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The computer since the first years? The present, children, electronics

At what age you had first phone? And laptop? For some three decades the world changed so that modern children begin “to acquire“ electronics since the earliest childhood! What and what for? we Will try to consider it in a blitz - the review.

We will stop on the devices useful first of all to children with whom they interact, and then already parents. They are intended for development / entertainment and control, safety.

The training (developing) computers belong to the first type of devices.

They are intended for development:

logic and imagination;
mathematical and musical skills;
memory trainings. Such computer will help

with studying of letters, figures, arithmetics bases, definition of time on hours. Usually several levels of complexity of each training program are provided in them.

They are designed for children aged from three to eight - ten years.

The training computers of firms “Ekspert“, “Lexibook“, “Fisher Price“, “Startright“, “VTech“ are presented at the market of the CIS countries though and not to count all.

The price of them is rather low - fluctuates ranging from 30 to 200 dollars.

Game consoles (video game consoles) is what succeeded “tetris“ with the monochrome display.

They carry out rather entertaining function, but everything depends on game - in some it is necessary to solve the elementary arithmetic examples or to connect logical thinking. However, whatever one may do, these devices are intended for entertainment.

And again: modifications of prefixes and their cost is limited only to a flight of fancy of developers.

Except all the known PSP and Game Boy, the child can get also Genius, DEFENDER or a child of tireless Chinese of GPSP which combines both support of a set of formats of games, and low cost.

Interesting thingummies, these children`s computers and prefixes. But also they - an iron heap without customized applications in which that interactivity and game approach to training which so carries away children is realized. “To study“ and “play“ - absolutely different things!

Examples of such appendices weight. Many of them are calculated on use in operating systems of Windows family, some other work in other OS. However in the last an increasing number of applications for mobile devices on the basis of Android OS - tablet computers, smartphones appears.

One of examples - the “About Edible and So Forth“ appendix. With its help the child in a game form studies the name and purpose of pieces of kitchen utensils, understands what actions with them are possible in real life, play the developing games.

I speak about programs separately because unlike specialized devices - prefixes and children`s computers, they can work at any personal computer or the tablet / smartphone. If only the operating system approached.

To the second type of devices - control, safety - belongs of GPS - trackers , children`s mobile phones and of the device “two in one“ .

Trackers - devices not new. If many get them to trace location of a pet or the car, then why not to use it for control of where the child went on a spree. And if the fidget, one never knows, is lost, it is possible to find him in every spot on the globe.

Children`s mobile phones differ from adults in appearance and functionality.

For the smallest on phone only several buttons are located - the first calls mother, the second - the father, the third - the grandmother and so on. As a rule, in them there are options of a ban of the entering calls from all numbers, except resolved, that is certain relatives.

Phones are often similar to a toy - a bear, a doggie, a cat, but have quite strong case.

Phones for children are more senior look toy, but already have a habitual set of multimedia functions and the small display (Firefly glowPhone, BB - mobile Dog). Children`s Samsung Tobi S3030 with a big screen concedes nothing to some tubes for adults according to characteristics, but appearance gives him away. In them parents can also adjust a number of restrictions.

Devices “two in one“ - symbiosis of phone and GPS - a tracker. These devices do not need comments. I will tell only that the built-in GPS - not only simple phones for the smallest as can have a tracker in themselves, for example, BB - mobile Baby Bear or GL - TR1 - mini, but also full-function children`s mobile phones.

And is farther what? Computers designers will replace, a mosaic, plasticine, puzzles, drawing and rhymes by heart? Never!

Do not forget that work with the tablet, game with the computer though as much as developing, does not promote fully development of small motility, spatial imagination and thinking of your child.

Dear parents, buying the child computers and mobile phones, do not forget about importance of the old checked “razvivalok“, personal training and communication. No interactive and fascinating programs will be able to replace to children parental care and attention.