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How we treat society?

accept Society and absorbs the newborn human being from his first sigh, practically does not release all life, as a rule sends to a final journey and keeps some time about it memory. The sophisticated system of our society provides literally everything, otherwise the person would not be a person, and mankind - by itself. We do not exist irrespective of society, were successful nobody attempts to adjust “paradise in a tent“ never (we will remember Anna Karenina), and even Robinson Crusoe to survive as human unit, used not only things from the sunk ship, and and all experience of a civilization which developed vaguely long.
Society for us, in a word, - Wednesday in which we not only have to turn constantly, and and without which we cannot present ourselves. As we cannot present the personality without physical body, day without night, terrestrial tverd without the sky and the sun. The human community gives to drink to us, feeds, brings up, protects, treats, creates sincere and spiritual habitat from which we scoop emotions where we live as a mental form. About the lack of talent, talent, we learn about the decency and immorality through an assessment us society. No human achievement and an act have the price in itself, but only - as shown, reflected in difficult laws under which there lives society. We are measured by its measures.
Society delivers to the person physical and spiritual food, is his defender from encroachments of the wild nature, without it the person is leveled to the animal environment - and nevertheless with it, the continuous conflicts and misunderstanding happen society, at us. And by close examination he is our most severe tyrant.
Is valid if to reject happiness to live and be a person which gives us accommodation in civilized human community if to remember that we not only did not ask on this world and the more so did not show desire to be born and be a person, - that will become obvious the following. Since the childhood us, at full scale all people around figuratively speaking harness. We are tyrannized by the closest people - parents - since the first moments. The baby becomes completely dependent on adults who, using his helplessness, adjust all manipulations with his little body. Swaddle, wash, move, kolykhat, feed and give to drink. All this, of course, is fine. But who asked the baby - he would like to be conceived and to be born on light whether wanted to take down inevitable sufferings human, which countless multitudes? He asks to eat and drink? Requires attention? Yes. But it is not guilty of it at all. As well as in what on the first time, being brought up (it is more often till 21 year), cannot support itself …. And years to seven - it is not capable to serve itself, even living all found. It cannot train itself(himself) in sciences, crafts, various rules of human community which will undoubtedly facilitate its stay in this world from the birth to death.
I here, using that the little man can do nothing, it categorically gets under the power senior, cleverer and strong. It is dragged on a pot whereas it is more convenient to it to recover directly in trousers. He is fed not with that and not then as he wants. Order to go to bed when he wants to run, carry and bear on the yard besides his desires. Shame, punish (here where the original sin is clearly expressed!) . And also not always guess elementary requirements of its organism. And the kid has to suffer all this. He shouts, shouts exactingly, often and loudly. It is the first signal that not so happily is to the person on the guilty earth that at all not for happiness he is born. The kid only for a short time when it is fed, correctly laid, dressed, consoled in toys calms down, and it is the best of all - when falls asleep. But awakening is inevitable, as well as all complex of problems that with it arise: hunger, cold, inconvenience of a pose, the irritating influence of light, inept hands looking after which cause it discomfort.
in the context of laws of life nothing bad occurs: constant feeling of discomfort - its property. Life deliberately creates any “baddies“ that the person tried to overcome them and consequently, to live. But from that it is not easier for the person. And not always painful hunger comes true a nourishing lunch, and tortures of one-way love - short satisfaction of that passion. The nourishing lunch can cause belly-ache, allergic rash, and mastering the sexual partner - a number of problems, main of which - psychological and physical dependence on the beloved, as from drug. Disposal of drug that in love - the thing almost inevitable, conducts to unpredictable consequences.
But we will return to kids to whom meanwhile not to love. The body and the will they, poor fellows, practically do not dispose. When as well as how many - everything is solved by parents, grandmothers - grandfathers, tutors in a day nursery. Here we observe the continuous conflict of the person with environment. And he still properly does not own the body, for it a body meanwhile a walking stress!
B awful - obvious or hidden - the conflict with the undeveloped body, with the nature full of pathogenic microbes, with parents and various tutors, and also with children`s collective where the kid inevitably enters, - passes his childhood. And the most surprising that till certain time of people does not feel tragic element of the situation. Running forward, say, that there are units of lucky persons (not idiots) that with light soul live up to an old age and sincerely thank life for everything that happened to them on the long way. It in life it was good. They did not learn its nodal conflict. These units actually just did not realize themselves as the personality, so, lived life for nothing. They died in soul of the baby.
Parents care and love the descendant. However quite often their love - tyranny and egoism, compensation of psychological complexes through the kid. And the care can be so tiresome that, having sensibly looked back to the childhood, many of us will hardly want to endure it again.
the Most cruel waits for the child at school in comparison with which a house mushtra and roughness of kindergarten teachers - just florets. It is good if the child is by nature strong, sharp-witted, moderately beautiful and, the main thing, it is sociable, that is has ability to form the coalitions and by that to avoid the main loading in collective. However, by close examination this avoiding is carried out exactly in that measure in which “nabeganiye“ of this load of all derelicts and turncoats is carried out: rather stupid, sickly and sick, ugly, simple, slow. Here the fundamental law of the nature works: if somewhere it is very good, then nearby or nearby - it is painful. Three boys - a class major perfectly feel. Three blunderers - suffer in the same degree. To middling persons - as will carry as the card will lay down in concrete day, month and year. The mankind opened long ago that severity of life can be avoided not in the absolute but only at the expense of others (neighbors, schoolmates, colleagues …) Therefore, spontaneously grouped in communities, human units begin fight for positive emotions. At school it is revealed most brightly and indicative. It is better for excellent students, than poor students. It is better for athletes, than weaklings. To beauties is cozier than to ugly creatures. However, excellent students have a tiresome fear to lose positions. The same is at guys - leaders. At cute little girls, as a rule, there are a lot of hostile “friends“.
the School trains us not so much in sciences, how many skills of coexistence in human community. And these skills are so smart that not to everyone on a shoulder. Here the special talent of skill to communicate is required. Owning this talent, even without having remarkable abilities to something to the rest, will make most often success in adulthood.
Adulthood begins at the person, however, at school, in the last classes when the period of puberty comes to the end and the personality entirely realizes - with all sharpness and awe - the fact that the mankind is accurately divided into two half. These half are sharply not similar at each other, so, that between them there is a powerful “electric“ potential. To start sexual current, one sparkle suffices. The teenager experiences all inconveniences and all conveniences of this potential between opposite “poles“ of mankind. From this point it is forced to build the relations with people around taking into account the powerful force of an attraction to an opposite sex and a certain pushing away between same-sex. And also taking into account what advantages and abilities it has as the man - a male or (it) is a woman - a female. The subject of sexual love is so important and difficult that later we will give it the special section. In other sections we will concern it it is whenever possible squeezed.
So, the person enters adulthood where already jokes will not be where the price to the marks which are put down to it by society is much more significant than estimates in its school diary. For “poorly“ at most that can be received, is to try a fatherly belt. The price of mistakes of adults, happens, - life.
Experience shows that the leaders shown in school classes generally those remain in adult community. And here all the same, in what specifically they will prove - the main thing that everywhere they will begin to seek for leadership, management and dominion. Money will be their it is clear, main objective, the possession of which provides possession of much. Money is the hidden power. And leaders, by and large, need only it. The power is an opportunity to stand on a scale of ranks above the others, to submit minimum and to subordinate as much as possible. (Though actually maximum power is maximum unfreedom. About it there will be a certain head too.)
Ordinary-looking and sickly school students lacking initiative, as a rule, do not try to obtain success in adulthood. Having matured, they usually keep the inactivity and slackness which are inherited qualities and which it is almost impossible to get rid from. Let`s make a reservation that exceptions of the general rule really happen most often to the people ground by the nature under art creativity. World history knows some cases when ordinary-looking as if a bag the hit young man grew up in the outstanding artist. But such exception all - does not contradict the theory of an invariance of human psychotype as art if aims at receiving the power, then this power has spiritual character. If it coincides with material (monetary), then here, as a rule, there is a luck element: everything depends on whether the artist fart caught.
At the same time should recognize that at all not all school leaders reach high positions in adulthood. It occurs because often school leadership is kneaded only on physical domination over schoolmates, on aggression, early sexuality. Adulthood, though very appreciates the listed qualities, all - demands still any endowments, talent though in something creative. And the school leader quite often is dull in everything, except thirst to operate and dominate. It, happens, it appears for success too little, and the person, noticeable, bright among schoolmates, becomes zero in the civilized adult world. To endure it to similar subjects it is difficult. Therefore they, sometimes, slide on the inclined plane: to the criminal world, in alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty.
helps to Climb a social ladder fairly lie. It literally penetrated human relations. To lie we are trained nearly from infantile age and we carry by this art, improving, till the end. To us the fact that people think of us, than the one whom we are actually is far more important. For the truth, as a rule, beat, and it is very sick. Straightforward persons are not capable not only to achieve the highest steps of society, and it is frequent and elementary to survive being not able.
Success - here the motto of civilized mankind as successful will use all benefits of a civilization. Unsuccessful - to rummage in a garbage can. Therefore to strive for success means - to fight for the better lot, for a place in the sun, at the expense of fellows is as clear as a day. There is fierce competition, since kindergarten when the strong impudent boy takes away from you a toy, and you only sob and are wiped by snivels. The caught by the teacher, your offender with sincere eyes will swear that you gave him that toy. It is capable to a survival in society. You - are not present. Some should cry tens of times with offense in a life extent, being surprised that the best friend deceived you before realizing common truth: in a social copper lie - very important, useful at all not vicious thing.
achieve Success in adulthood, as a rule, those who absorbed with mother`s milk: all spheres of human activity - only fight forms for existence, and in this fight all means are suitable; it is not necessary to take a strong liking to one business but only to pretend that you work selflessly. The high head, the chief most often - the bad expert in the area, but - the excellent organizer of “clever brains“ which gray horses drag a production strap. They believe in the business and love it. He - loves the power and money, and also all benefits them brought. Also do not think what to direct very easily. On senior positions the most dexterous make the way. From here - an official class. Well both various code-bound criminals and prison kingpins. Because any human community, there is it even in prison, demands the rigid management. And the successful head - not the one who cares for business, and the one who considers case (the production sphere) as a way of keeping of the personal chair, the position.
For the head, the politician, the official - for all this high-ranking “parting“ lie is the most dear friend. As without it you will not reconcile and you will not calm these exacting tens, hundreds, thousands or millions that under your management.
For the same who was not trained in science to lie, flatter, play the hypocrite, to go on compromises, it is simple to use cunning - in society it will be absolutely nasty. They will never become managers of departments, trainers of the national teams, heads of concerns, even small businessmen; they will not get the state awards … In any case! They will be changed by the beloved with the close friend, and own children - not to respect, not to love. Because various cuckolds, blunderers and, especially, poor people - are not loved, not respected. The social thought will always give secret (valid, but not front) advantage to the lover before the deceived husband, the courtesan before mother having many children.
Lie closely cooperates in society with powerful motive force - sexuality. In a tandem it is invincible things. The leading actresses - all entirely or mistresses of the chief director, or in youth made the way to leading roles in the bed way. Such way is perceived by social thought as due long ago, actresses and directors are not condemned. Society is extremely tolerant to weaknesses human, otherwise tomorrow the stone will depart to the most condemning.
Well and as reverse of the medal: the people who are persistently not submitting to science of a public survival inevitably appear on its roadsides. Poverty, diseases, absence of friends, lonely old age, death without commemoration - here their destiny. In “ideal“ as the most extreme case, their life breaks tragicly: suicide, early death, a pummeling stones, a crucifixion on a cross compatriots. It is symbolical that Jews pardoned Barabbas, but not Christ. As the Truth for people is more terrible than robbery.
our civilized world so filled out the terms “competition“, “success“ that they necessarily become as if torn off from an essence of things. Often, having a rest from a pursuit of the various benefits, to harmlessly ask itself a question and what, as a matter of fact, the sense of this vseobjemlyu consists inRussian cabbage soup of competitive fight? By close examination its sense lies in far primitiveness, its roots there. Simply speaking, the competition and success in various communities are necessary to mankind, on the one hand, as a driving force, as an ideological tsivilizator, and on the other hand, to the certain person - as a constant, inescapable reminder about a possibility of sufferings of hunger, that is sublimation of an instinct of self-preservation. It now, at any institutes of social protection, theoretically allow to starve to nobody to death. To disabled people, old, mentally the patient - pensions. The unemployed - the monetary help and creation of some prospect to find work.
However still quite recently it was not even in civilized Europe. Old, patients were sponsored by sons and grandsons, and their destiny the state, by and large, did not concern. It is clear therefore that there was a literal sense to give birth to many children, suitably to bring up them that in old age not to go with a feed bag. In a word, the competition and success in the history of mankind were not simply a whim and satisfaction of vain ambitions as takes place now, and real defenders, or at least safety locks, from mean starvation. The civilized present transferred competitive fight to the category of fight for quality of life. The rich eat better (though is in three throats - you will be crushed), the rich can easily move on the planet (the raised freedom degree), the rich are respected by people around and young, beautiful, nogasty and busty women love.
Than is essentially aspiration to grow rich? It, spending approximately as much calories for work, as well as at poverty, to receive much, it is several orders more than money, so, to simply deceive fellows, compatriots, cohabitants on the planet Earth. Or, if you want, to enter system of distribution of a public product with the scoop and to get more and more densely. The cumulative product on the planet did not become any more (figuratively: grew approximately as much wheat, as before), just you contrived to bite off a piece more with pleasure, than your fellow. And therefore the fellow continues to eat sourcrout with fat and black bread, to love the aging wife and to be at war with blockheads - successors, and you go to the exotic resort with the new white-skinned wife, previously having thrown old zavyadshy and having provided financially it and children. Here essence and incentive of enrichment. Once again we will note
that from the point of view of material development of humanity the morals any side do not creep therefore we are not authorized to give moral estimates to social relationship. And simply we generalize, selecting basic laws socially - psychological coexistence in communities.
the Modern European and North American person is so tied, confused on hands and legs by system of the social relations, various duties and psychological dependences that practically loses the personality, becomes automatic machine. Track usual day of the thirty-year-old family person doing career. Day loads it from rise and to a release: a hasty breakfast, an otvozk - a layer of children in school or a garden, punching through traffic jams to the place of work where it is necessary to take down petty tyranny of the chief, nervous calls after a lunch home (as children there?) prompt yazvoobrazuyushchy having a snack, further - to rush by car home, to take away children and to take away on various sections; late evening - check of lessons, the last cigarette … even in a bed of people does not happen one, and is obliged to the wife or the husband by departure of intimate requirement. and a dream often - dreadful. Awakening guarantees new untwisting in a mad wheel of life.
of Such stress do not maintain many. And nobody is surprised now that the father who lost prestigious work jumps out from a balcony - as knows: present wives do not need losers, and to children - such parents. Also you are not surprised when the head of successful dramatic theater or publishing house appears in actual fact the zapoyny drunkard - because only this way, having deeply washed down for a week, he can relax and stay by itself, to become rather free from networks socially - the family relations, to argue over life - life.
Oh, not without reason mankind invented alcohol. Animal it at all without need, their brain does not fuse from a stress. And it is useful for numerous fighters against alcoholic dependence of people around to think what would become with mankind, have no opportunity the separate “fused“ individuals to heat the dissatisfaction in wine. Wars, crimes and all horrors would probably not become less.