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What can be prepared from a cottage cheese pack?

At any hostess happen a situation when it is necessary to think up urgently, where to use the products which remained in a small amount. That from them to create such simple and at the same time tasty?. For example, only one pack of cottage cheese is available. Well special it is possible to make of it, except banal cheesecakes or pancakes with cottage cheese?

It appears, still as it is possible! Let`s begin with the simplest … Cottage cheese donuts of “Krakozyabrika“ to

it is necessary for

For their preparation: 1 packs of cottage cheese (200 g), 3 eggs, about a third of a glass of sugar (it is possible just to the taste), 3 tablespoons of sour cream, 0,5 teaspoons of soda (it will be extinguished by sour cream), flour at the rate of not strongly dense test (but it is possible to make and very dense - then donuts will be, respectively, more dense consistence).

Properly we shake up eggs with sugar, we add cottage cheese with sour cream and soda there, we knead and we pour flour, watching that dough turned out gentle, magnificent, a uniform consistence. We fry donuts in a thick frying pan in a large amount of vegetable oil.

Dough needs to be scooped a small spoon and to lower in the boiling oil in the most different configurations, especially without caring for the correct spherical shape. Donuts also received the name “Krakozyabriki“ for it. Consider that during frying they increase in sizes and if to them it is close, then will begin to stick together. Therefore let float freely, and our task - in time to turn them on other flank for a uniform zarumyanivaniye. We spread ready “krakozyabrik“ a skimmer on a dish and we powder to the taste - icing sugar, cinnamon, sesame sunflower seeds, etc.

Sand sochn with cottage cheese

In these pastries cottage cheese acts not as ingredient for the test, and as a tasty and useful filler - a stuffing. To tea or coffee such sochn - the most tasty, nourishing addition is simple, they with pleasure will be eaten even not by fans of cottage cheese.

In the beginning we knead gentle shortcake dough, will be necessary for it: 200 - 250 g of the softened margarine (it is desirable to take special, for house pastries), 2 eggs, 3/4 glasses of sugar, 0,5 teaspoons of soda and about 4 glasses of flour. The glass means - cut, an irreplaceable measured bowl of our domestic hostesses.

From cottage cheese we prepare a stuffing: 1 pack of cottage cheese and to taste - sugar, raisin or the crushed dried apricots, a little soft oil or sour cream. It is possible to add vanillin or a dried peel of a lemon - everything depends on personal preferences, be not afraid to improvise.

We roll dough on a table in layer about 5 - 8 mm thick, a glass or a cup we cut out flat cakes in which a teaspoon we stack a stuffing. It is the most convenient to put it not on the center, and slightly sideways, then it is necessary only to cover a stuffing with the second half of flat cake and to accurately press edges. Something turns out like big pelmeni, a seam sideways. In the course of pastries this seam will not disperse - shortcake dough well keeps. Sochni is spread on the oiled baking sheet and we bake to a zarumyanivaniye. They are concerned quickly, it turns out quite a lot: from the declared quantity of products - approximately a baking sheet.

of Bear Ears Cookie

These cottage cheese cookies will leave nobody to

indifferent! Despite the seeming complexity of preparation, it prepares quickly, and with every subsequent time quicker and quicker.

For the test it will be required:

- 1 pack of cottage cheese - not less than 5% are desirable fat content, the fat-free or 2% cottage cheese gives the grains hardening at pastries which unpleasantly crunch then in the teeth;

- 150 - 200 g of the softened margarine - a trial and error method can be chosen for itself over time a certain dose since depending on amount of margarine the amount of flour and, respectively, property of the received pastries changes;

- 1 egg;
- 2 - 3 tablespoons of sour cream;
- 3 glasses of flour;
- about 0,5 teaspoons of soda and is not enough salt.

In the beginning carefully we knead cottage cheese with softened (but not kindled!) margarine, it is very convenient to do it by a fork. Then we add other ingredients and quickly we knead to homogeneous mass. For about 30 minutes we send dough poostyt to the refrigerator. After that we start formation of cookies.

Thinly we roll dough on the table sprinkled with flour and by means of a cup we cut out round flat cakes. On a flat dish previously we fill approximately a half-glass of sugar (we will add as required), we put flat cake on sugar and slightly we press that its grains stuck to the test, we put flat cake in half the sugar party inside and again we press, again in half sugar inside and again in sugar. We press out the turned-out quarters as pelmeni, on open edge to close there inside sugar, and we spread on the oiled baking sheet.

The edge can and be not pinched, then not absolutely “ears“ will already turn out - in the course of pastries layers of the test disperse as the revealing petals, and cookies several other form turn out.

Much less time leaves on formation of cookies if to do them not in the form of “ears“, and in the form of cut rombik. Small portions of the test are rolled, fall down sugar and are twisted in not thick slightly flattened rolls (in them there have to be 3 - 4 layers of dough). Rolls cut obliquely in the form of rombik of several centimeters, everyone rombik can be dunked in addition the top party into sugar - and on a baking sheet.

One more option of a form - croissants. We divide dough into 4 - 5 parts, we roll each part in thin round flat cake, we sugar and we cut this flat cake on several sectors. Each sector - treugolnichek we twist in a tubule from wide edge to narrow, for appearance slightly we bend in the form of a month.

Such gentle and very tasty cookies will decorate with itself any tea drinking or coffee - a sit-round gathering of girlfriends, and with advantage in every respect. Cottage cheese - that product which does sweets not only tasty, but also useful.