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Gambling “Illuminates“. What it is a new prophecy? Welcome

, there is no person who never played cards. It is possible to treat this game differently, but in the rainy evening when there is no wish to go anywhere, it will help friends to pass away time at a card table. Besides at all not necessarily it have to be cards classical.

In 1995 the Steve Jackson Games company released game under the name “Illuminates“ which was recognized as the best in category of gamblings and received an award of Origins Award for Best Card Game .

All in a pack of 110 cards. 160 counters - “megadollars“, two dice and the book of rules are also applied to game. This game is also in the Russian-language version.

For reference .

Wikipedia says: Illuminates (from armor. illuminati - “educated“) - the name under which various associations okkultno - philosophical sense were at different times known. … Now many modern and historical groups as which were really existing, and fictional can be meant by “illuminates“; the term is often used in theories of the plots assuming existence of the certain secret organization which is secretly operating world processes.

In a justification to the name, the purpose of game is achievement of world supremacy with establishment of a new order. Game quickly found the admirers, however over time got also other glory. Paid closer attention when a certain coincidence between real events and pictures on game cards - accidents, acts of terrorism, cataclysms, epidemics, economic crises etc. was found to it. As some events took place after a release of maps, there is a question - it is accident or deliberate leak information with attempt to warn people?

Of course, not all cards can attach with confidence prophetical significance as many things occur and repeat in our life repeatedly. But there are also such images which accurately draw a parallel with real events.

Acts of terrorism and accidents

the Most striking examples of “prophecies“ are the Act of terrorism cards and “Pentagon“ . On pictures events - the moment of explosion and the first signs of destruction of the Twin Towers are accurately represented on September 11, 2001.

In real pictures with the buildings flaring on fire it is visible how at some point the smoke accepted a face of the demon that coincides with his classical idea of the extended, goat muzzle. On the card “The purpose - reduction of population“ in a puff represented a skull. In the explanation to the card it is written: “Too many people create too many problems, and the love is not enough for all“ . Yes - here obvious shortage of love.

On March 11, 2011 as a result of the strongest earthquake and the tsunami which followed it in Japan there was a radiation accident. These events are displayed in a number of cards and remind “Fukushima - 1“ : “Earthquake“, “A tidal wave“, “Accident on the NPP“, “The nuclear monster“ . In the bottom of cards it is written: “instant attack, accident“ . “The nuclear monster“ contains the explanation striking with the accuracy: “instant attack and destruction of any place to the coast …“, “… extermination of any the uniform - monsters or nuclear power plants“ - sounds as the guide to action! Further there is an addition of points in case of successful attack - “… 24 against Japan or California“. on August 12, 2000 two explosions onboard the K submarine - 141 “Kursk“ led of

to death of all crew. “118 guys died under water at failure of the nuclear Kursk submarine, 118 families wait for the truth which is never learned and which could be the last act not of cold, but ice war. But Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin agreed to close this subject“, - so writes of “La Stampa“ , and the card “The rascal the demolition man“ represents the smiling admiral of the submarine against two launched missiles. What it is simple similarity? It is better so and was!

Environmental disasters

the Volcano Card is associated with the woken-up volcanoes of Iceland. In the spring of 2010 Eyjafjallajokull, and exactly in a year - Grimsvotn recovered. Emissions of dense volcanic dust forced to close for a long time the majority of the airports and to evacuate part of the population.

Well and that here special? These are neither the first, nor the most terrible eruptions for all history of Earth! But whether it is worth representing naivety of belief that the nature still remains a riddle and did not learn to operate it? For a long time drain bogs, the rivers direct on the new course, create the artificial seas, and for carrying out parade in the sky disperse clouds. These interventions do not take place completely and involve environmental disasters.

On the card “A projector of earthquakes“ showed the device causing fluctuations of crust and the falling buildings. The card “International weather organization“ openly represents tests of new technologies for management of natural cataclysms.

There are suspicions that the earthquake in Japan was provoked on March 11, 2011 by the seismic HAARP program. This program was started in the spring of 1997 and since then won to itself scandalous glory. HAARP is very much reminded by the card “Weather satellite“ which speaks: “the real weather satellites not just report about weather. They change it“ .

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, a heat, droughts etc. in the nature not a rarity. But in the light of accomplished facts “surprises“ of the nature get new vision.

Mass discontent

On the planet spreads plague of protests. Dissatisfied weight increases and turns into the aggressive substance which is sweeping away everything on the way, and mass media even more often report about new flashes of revolts.

For a long time it is found out that spontaneous, mass revolts do not happen. Behind them surely there is a directing hand - the conductor giving to human streams the necessary tonality. These schemes were developed, repeatedly improved and applied in different territories.

The analogy to real events can be found in images of cards: “City gangs“, “Disorders“, “Influence of crowd“, “Revolution“, “Seizure of power“, “Counterrevolution“, “Cleaning“, “Nationalization“. If to remember how with summer of 2011 London was shaken by the revolts of emigrants which are followed by riots and marauding, the card “The combined accidents“ on which falling Big - Ben and people who are running up in fear is represented, suggests an idea of perhaps sad future. “The captain evidence“ - the fact that we see and we feel

every day

are not consolatory At all and other “prophecies“ - the economic and power crises accompanied with crushing of actions, merger of banks. Assignment of foreign ideas through is computer - virus espionage. Bacteriological attacks and monopoly of the pharmaceutical companies, expansion of laboratories on creation of new viruses. The hidden impact on human reason by means of mass media - music, the distorting advertizing - “Ketchup is a vegetable“ , draws and lotteries, letters of “happiness“, children`s animated films, collecting donations, TV - preachers, mass emergence of the fiction calling into question the value of Christian relics and belief in general, predictors and astrologers.

The card “Telephone astrologers“ speaks: “call 1 - 900- SUCKERS right now and talk to our Astrologer“ . Here the scandals and sensations urged to distract from pressing problems belong. Magazines, movies and telecasts with offers to remove stress. Having looked at cards, it is not difficult to guess about what ways of removal of tension there is a speech - “Tobacco companies“, “Magazines with girls“, “A network of Fast - feet“, “Las - Vegas“, “The wine companies“ , on the Podsoznatelnost card in cubes of ice and cakes is obviously read the word “SEX“ .

Yu. V. Krupnov (dews. the state, political and public figure, the writer and the publicist) does the forecast: “I think that till 2014 its (crisis) will be held, and then there will come the hardest accident. The whole world started moving as all existing world financial, economic, social and political system showed full incapacity. The speculative economy will not live more than two - three years. Ahead accident, and in it will be best of all for those who will be prepared for it“.

About the predicted future

As the purpose of game is to seize power and to establish a uniform world order, cards predict overthrow of Christian dogmas and substitution of ideals, enhancement of religious sects ( “God`s Nephews“ ) and conservative fanatics ( “Moralists“ ), Ku`s revival - kluks - clan, education of paranoids, the third world war, destruction of the largest cities of the different countries, murders for the sake of the world, revival of church and the bible of a devil, arrival new the Messiahs - the charismatic leader, establishment of new domination ( “The power for their own advantage“ ). In end - “A new world order - do not forget to break the state“ and as a result - “Copying of history“ .

You should not take gambling prophecies seriously, of course. But the negative sides of our life gathered everything set thinking on quality of this life which begins to remind more and more the infected with pestilence house in which it becomes opposite to live, but there is no place to leave. And to correct something alone not in forces.