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How to provide health at sports activities?

it is possible to Play sports, but overloads are absolutely undesirable. Therefore it must be kept in mind the following:
1. The sound mind forms a sound body (in our state the mentality always prevails therefore, “rejoice - and it will be given you“). Many will tell that at our life it is obviously possible to rejoice not always that, generally speaking, is possible, but not the fact.

The matter is that, having got up in the morning, we often begin to test a set of negative emotions which our consciousness “comfortably wraps up in a soft blanket of the corresponding reasons“ like “got up on the wrong side of the bed“ that actually is explained by an immunity failure, nervous exhaustion and, following the results of, a sluggish condition of spirit. That the disease which can always be cured is simple (unlike bad temper which is not treated). The pleasure represents absolutely causeless state granted to us from above upon the birth.

Certainly, mood can always spoil on what, as they say, “always the reasons are“ (at the one who spoils) therefore the main thing corrected all fitness - programs: “Everything is good that in pleasure“. In this connection there is second point sew fitness - programs.

2. Any violence, especially over, that is any overloads. Even from the point of view of sports training, such state when physical activity is acquired exists and gives improvement of the general state, results, indicators. But after certain doses of loadings there comes quite boomerang effect - effect of overdose when all indicators begin to fall.

There is even a special term when the athlete “fused“ or overtrained. State it is very subjective, and the most exact indicator - mood of the athlete. Generally, “in physical activities“ as well as in the use of alcoholic drinks, the main thing governed - “never to train on nerves“ as side effects (an overload or alcoholism) come very quickly.

In this sense one of the most right approaches is experience of well-known Sophia Loren to whom there was the following case once. Somehow time journalists approached it and took an interest: “Madam, how you manage to keep your magnificent state for many years, open a secret?“ The answer was extremely simple: “I grew up in a poor Italian family, and in the childhood I had to work hard therefore now I, whenever possible, have a rest“. And it is valid, having become the movie star, before a lunch Sophia Loren ceased to wake up. Having woken up, took a bath, the breakfast, all rest of day passed in the same vein - pleasant pastime, that`s all a miracle.

By itself, one may say, that at our life it is necessary to work hard, just to survive for this reason it is necessary to have a rest more because the tired-out cow is a little similar to a young nanny-goat. It is possible to finish itself the increased physical activities, certainly, whether here it is only necessary?

3. In general, there is always a question: what purposes any can set fitness - the program? the Answer is extremely simple: the main task - to look good. In general, this preservation of youth and health, and biological age that is known even to psychologists, is defined by personal and social optimism, or a stock of internal mental energy, from the point of view of “our dogma“. The main thing - to remember: as we feel - and we look.

And now is closer to a subject - a day regimen. There are certain rules.

Rule 1. Any stresses since morning: all is silent, quiet, smoothly. With 7. 00 to 9. 00 the channel of a stomach works: it is possible to have breakfast at this time, but all this. At night in an organism there are processes of restoration and a relaxation. There is “a full-measured warming up“ in the morning - gradual increase of vital activity. Therefore any physical activity, even easy warm-up (charging) till 10 in the morning - is simply traumatic.

Rule 2. If in a day you still “it was not run“, then with 19. 00 to 21. 00 it is possible to think of a certain physical training. Time with 17. 00 to 19. 00 for any training it is categorically not shown - it is working hours of channel of kidneys, and any physical activities during this period are capable to cause dysfunctions of urinogenital system, up to the shift of bones of a small pelvis that will not improve your health and will not add to you appeal.

Rule 3. Any “percussions“ and power loadings. The movements directed to increase of elasticity of muscles and sheaves are useful to an organism. That there was no muscular overload, it is possible to be guided only by own health. Generally, any “iron“! Except spasms and an overload of a cardiac muscle - anything useful. It is very important to avoid “shock“ loads of joints (fabric of disks is restored very badly, even as a result of microwave therapy) therefore if “the hinge takes off“, we will put from iron - who needs it?

For female persons belly dances, or occupations can be actively recommended by oriental dances. Very few people know that these occupations not only remove dysfunction of bodies of a small pelvis, but speed up work “red“ charkas - a manipura which stabilizes an emotional background due to stimulation of erotic and sexual energy.

So it developed that our mood significantly is defined by the status of urinogenital system and vice versa. Therefore the best type of fitness - just to fall in love, it quickly normalizes the psychoemotional status and will remove venous stagnation - what try to achieve in all fitness - clubs.