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What makes related the Russian revolver of the Revolver of a Sample of 1895. system and Austrian Rast - Gasser of a sample of 1898?

All! Practically twins are brothers. Design, caliber, reliability, range and accuracy of firing, usage time and even … destiny! Both were the last organic revolvers of Empires. More precisely, imperial armies. A revolver - Russian, Rast - Gasser - avstro - Hungarian.

About the Revolver system revolver obr. 1895 is written much. I am guilty too, paid a tradition tribute. And here the fine revolver of Rast - Gasser (in some sources of Rast - and - Gasser, as the original name of this model “Rast & Gasser M. 1898“), the most reliable, exact and phenomenally hardy, somehow was unfairly forgotten.

So, the last revolver taken advantage imperial avstro - the Hungarian army at the very end of the 19th century, Rast - Gasser of a sample of 1898“ called “. In its name three important details are combined: a surname of the armorer (Augustus Rast), firm - producer (“Vaffen of factories Leopold Gasser“) and year of acceptance on arms (1898).

In the design of the revolver very similar to a design of brothers the Revolver, all progressive weapon ideas of that time were embodied. As well as in the Revolver system revolver (obr. 1895), the drum at a perezaryazhaniye did not lean back sideways, and the special door sideways leaned back. At the same time the drum rose and very easily rotated just pressing a trigger that significantly accelerated weapon perezaryazhaniye time. The integral cast frame was carried out with the cut which is carrying out a role of a tselik at once. The revolver front sight shift on a trunk across and cutting of either a front sight, or the improvised “tselik“ adjusted fire. The weapon without use of the special tool understood.

Unlike many revolvers 19 of a century, at Rast`s revolver - Gasser (obr. 1898) the drummer is located not on a cock, and in a special nest on a frame. The external cock beat special “nakovalenka“ which significantly strengthens blow, but not on the boss`s cap, thereby excepting misfires to the povena of the weapon. And, the cock can strike the drummer only at completely pressed trigger. No external safety locks were required. Later half a century the similar design of “safety lock“, was applied in the Austrian guns “Glok“.

Reliability of the weapon was phenomenal: the revolver which is filled in with water or covered with dirt continued to shoot.

The only essential lack of the revolver of Rast - Gasser is almost perpendicular to the channel of a trunk the handle that significantly complicates firing offhand, without aiming. As a rule, at such firing of a bullet go above the purpose. However modern admirers of this weapon say that ability to shoot precisely from this revolver offhand - “business acquirable“. It is possible to learn.

Taktiko - specifications of the revolver of Rast - Gasser obr. 1898

the Country - the producer: Avstro - Hungary
Length: 222 mm
trunk Length: 114 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Calibre: 8 mm
drum Capacity: 8 cartridges
Initial speed of a bullet: 213 m/s.
Source: Wikipedia.

As well as in a case with the revolver “Vaffen of factories Leopold Gasser“ armed the Revolver which under the contract with the Russian Empire brothers the Revolver lost the right to deliver to other armies and at first only avstro - the Hungarian army. Officers of other armies and individuals had no right to buy this weapon officially therefore the level of “noncombat losses of the weapon“ in avstro - the Hungarian army in the first years after acceptance on arms “obr. 1898. “ it was extraordinary big. Revolvers were sold by all who though somehow had to them access.

World War I broke avstro - the Hungarian empire. But Leopold Gasser`s firm let out so much simple by then, the reliable and precisely beating revolvers that to reweapon army were not any economic feasibility. Besides, this revolver armed armies practically of all Balkan states. And here after war production of the weapon and ammunition for some time was completely restored. As well as the Revolver system revolver after civil war, after crash of the Russian Empire.

As well as the Revolver, Rast`s revolver - Gasser was widely used until the end of World War II (in Southern Europe and Italy). It was used by all who needed the reliable, exact and unpretentious weapon.

And here after World War II of their way dispersed. The Revolver system revolver until the end of 80 - x was years in the USSR the regular weapon of private security (VOHR). But in 1989 the last production line of cartridges to the revolver the Revolver in Izhevsk is closed, and the gun is replaced with more modern gun IZh - 79 (office version of the gun of Makarov under short, weaker cartridge). Rast - Gasser after World War II officially quitted the stage.

However not everything is so bad. Cartridges and spare parts to it are issued weapon firm from the Italian city of Lekko of “Giulio Fiocci“ to this day (G. F. L.) are also in permanently great demand, therefore … the old man Rast - Gasser (obr. 1898) did not die yet, in 115 years he still as is living! As, however, and the Revolver system revolver in alarm and traumatic option which is on sale now (2012) in any weapon shop of the Russian Federation.