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Beauty and our addictions. What do we pay for small sins in?

It is known that among people it is impossible to find the ideal and innocent person. Really, all of us notice for ourselves let small, but nevertheless sins which lead to withering of our natural beauty. What do we pay for our addictions in and whether it is possible to change something in our life? So, what habits it is the best of all to eradicate from the life to look for all hundred percent?

One of our main troubles in everyday life is the nibble of agnails. As often in the childhood we were said by our mothers that to gnaw nails and agnails very badly. Many of us grew up, but all the same continue to do it. Biting off agnails, we thereby damage a gentle layer of skin about a nail plate that can lead to frequent inflammations and reddenings on fingers. To overcome in itself this awful habit it is necessary to grease fingers with cream from time to time or to moisten gentle skin around a nail in other ways. It is so possible to disaccustom itself constantly to bite off agnails, and also to nourish skin of hands that will make it softer and gentle. If such method does not bring the necessary results, it is possible to try to apply special bitter means for fight against a habit to gnaw nails on nails.

Many women are in continuous search of and own image that leads to frequent repaint of hair. Of course, all of us sometimes want to look in a different way therefore we choose colors, unusual for us, to recolour hair. But, frequent change of color can lead to the fact that hair will be completely injured dry and fragile. The most dangerous and difficult for health of our hair is clarification procedure. If all of you decided to change cardinally the dark color for the platinum blonde, then it is necessary to do it gradually, but not for once that hair could adapt to chemical means at least a little. After coloring it is necessary to use nutritious masks and conditioners.

As it is frequent, having come from a party home, we do not want to wash away the make-up, and since morning under eyes we see black circles from ink which remind us of cheerful night. Makeup removal is very unhealthy our skin as parts of ink, for example, can provoke conjunctivitis, and powder or blush to lead to a blockage of a time that will not allow skin to breathe. As a result, skin at once to inflame. So quickly to wash away a make-up, it is possible to use packing of simple wet towel wipes.

Many of us, having seen the grown hair on skin, at once try to extend it by means of tweezers. It cannot be done categorically as you can bring dirt in a follicle that will become the reason of emergence of purulent rashes. Of course, very few people want that legs and a zone of bikini became covered by small heat-spots therefore it is worth refusing this addiction. Much better, after shaving to apply on skin gel with the peeling particles.

Well and the last addiction which is considered the constant leader among most of people irrespective of gender and age, is an expression of spots. Such procedure will lead to the fact that the spot can inflame and not pass a long time. Besides, near it still spots can jump out that, respectively, it is not really good to be reflected in your appearance. It is much better to allow to an inflammation to pass independently or to use salicylic acid.

Remember that our beauty completely depends on our habits therefore it is worth eradicating completely all those small sins which do not allow us to look just fantastically every day.