Such impression that many consider a diet as such tablet consisting of a certain type of products which ate also all! fell to a sofa before series, and the excess weight itself somehow disappeared! Dear, we not live in the fairy tale!
the Diet is only correctly balanced food! FOOD, but not kefir with apples for ten days then it is possible to kick also the bucket from shortage of nutrients! It is necessary to eat, but it is competent!

The third question - and whether one diet will help just? At once otvechayu:esl you want to dump 100 - 200 grams, yes, will help and if you really want to reduce the size, one diet not to manage, get only exhaustion of an organism or you will do harm to a stomach. Look around, look at slender people why they are such? yes because 98 percent lead active lifestyle! other two - are by nature not inclined to completeness! ONLY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE will be able to REDUCE YOU IN SIZES!“ And I go to the gym three times a week and to aerobics other four, and something does not help!“ I hear such phrases very often - at once I ask them:“ And tell about your day“

“ Well I wake up, I go to a shower, I look at myself in a mirror - what I thick, even it is terrible to look! Then fast I make a breakfast, I send the family of whom where, I have breakfast (usually it is tea) and I go to work. At work till a lunch I sit in front of the computer, during the lunchtime I eat apple or yogurt and until the end of the working day at the computer again. I go to the gym in the evening, I am engaged hour two and home, I make a dinner, we have supper with a family and I sit down to watch TV yet I will not fall asleep“

Unfortunately, it is a daily routine of many people who fight against excess weight. And here a daily routine of my acquaintance who began to live on my not big (I so consider) to the amendment and dumped 19,5 kg in three months! I think it result!
“ I wake up in the Morning a bit earlier, I DO 15 MINUTES BREATHING EXERCISES, then a shower, I look in a mirror - About! I ALREADY SLIGHTLY GREW THIN! I SPEAK to MYSELF, I kiss reflection and to do to RUN a breakfast, I lift a family, I sit down to breakfast (usually it is flakes with milk) and I go to work. At work till a lunch I sit in front of the computer, TWO - THREE TIMES RISE AND I AM PASSED ON OFFICE. during the lunchtime I go to eat (usually it is some low-fat soup plus drinking yogurt) and until the end of working hours at the computer, BUT I DO NOT FORGET to RISE AND WALK FEW TIMES. In the evening to RUN to the gym, I am engaged one or two hours and I go home, I make a dinner, we have supper (usually it is buckwheat or mashed potatoes with chicken breast), I play with children And at the same time I WATCH TV and I go to bed“
As you can see the principle same, but on a miscellaneous approach it. The second option is and there is ACTIVE LIFESTYLE! It is not necessary to go when it is possible to walk, it is not necessary to sit when it is possible to move, about the gym is in general the separate subject, but at once will tell that my acquaintance could not sit down and 10 times, and now her personal record - 43 times! and it weighs already 84 (when I got acquainted with it it weighed 104 kg!) at the same time it did not become similar to the rolled woman! and special she does not adhere to a diet, just does not overeat! to
the Most important point - I it told magic words - “Every morning look at yourself in a mirror and admire yourself and as you grew thin! Everyone!“ and all! I am sure by
I that by summer it in 55 - 60 kg will quite fly! whether
is So possible to grow thin without diets or not? I will tell from personal experience - perhaps, the main thing to set to itself the object, to present itself that you want to reach, analyse the meal - if you love a hamburger - eat it on health! be only if you please run from the first floor on the tenth and the more often the best of all once again! and forward to the gym. Fat in itself will never leave, it is necessary to help it, and the best burner of fat is the movement!