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Whether emotions influence breath process?

Breath are not only process of saturation of blood oxygen, but also a peculiar language of interpersonal communication. Our breath very brightly illustrates our emotions - becomes spasmodic and deep when crying, speeded up and superficial at excitement. But we can operate breath and is any, making a deep sigh of chagrin or a joyful exhalation of simplification, thereby letting it is better know to our interlocutor that we feel.

And everything, of course, it is well known that the most dangerous respiratory diseases is bronchial asthma. Clinically it is shown in the attacks of asthma posing themselves the true hazard to life. At the same time symptoms represent it excessive chronic reaction to emotions. What this reaction excessive and chronic, in the basis is caused by the fact that the emotional incentive is forced out in unconscious as is unacceptable for consciousness of the person.

The medicine accumulates knowledge of the emotional nature of asthma already for a long time. Earlier asthma was considered as especially nervous disease and even “asthma nervosa“ was called. At the same time it is possible to refer to the emotional incentives causing an asthma attack nearly all sudden intensive emotions of the person - excitement, fear, jealousy, rage, etc. And here by researchers it was established that one incentive - the conflict consisting in not resolved dependence on mother is behind all these various emotions.

This dependence is the most expressed and constant line of the identity of the patient, and on her basis the most various protective mechanisms protecting consciousness of the patient from the true reasons of his illness can develop. This dependence consists in desire to be protected, surrounded with care of mother or the one who replaces it. At the same time everything that threatens separation of the person from maternal protection, can provoke an asthmatic attack.

At children the asthmatic state often begins with birth in a family of the younger child who threatens to distract on himself attention of mother. For adults the sexual temptation or the future marriage can be a provocative factor - in this case the partner is represented for such person that wall which will rise between it and his mother.

For the young girl acceptance of biological function of the woman is a turning point in her development separating the girl from mother, instead of the dependent child she already becomes the woman and mother`s competitor.

For the son dependent on mother, also the heaviest and dangerous from the point of view of developing of diseases is the puberty period, it inevitably involves the negative emotions of mother caused by usual jealousy. By scientists it was established that most of mothers of hronik are very sensitive to manifestations of physical appeal of the son and by the beginning of its sex life. They are inclined to react to them a demonstrative distance or even rejection, accurately letting know the maturing child that in his life there is only one woman - it is his mother.

The anger, irritation, disappointment of the son to the mother can also provoke asthma attack as involve the internal conflict - already adult son is broken off between emotional dependence on mother and aspiration to independence.

For this reason treatment of asthma by especially medicamentous methods does not give full treatment, and is capable only of time to remove asthma attacks. Without identification of the hidden conflict and the subsequent its neutralization it is almost impossible to restore normal functioning of respiratory organs of the person.