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When negotiations in private life are possible? Whether Everything the requirements the man can satisfy

with one woman? Whether the truth that the woman is ready to satisfy all the requirements with one man? It is rather not, than yes.

Happen, of course, ideal coincidence: “He does not want sex, and and it is not necessary to it“. But to live together and not to have regularly “a bit on the side“, it is necessary about our requirements to agree. You will not give to the partner that it is necessary to him - it will be done by other person.

the First

Should be understood whether is at partners, for example, of the husband and the wife, in general desire to agree. Happens so that people live not really well, a lot of things in each other are not pleasant to them, but if they begin to agree, then will very quickly quarrel and will run up. Some level of civilization in communication and permission of conflict situations is necessary for negotiations on the relations.

From there is a simple principle: when something works, it should not be repaired. If works badly, then it is often it is all the same best of all, than at all nothing. Therefore partners understand or feel that it is better not to sort out the relations, and that will not be any relations, are not ready to negotiations yet.

the Second

Negotiations become possible

when people:

1. Understand their need.
2. Are ready to agree.
3. Know how to do it.
4. Want to be together.

the Third

Who has to be the initiator of negotiations? The one for whom it is necessary more. It is logical.

If I, for example, want to eat, then it is my requirement for which satisfaction I am responsible. I can organize, I can ask someone (the wife, mother), I can descend in restaurant. But it is necessary to me - the initiator I.

What is logical, not always correctly. For example, the wife has many requirements which are not satisfied, but she knows that if is an initiator of negotiations, then can break, begin to remember all troubles since the beginning of acquaintance to transfer discussion to usual abuse. In this case it is correct to address the husband, to designate the desire to agree and ask it to begin conversation. Why not?

the Fourth

Strangely enough, the requirements to call not so simple. Often on a question: “What do you want?“, the intelligible answer does not follow. Therefore, at least for himself, it is important to formulate the requirement precisely.

the Fifth

is important to inform

of accurate information of the requirement the partner. The fact that it seems to you simple clear and natural, to other person can be absolutely unclear.

For example, the man it can be unclear why him “to torment“ in shop of women`s shoes the whole hour. He does not understand that the wife not just “meditates“ on new boots, she is busy with important and difficult process, mental search of all the clothes and its combination with these boots. Process is slow. But so it is necessary to it. How to inform of it the husband? the Sixth


time. Nothing the friend will turn out to inform the friend if on it there is not enough time. Nobody should not hurry anywhere, it is hardly necessary to talk “on the run“. It is better to allocate necessary time in advance, to agree that hour or two will be negotiations.

the Seventh

Negotiations in the personal relations differ in

from business negotiations - the atmosphere of their carrying out. She has to be warm, sincere, even in the difficult relations it is better to agree with love and pleasure. If there are no these feelings, then why in general to agree?