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How to grow up good seedling of tomatoes in house conditions?

That tomatoes grew strong, hardy, did not hurt and yielded a plentiful harvest it is necessary that also the seedling was high quality. For the solution of this task first of all, even in the fall, I prepare necessary amount of soil for seedling at the rate of 0,5 l on one plant.

Good predecessors for tomatoes are carrot, onions and cucumbers. Therefore I gather the earth from the kitchen garden, from those beds where these cultures grew. In addition to the garden earth I reserve some more buckets of the peat gathered in a lesochka near my seasonal dacha. I add a thin top layer of the forest earth, the old thrown ant hills, the rerotting dust from old birch stubs to peat.

I scatter everything prepared on one bucket in a bag that then it was not really heavy to bring home, I mark bags - where the earth and where peat, and I take away on storage in cold garage. There the earth and peat are well exposed to frost and by that are exempted from many wreckers.

In March - April I transport the prepared garden earth and peat from garage home. By this time in the afternoon on a loggia already warmly, and all works with seedling I take there. The garden earth and peat carefully I mix in a proportion three - four to one.

I do not add any mineral fertilizers because it is quite enough humus brought in due time on a kitchen garden for normal food of seedling. Disinfecting solutions (potassium permanganate, etc.) soil I do not do either calcinating, or the passage. If earthworms come across, then just I shift them in big containers with seedling of a castor-bean tree where they will not do any harm and together with a castor-bean tree will return in the summer to a kitchen garden.

For cultivation of seedling I use various half liter cardboard and plastic glasses (from - under cream, sour cream, etc.) . On everyone surely I paste a transparent adhesive tape of a tag with the indication of a grade of tomato. In opaque capacities in bottoms I make two openings, and in transparent it is not required because and it is so well visible how many water it is required for watering. I stack well mixed and moistened soil in glasses, and I fill them only half.

Time of crops of seedling for different regions differs from February to April and depends on a set of factors - time of disembarkation of ready seedling for the constant place, composition of rassadny soil, quality of seeds, degree of illumination of the room, etc. Therefore to determine the optimum term of crops, for the first time it is necessary to sow tomatoes on seedling in two - three receptions, with a time interval approximately in a week. In what case the seedling turns out the most qualitative - it is time of crops and to take as a basis further.

The seeds of tomatoes prepared independently at me high quality, therefore any preseeding processing (a protravlivaniye, a prorashchivaniye, etc.) I do not do. I sow dry seeds on 3 pieces (from - for the competition grow in a small group of a plant more intensively) in the center of each glass on depth of 1 - 1,5 cm. After crops carefully I water the soil from a special small watering can.

I place glasses with the seeded seedling in the apartment. Days through five the first eyelets of the arising sprouts appear. After mass emergence of shoots I transfer seedling to a loggia. After sprouts are straightened and will a little get stronger, I hill them the soil at once, and to the most cotyledonous leaflets.

After an earthing up I water plants, I direct a water stream only on glass perimeter, not under seedling small stalks at all. After a while after watering surely I loosen the soil. As a result the place of contact of a small stalk of a sprout and the soil remains dry, and moisture to backs arrives from below from sides. Such easy way I practically absolutely get rid of defeat of plants an unpleasant illness - a black leg! Always I use water for watering only warm (room temperature) and otstoyanny not less days.

When shoots will a little grow up, I thin out them. And I do not pull out, and superfluous accurately I cut off at the roots scissors, leaving in a glass on one strongest and healthy plant. The seedling settles down on a loggia constantly, only in case of approach very much extreme cold snaps, I bring it for the night to the apartment. In process of growth of plants gradually I pour soil in glasses while they are not filled to the brim. At the same time I do not forget to water, hill and loosen young pomidorka.

It is quite enough sun on a loggia (windows come to the South), and tomatoes quickly grow, become strong, thickset and are practically ill nothing. When at a bright sun on a loggia it becomes excessive hot, I open windows not to break a favorable microclimate for plants. And freely tomato seedling to me on pleasure to the second half of May - before disembarkation in an open ground already directly on a country ogorodik grows to itself. There for it since fall beds are prepared. And from spring frosts, from strong winds and from the burning May sun for plants special shelters are prepared.

You will not manage to look back as there will come the summer! And then - only provide to tomatoes due attention and leaving, and they by all means will please with a plentiful harvest of healthy, amazingly beautiful and very tasty fruits in due time!