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Tea or toilet?

Somehow traveled we all family by rail. Almost for days the train “Samara - Anapa“ became our haven. Clean such, brand new … Also the youth crew served it.
On the car in ideally pure and ironed form continually went young guys and girls. With such advantage as if we not by train eat, and we fly on the silvery liner. Activity developed rough: constantly offered soft drinks, sweets, chips and other pleasures for a stomach; carried the press; took orders for tea and coffee. And how many times during our trip floors were washed up, I in general lost count. Even organized the express - poll among passengers that those told about the impressions of a trip with their crew. And there was a wish to tell: “There are good fellows! To learn from them how qualitatively to serve passengers, to sovok conductors“.
Surrounded with keenness and attention, we really derived pleasure from the trip. One of exits of crew “to the public“ began with the address: “Dear passengers, listen, please, to our announcement!“ We strained hearing and began to wait for next “gratefulness“. “We have for you one unusual offer. The matter is that we need extremely to sell tea production. And it very badly leaves. (Comment of the author: probably, people in the car were selected thrifty yes economical, - drank the tea, and from state refused more and more; here trade also did not go). Therefore we offer: you sort tea, and we do not close toilets for the period of sanitary zones. Some of passengers already agreed. We will write down those who will go to our offer“. I and wanted to finish the phrase “… and those who will not be in lists, during sanitary zones we will not let in a toilet“. M - yes - and … I did not expect such turn of events in any way. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. All of us are people and have to help each other. But with such conditions was categorically contra. Tried to enter dialogue: “And if not all agree how you will trace who goes to a toilet? And how health regulations? Environment ecology, eventually?“. In reply to me only shrugged shoulders and uttered indistinctly: “Differently the administration of an award will deprive of us“. I Admit to
honestly if these children just without any conditions asked them to help out, I without everyones would agree. But, having shown adherence to principles, against a chain of people with the trifle in hands which stretched towards a compartment of the conductor it appeared in opposition.
Here so improbably ended my pleasant impressions of a trip. No, until the end of a trip in needs of nature nobody limited me, the thought confused that we appeared before such strange choice, and the majority of us, without reflecting, went to conditions. Generation of market economy. What from it you will take?!