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Councils how to leave off smoking

of 20 Short councils how to leave off smoking

1. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can throw. Remember the most difficult things which you did and realize that you have a will power and determination to leave off smoking. Everything depends on you.

2. After you will read this list, sit down and write, processed according to your traits of character and features. Create the own plan how not to smoke.

3. Commit to paper the reasons for which you want to leave off smoking (advantages of life without smoking): to live longer, it is better to feel, for the family, to preserve money, to smell better, easier to find couple, etc. You know what bad is in smoking and that you will get having thrown. Write down everything on paper and read daily.

4. Ask the family and friends to support you in your decision to leave off smoking. Ask them about full support and tolerance. Let them know in advance that you, perhaps, will be irritable even irritating during parting with this addiction.

5. Appoint a smoking expiration date. Decide in what day you will leave cigarettes forever. Write down this date. Plan it. Prepare the brain by “the first day of your new life“. You can even hold a small ceremony concerning your last cigarette or morning of day of refusal of smoking.

6. Talk to your doctor concerning refusal of smoking, and also about harm of smoking which is already caused to your organism. The support and an orientation received from the doctor are the checked way to improve your chances of success.

7. Begin to do exercises. Sport is simply incompatible with smoking. Exercises reduce stress and help your body to be restored from the harm done by cigarettes. If it is necessary, begin gradually, with short walk of times or two in day. Bring it to 30 - 40 minute exercises 3 or 4 times a week. Consult to the doctor before you begin any exercises.

8. Do deep breathing exercises every day for 3 - 5 minutes. Very slowly inhale through a nose, hold the breath for several seconds, very slowly exhale through a mouth. Try to do breathing exercises blindly and you pass to the item 9

9. Distinctly imagine how you will stop being the smoker. During breathing exercises of item 8 you can close eyes and imagine yourself non-smoking. You have to see yourself item 7 enjoying exercises. Present yourself refusing the offered cigarette. See how you throw out all the cigarettes away and getting for it a gold medal. Develop own creative representations. Believe, it will work.

10. Reduce quantity of cigarettes gradually (if you reduce quantity of cigarettes, surely appoint day of final refusal of smoking). Ways of gradual refusal of smoking include: planning of quantity of the smoked cigarettes for every day before the end of smoking, reduction of quantity of the smoked cigarettes every day, purchase of cigarettes in number of no more than one pack, replacement of brand that smoking process not so was pleasant. Give the cigarettes to somebody to another that you had to ask every time them when you want to smoke.

11. Try “to tie“ - not to smoke once and for all. Many smokers checked on themselves that the only way to leave cigarettes - to throw sharply and completely, without attempts to reduce quantity of the smoked cigarettes. Nevertheless, find a method which will be the most suitable for you: to throw gradually or at once. If one of the metodoyena works - try other way of throwing of smoking.

12. Find to yourself the partner - other smoker who also wants to leave off smoking. Encourage and help each other, address the friend when you feel that you do not maintain. Come to us on the Forum or in a chat, there for certain there will be a help.

13. Carefully you brush teeth. Pay attention to how their state quickly improves and as they grow white. Imagine and derive pleasure from thought of how they will look in a month, three or year.

14. After you threw, plan to celebrate round dates on your way from the smoker to non-smoking. In 2 weeks - go to the cinema. Chrez month - you descend in good restaurant or in cafe (surely sit down in sections for non-smoking!) . Through 3 months - spend days off in your favourite place. Through 6 months - buy something serious. In 1 year organize yourself a party. Invite the family and friends to “birthday“ of the person which got chance to live long and healthy life.

15. Drink a lot of water. Water is good anyway and most of people do not drink it in enough. Water will help “to wash up“ nicotine and other chemistry from an organism, besides it will help to remove thirst for cigarettes, responding to “the requests of a mouth“.

16. Realize in what time you have a desire to smoke, for example: during a stress, after food, in an arrival time for work etc. Try to avoid these situations and if it is impossible - find other behavior models at these moments.

17. Find something that it is possible to hold in hand and in a mouth to replace with it cigarettes.

18. Write the voodushevitelny song or a verse on “I Leave Off Smoking“, about cigarettes and that means to you to leave tobacco. Read it every day.

19. You carry with yourself the photo of the family or the one who is dear to you. Write on a sheet of paper:“ I throw for myself and for you (you)“ and attach it to the photo. When you have a desire to smoke, look at the photo and read an inscription.

20. Every time when you have a desire to smoke, lighting write down the feelings or everything that at you on mind. You carry this leaf always with yourself.

Good luck to you in your aspiration to leave off smoking! It is worth it!