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What is the main reason of frustration of the sexual sphere?

generally are a stress. But any psychologist will tell you that a basis of a stress are fears, and the stress is a condition of all organism and, first of all, nervous system on which they, that is fears, and influence.

So of what we are afraid? At fear there are a lot of reasons: uncertainty in tomorrow, “revelry of a social outrage“ - rise in crime, alcoholism, drug addiction and a lot of things still. So, first of all, we will not be frightened too, and we will try to approach the solution of our problems, whenever possible, quietly. Idea, certainly, good, but not always easily realized. Especially as existence of constant stresses in itself causes suppression of activity of the emotional sphere, immunity and as a result - the decrease in functions of urinogenital system leading to a number of serious diseases so it would be quite good and to undergo treatment. Certainly, we will also be engaged in it, but in the beginning it is necessary to discuss one more subject.

As it was already told, the mankind has no other such sphere of activity where practically everything is based on different myths. Simply “without knowing as has to be“, we begin to establish for ourselves any purposes and tasks to which we try to correspond. But the sexual pathology says that people are so individual that there are no criteria at all. At the same time, if someone tries to achieve result “as at Vanya with Masha“, it is a direct way to a serious disease. Generally, first of all it is necessary to forget about any installations and “standards“ in this respect: everything is determined especially individually - by time, mood, the place, up to “as will leave - and is fine“, the main thing - that everything was pleasant to all. So there are less thoughts about great more than usual life - in all its manifestations!

Nevertheless which - that we at the same time should know without what we can make heavy and sometimes fatal mistakes just because we think, “that there has to be here so, and actually all differently“.

So, there is a science a bioritmologiya which in an our case has a direct bearing on processes of activity of an organism which define the immune status, psychological and, certainly, sexual though I personally do not love the term “sex“ as on the our Russian soil this term can be determined as “occupation by love without love“ that in itself is extremely traumatic both for mentality, and for functions of bodies and systems. What, by the way, also causes the majority, so to say, of “professional“ diseases in representatives of the most ancient profession. And here it is not about venereal diseases as at modern development of antibiotics almost all from them are rather easily stopped - so easily that this in itself often causes incorrect ideas of their inoffensiveness, but it is absolutely other history.

Such occupations are fraught with much more serious consequences which are practically not treated by modern medicine - sharp acceleration of a current of biological time and thereof the progressing aging processes which are reflected, first of all, in endocrine system and the urinogenital sphere, but partially we still will return to it.

So that we should know without taking into account “specific“ diseases. The matter is that the our biology, that is all processes proceeding in an our organism - both mental, and exchange, submit to certain regularities of a current of time, and at men and at women time passes differently. Here it is worth recognizing that time at women passes quicker, than at men. All this is based that at women the defining figure is the seven, and men have an eight. That they define - yes almost everything. The first signs of puberty appear at girls in 14 years, and at boys - in 16 (at the same time the girl remains the child till 7 years, and the boy - to 8 then they pass into group of teenagers), secondary sexual characteristics which, however, in traditional medicine are not defined at all come respectively in 21 years at girls and in 24 years at young men. However, these signs rather thin, they also define “povzrosleniye“ - when each of us becomes, as if, the full-fledged member of society - can bear responsibility for himself and people around and, therefore, in something is ready to creation of a family as a family to a large extent this sense of responsibility the friend for the friend and, certainly, for children.

“The first youth“ - as in the known joke, corresponds at women 21 - 28 and at men 24 - 32 years. From the point of view of “biological realities“, it is age at which for women first labor is optimum as there can be certain problems further, but, again - only with first labor.

This period in a subject of our work interests us a little (as here so everything is all right) and the only thing about what can there be a speech - about a certain hyper stimulation of functions - who, certainly, is possible means of homeopathy, but which is hardly worth resorting to just because though the homeopathy and is the softest instrument of impact on an organism, nevertheless, any restimulation “does not extend the term of life“.