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Housing in Greece. Would you like to live always in the resort?

Many residents of our country dream of own housing abroad. Certainly, there are many countries where the sea, the sun and eternal summer. But today we will talk about real estate in Greece.

A little history

On a legend Greece was the country where gods had a rest. And there is no wonder, this country really heavenly spot. A large number of myths and legends and therefore it is considered to be that all myths were born in this country is connected with Greece.

The mythology of Ancient Greece exerted very great influence on development of the whole world, and laid the foundation to a set of ideas of heroes and gods. Greece the amazing country in which and today Zeus and Heracles`s hidden presence, Atlases and Akhill, and also other mythical heroes and gods is felt.

But let`s return presently, and we will consider this country as the place in which we would like to live. There warm sun and tender sea, and not one, but whole four. In Greece very soft climate, in January air temperature + 10 degrees, and begin to bathe in the middle of May here and finish in the middle of October. Picturesque mountains with ski resorts, in the territory of Greece mountains occupy about 80% of the territory. And if in coastal areas temperature sticks to 10 degrees on a mark in the winter, then snow lies in mountains.

Investors consider Greece as the favorable platform for investment of capital. They, without reflecting, make investments in purchase of real estate in this country, and with pleasure buy apartments, and cozy bungalows on the seashore. Some get even country houses to lease them.

Advantages of purchase of real estate

In Greece procedure of purchase of land inexpensive and quite simple. This country cheaper in comparison with other countries in the market of real estate. Small taxes on the maintenance of property, and inexpensive utilities, play an important role in decision-making in favor of Greece too.

Greeks very friendly people, are few crime here, there is no protection even in branches of the bank. Attractive percent of the credit for real estate. An inexpensive standard of living and that else has important value, Greeks the people orthodox, and many understand and even speak Russian.

And even in spite of the fact that today in Greece there are disorders, it does not prevent citizens to acquire from the CIS countries housing there. Some even see certain pluses that the situation in the country is unstable. There sharply fell real estate price.

So if you think of acquisition of real estate abroad, then pay attention to Greece. Having property in this country, you will always live in the resort.