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What initially - soul or a body?

This question of human duality occupy minds of philosophers of various directions long ago, bringing to serious to disputes and contradictions. But not the answer to this question, but that simple fact is more important that the soul and a body represent a whole for us, respectively, influence of one component on another does not raise any doubts any more long ago.

And within a health subject - both corporal, and sincere - we will also talk about this difficult and very strong union - about the union mental and physical, and also about its consequences...

So, one of the brightest manifestations of joint creativity of soul and a body psychosomatic frustration, i.e. such diseases or painful states at which psychological factors play a key role in their etiology, formation, development and an outcome are.

The term “psychosomatic“ was for the first time used in 1818 by the German psychiatrist, but it was widely adopted in 20 - 50 - x years of the 20th century thanks to Franz Alexander (1891-1964), one of the leading American psychoanalysts of the time who is considered the founder of psychosomatic medicine.

According to F. Alexander, it is necessary to carry seven diseases to classical psychosomatic states : peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma, ulcer colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, arterial hypertension, neurodermatitis and gipertireoz. However, it is possible to add many other states and diseases to this primary list. The special psychological conflicts therefore for all psychosomatic states and diseases the concept of “specificity“ is basic are characteristic of each of these frustration.

In modern representation there is such thesis: “there are no psychosomatic diseases, and there are psychosomatic patients“. It concerns that it is not necessary to rush to extremes, explaining everything with either physiology, or psychology. But there is a number of diseases which origin is generally connected with the psychological reasons and unconditional belonging of the above-named seven to psychosomatics is considered proved.

Complaints of somatic character can be considered as manifestation of the symbolical language of internals reflecting libidonozny tendencies, the forced-out complexes. Suppression of such unacceptable unconscious inclinations, according to representatives of foreign psychosomatics, aggravates them even more and creates a chain of negative impacts on an organism. Psychosomatics in such understanding represents biologically focused version of the doctrine of Freud. According to F. Alexander, the majority of diseases of the person are psychosomatic.

Thus, the range of psychosomatic frustration is wide and includes vsebya also: psychosomatic reactions - short-term changes of various systems of an organism (increase of pressure, tachycardia, reddening, a pobledneniye etc.; functional neurosises of bodies (without objective signs of defeat of these bodies), somatoformny frustration (constant complaints to the pains and unpleasant feelings, functional frustration which are observed from several bodies in the absence of objective signs of their damage, accurate interrelation of complaints of the patient with psychological factors); conversion frustration (with accurate and symbolical manifestations of personal features of patients and influence of the psychoinjuring factors) and actually psychosomatic diseases.

In general the mnogofaktornost - set of the reasons which interact among themselves admits an explanation of psychosomatic diseases. The main of them:

- nonspecific hereditary and congenital otyagoshchennost somatic violations (breakages of chromosomes, gene mutations);

- hereditary predisposition to psychosomatic violations;

- the neurodynamic shifts connected with change of activity of TsNS - accumulation of affective excitement - alarm and intense vegetative activity is supposed;

- personal features, in particular - infantility, an aleksitimiya (inability to perceive and designate the word of feeling), underdevelopment of the interpersonal relations, workaholism;

- lines of temperament, for example, a low threshold of sensitivity to irritants, difficulties of adaptation, the high level of uneasiness, isolation, restraint, distrustfulness, prevalence of negative emotions over positive;

- background of family and other social factors;

- the events leading to serious changes in life (in particular at children);

- the identity of parents at children - very often children with psychosomatics have mothers with boundary frustration of the personality; family disintegration.

All of us have three bodies - spiritual, astral and physical where spiritual are our thoughts and hopes, astral - our feelings and passions, physical - hands - legs and all the rest. It is possible to be healthy if all three bodies are in harmonious interaction. The head as it is clear to all, is tied with a body spiritual. Therefore from a body spiritual, our health depends on our thoughts, expectations and thoughts. Therefore the healthy lifestyle is, first of all, to be in harmony good luck, the world, people and everything that surrounds us.

All problem of spiritual, mental and physical spheres of our health arises from - for the conflicts of our natural biology with habitat - a modern way of life. Development scientifically - technical progress, the urbanization and globalization create the conflicts with our natural biology. Our organism possesses powerful adaptable mechanisms which are calculated on our survival of both a look, and an individual in various conditions of the environment, whether it be cold water in which it is possible to fall, or a stressful situation in our life.

However the general rule such is that adaptation to external influences demands expenses of energy resources and exhausts our viability, provoking diseases and the accelerated aging. Here it is important to notice that the age of the person healthy corresponds to age according to the passport as the state of health is defined by organism power. And the difference between our time biological and our passport age just also defines the general degree of a disease - discrepancy of a state.

Spiritual health is our thoughts and thoughts and if they do not clash among themselves and with the world - that everything is good. The mankind understood it already long ago. It is important for us that vital energy without which our organism cannot function flow into us in a condition of light pleasure and create that comfort and wellbeing.