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Why every day it is necessary to eat one toad?

do not think that it is the new Tibetan recipe of immortality or eternal youth. At all not. It is one of rules of increase in a number of hours in days for those who are in time nothing. It would not be desirable to use here the popular term “time-management“ which has office shade, and it seems what works only for corporate employees.

I will provide several instructions which help to plan the day, to manage to realize all conceived plans and ideas, and it is unimportant, it concerns your work, household chores or tourist routes on vacation.

1. Plan your day the day before before going to bed. Build mentally chronology of actions next day and put approximate time for each event. Being in a quiet state, preparing for a dream and having estimated last day and its tails, you will be able to see a picture of day in general and not to panic in the morning at refusal of an alarm clock to fulfill up to the end this day, at the first hit in a stopper or a delay in turn on cash desk of a supermarket. The full picture of plans for day will let you know where you have time stocks which will not allow to bring down a spirit for all day.

2. The tail can live only one day. the Tail is a business which you did not manage to finish yesterday. We do not use this trope to affairs which have stage-by-stage structure of realization. Allow themselves to transfer tails next day, but do not allow them to live longer than one day. Otherwise tails will collect too much to manage to close them all. For example, today did not manage to make an important call, to iron clothes or to descend on fitness. Make it next day. Already every other day this hang-up can appear at you in plans again, and two additional cases in one day - it are difficult if you have no time machine to return in last and all to be in time.

3. Keep the daily log. Use the present daily log in a beautiful cover and with wise quotes per day in which it will be pleasant to you to bring records. Or work with a digital diary on the computer or phone. The main thing - cross out what was executed, or give to tasks the new status “is ready“ on end of a task. This action by much brings additional joy from completion of work, and also shows what tails go for the next 24 hours.

4. You share the progress with relatives, friends and colleagues. your positive emotions load both you, and them on commission of the new planned feats.

5. Well, and of course, every day eat one toad. Get to yourself this rule. The toad is a business which you need to make, but there is no wish at all. Not to part at itself a temporary bog and not to drown in the list of outstanding affairs, we move away one toad a day. Both absolutely unattractive task, and just routine work can be a toad. Since morning decide what this day for you will be a toad, and you will want to finish it somewhat quicker. Thus, this work will be made the first in the list, and the subsequent will be taken with the strengthened speed.

These instructions not difficult, but are checked in practice. Following them, everyone without effort will find free time for hobbies and a hobby.