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Successful and positively conceiving! Shark?

Having included Zhivotny Mir TV channel and having seen a razinuty mouth of the powerful beauty - sharks, I remember one of my friends Adele at once. This association with constancy of mania pursues me already several years.

Adele, the memorable brunette, possesses long legs with thin thoroughbred ankles. My breed had a rest here.

The faultless face form and a chocolate fascinating look with male quick mind do not leave chances of success to other fellow tribeswomen.

Besides, Adele is hardworking and extremely enterprising.

It, as well as I, was interested in psychology and before all of us got acquainted with book novelties, like “The rich father - the poor father“, and skillfully realized positive thinking.

And, seemingly, these seeds fell to the paved way. In the past the faultless and accurate performer, washing subordinated grew in the modern manager capable from scratch to organize large-scale business.

It was envied, and not all white envy.

But Adele a lightning blow below the belt always advanced even a hint by danger. Now it unites the strongest female and male qualities. Such I did not know it earlier.

But the strongest, alas, not always the best for people around. However, she, by councils of modern psychologists, was a little concerned by opinion of “losers“.

She accurately built up the rational relationship and instantly interrupted them when they stopped being those.

DA, U IT was to WHAT to LEARN!

Our vital sinusoids long were not crossed, but, a decade later, suddenly crossed on its initiative. Then I did not assume yet that it will coincide for me with a vital change.

I still perceived it as the lovely, nice and painful younger colleague. It had scrapes in career, it began new business. It, probably, extremely needed my knowledge, my communications and acquaintances. And therefore Adele came to me.

It is necessary to pay it tribute: she remarkably played a role of a poor lamb that moment, having much enjoyed my nostalgic mood. But the example of the girlfriend helped me to get rid of official catalepsy and to make the decision which abruptly changed my life.

I at last gave up the reliable, but already bothered work and went in for favourite cosmetology. And at the same time began working off of own system on improvement and rejuvenation. (Read about Cleopatra in my blog).

By the way, the second inevitably follows from the first. The hatkha - yoga, and the second became the first point of this system (you will not guess for anything!) - divorce with the husband.

And then, probably, thanks to the opened modest siddkha, I, it is unexpected for itself, began to write.

All this alienated me from friends. But at distance vague circumstances get the clearness and completeness.

So, life, having included the centrifugal force and having temporarily separated me from people, entrusted a role of the detached onlooker.

My naivety was limited to a spontaneity, and straightforwardness reared much less often.

Once, having re-read favourite Balzac, I unexpectedly was fond of his hobby and plunged into the physiognomic analysis of faces of my loved ones. And even wrote, on this subject article.

Adel the opus was not pleasant. And my subconsciousness, probably, remembered reaction, continuing to seek sources independently.

Only in half a year the inspiration came: the lower part of the person at Adele spark! Wide jaws gave brightly developed hvatatelny reflex. Hypnotized by her cat`s look, I did not turn before attention to a big greedy mouth and powerful jaws.

My God and I in article pictured its lines, without suspecting at all that my friend approaches under the description! How it liked be pleasant?

You think I Adele ceased to admire after these opening?

At all. I was never attracted sanctimonious - the correct, fresh and boring people.

Besides life taught if the person is interesting, to accept him with all features and shortcomings.

… All on the same channel told that sharks therefore are so strong and cruel that they farthest see, best of all hear and expect any actions of the victims. Than to you not the hero of the best-seller!

And, of course, the shark is never tormented by conscience concerning less quick swimmers eaten by it in the ocean of life.