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8 Marta. What to present? Useful tips of

holiday History as International Women`s Day arose on March 8 relatively recently, in the middle of the nineteenth century. The foundation of its celebration was laid by Klara Tsetkin, one of participants of March demonstration of 1857 in New - York. Such demonstrations were carried out to protection of women, working conditions and payment, not having in those days equal with men.

Therefore initially March 8 was Day of fight for the rights of women around the world. Though there is also other assumption that Klara Tsetkin designated this date absolutely in other occasion - being a Jew on the birth, she decided to date this holiday for one of holidays of the people - to Purim.

This holiday has roots far in the past. There is a legend which says that the queen Esfir tempted the tsar Kserks and forced it to make the indestructible promise. Then the Jewish people won against Persians, thanks to beauty and ingenuity of the queen. From here Purim`s celebration, day of the Jewish women began.

There passed time, historians can argue as much as necessary, main - that women love and celebrate this holiday. This fine day all men congratulate and idolize the wives, darlings, daughters, girlfriends and mothers.

On this holiday all for them - darlings and beloveds! The sun behind a window, the first spring flowers, such fragile and touching, gifts, congratulations, happy smiles - and that, special gloss of eyes of happy women. Probably, there is no which would not love on March 8, this day lovely ladies receive all that they deserve from the men surrounding them - compliments, attention, care and, of course, love!

How to choose a gift for March 8? What to present to the grandmother, mother, the wife and the fellow worker? What to surprise women dear to heart with? So, several councils to you, dear men!

Fight of women for their rights was crowned with success. On an equal basis with men they work in many branches and often are your fellow workers. If the lady spends the most part of time at the computer, present it some original mouse or a rug. The original holder for papers or a beautiful photoframe will become a good gift on a desktop. Add the choice with a small bouquet of the first spring flowers and a nice card! Yes, also do not forget about sweet - all women love candies and chocolate. The plant in a pot can make alternative to quickly withering flowers. Here you will see, the grateful smile in response to a gift and the help with the difficult report is provided to you!

The female part of collective was satisfied, now it is a high time to think of a gift for the dearest and loved one, for mother. The gift for it has to be special - to carry in itself all love, caress and awe which you to it test. Treat the choice of a gift heavy responsibility and attention, think that she wanted it? What does she love? Present successfully picked up gift festive mood.

Perhaps, your mother is crazy about literature? In that case consult to the seller of bookstore and pick up it the interesting book. Mother loves classical music? Fill up its collection with a new disk. Present it a disk with the good melodrama with the happy end. And the most important, on March 8 - an excellent occasion to visit her. Do not forget about flowers and about a favourite cake. Surely tell how you love it! For it it is the most important gift!

Now we approached a gift for the favourite soulmate, it has to be thought over and grandiose! Present to the woman fireworks positive emotion y, get an asterisk from the sky and put the whole world to her legs - she deserves it. You want to please the darling? Arrange it day off from daily duties, reduce in restaurant or organize romantic evening by candlelight in a house situation!

Some gold gift, for example a new ringlet, a pendent or a chain will become alternative or addition to a festive dinner. And surely flowers - a huge bouquet of favourite roses or tulips! Invite her at cinema or to a concert. Order the favourite song on radio station to which she listens. Be the most attentive, the most gentle and the most loving. Believe, after such International Women`s Day your soulmate will be filled with a positive for a long time and will not be in debt!

If you were lucky, and, except queens, you have still a little father`s princess, do not forget that she also needs attention and care and, of course, as well as all women, just adores gifts! To choose something for the child will not make huge work! Here the main thing - age of the daughter and her flavoring addictions. So, for the girl - a dokolnitsa the new set of a posudka or the beauty - a doll will become an excellent gift for March 8, and the daughter - the teenager will appreciate the first own cosmetics, now she should not organize attacks on a mother`s cosmetics bag!

It seems, all this, dear men! Leaning on a little advice and the intuition, you by all means buy the dear women the correct gifts and this day turn them the attention, love and care into the real queens!