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Gun MTs8. Why this model call “the most hardy gun in the world“?

“Are on sale the sports gun MTs8 of production of TsKIB. Almost new. Nastrel is no more than 60 thousand shots. Shat is absent“. the Announcement from a weapon forum. 60 thousand shots and condition of the new gun! Whether it is possible? Yes, it is possible! If this legendary gun MTs8 of production of the Tula TsKIB SOO design office.

About reliability of MTs8 compose legends. And not only about reliability. Accuracy of fight, unpretentiousness and unusual appearance. The matter is that on each side, the trunk basis, has two small roundish metal inflow which owners of these guns call “buttocks“. But also ours, both foreign hunters and stendovik know MTs8 first of all as “the gun which is not killed“.

“At me MTs8 of 1967, from them was 20 years at the stand, passed from hand to hand at the leading stendovik, nastret, I think, not less than 400 000 shots and as much time at me other MTs8, namely 22 years, I think, and I shot not less than 150000 shots. And any shat, trunks come micron into micron, into a larva. Never was under repair …“ - wrote nik - 777 at one of weapon forums.

of 400 000 shots! And it is not a limit, only nastret it before emergence of a shat of trunks. As a rule, after small repair shat cleaned up and the gun continued “to work“.

There is a little history. Say when right after the Great Patriotic War our athletes went to foreign competitions, they did not hold the domestic weapon. All sporting rifles were the English production. Having learned about it, the people`s commissar of internal affairs, well-known Lavrenti Beria, threatened a sports top of the Union of that time that he will jail all of them if there are no “results of a celebration of our, Soviet weapon“. Speak, designing and production in the Soviet Union the best in the world (at that time) of sports guns also began with this confidential order.

The German of “Merkel“ which well proved at pre-war international competitions was taken as a basis of MTs8. Development of the gun was begun in 1946. The design of “Merkel“ was completely processed, but the gun turned out, according to a selection committee, very heavy, bulky and too expensive. Further the facilitated version of the gun under the MTs6 brand which the first went to production in 1950 was made MTs8 was put “on the conveyor“ TSKIBA only in 1953

So in what a secret of phenomenal survivability of MTs8? In a shtuchnost! The gun MTs8 was never on sale in weapon shops, all “trunks“ were made to order.

Steel at MTs8 (a trunk and subbarrelled hooks) - it is lame - tungsten - vanadiyevo - a molybdenic alloy, it grinds off very slowly. At MTs6 usual steel 50 PA, as on ordinary, factory guns was put. Each “eight“ “was lovingly licked“, operation of mechanisms and interface of parts of the weapon were led up to an ideal. Each gun shot back the strengthened hinge plate of gunpowder of an idroba because at that time at bench firing competitions shot rather powerful cartridges with a hinge plate of fraction of 32 g, was strictly forbidden to shoot such cartridges from the ordinary fowling piece.

The state part of a trunk at MTs8 is much thicker than MTs6, and still at the end of 19 - go centuries the designer of hunting guns U. Griner wrote that “the power of fight and reliability of the gun is defined by the power of its treasury“.

“the top additional locking“ was one more feature of a design of MTs8. In the field of a state cut of the top trunk, on both sides from a cartridge chamber so-called “canines“ were executed. When closing trunks these “canines“ enter block guard grooves (those “buttocks“) and are propped up by a latch, being additional elements of system of locking of the gun. Over time similar “canines“ were widely adopted in sporting rifles with a vertical arrangement of trunks. So, for example, the modern sports “vertikalka“ of Beretta which are considered as one of the best in the class are collected according to the same scheme, with the top locking “canines“.

Lateral levels of MTs8 are strengthened in comparison with MTs6 too. Or rather, it MTs6 had them utonena to a limit that too strongly affected “survivability“ of the weapon. It is natural that at MTs6 survivability is lower almost much (about 50 000 shots before emergence of a shat). And here the “eights“ which stepped million nastret and continuing to function regularly, very much. If, of course, it is possible to tell so about this quite rare, but surprising weapon.

All 6 modifications of the gun were developed.

MTs8 - 0 - a sporting rifle for the round stand, length of trunks is 675 mm, dulny narrowings - bells, with one trigger.

MTs8 - 1 - a sporting rifle for the trench stand, length of trunks is 750 mm with strong dulny narrowings, with one trigger.

MTs8 - 2 - a sporting rifle for the trench stand with one couple of trunks, trunks of 750 mm long with strong dulny narrowings, the trigger mechanism is supplied with two triggers.

MTs8 - 3 - a universal sporting rifle from two trunks of 750 mm couples trunks long and 675 mm - for firing at trench and round stands, with one trigger.

MTs8 - 4 - modification of the gun MTs - 8 - 3, differing in what has two triggers.

MTs8 - 12 - hunting modification of the gun with trunks 750 mm long, dulny narrowing of the lower trunk - 0,5 mm, top - 1 mm. Has two triggers.

After MTs8 “left to the world“, i.e. on the international bench firing competitions, the gun quickly became cult. The Soviet athletes were one of the first, the trunks which applied on bench firing of the gun with a vertical arrangement. - the fact “vertikalka“ became the standard at sports stands only by the end 60 - x years 20 - go centuries. The loudest victories and the most outstanding achievements of the USSR in the field of bench firing at the international competitions are connected with MTs8, including also the Olympic Games.

By the way, “the Tskibovsky eight“ around the world call the only Soviet sadochny (pigeon) gun, the highest praise to any smooth-bore gun. And today many stars of foreign bench firing are mentioned in interview that as soon as an opportunity appeared, they bought to themselves MTs8. Both for competitions, and for trainings, and simply, “that was“.