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Who such Germelin?

Germelin are not only a grade of the soft fat cheese made in the Czech Republic. Germelin (from chesh. Hermelin - an ermine) is little exclusively white rabbit with huge eyes of red or blue color. Breed is removed by the Polish krolikovoda in the second half of the XIX century.

Rabbits of breed germelin - not the least rabbits in the world, but this dwarfish breed of rabbits at the moment the smallest in Russia. All serious manufacturers of many breeds of dwarfish rabbits refer to standards of breed germelin, breed germelin is fundamental for them.

Today in Russia there are not enough nurseries and the enthusiasts who are engaged in pedigree germelina, their improvement and maintenance of number. The reason for that - the small productivity of rabbits of this breed, complexity of cultivation: from - for rather small weight (“superdwarfism“) doe-rabbits of breed germelin seldom have more than 2 - 3 cubs, sometimes even only one. At the same time not all cubs survive and reach a polovozrelost even in house conditions. Fortunately, the Standard was softened and if earlier the weight of an adult germelin no more than 750 g was allowed, then now weight till 1500 is considered norm.

Such kid, nevertheless, needs the spacious dwelling with a high ceiling. Germelina are very active. And they can quite be let out to run about out of a cage, having accustomed to celebrate need in a tray. Rabbits in general are very clean, and white germelin often washes, cleans the fur coat.
In food a rabbit is unpretentious. The basic - qualitative hay and water in plenty, norm grain it is necessary to control as rabbits quickly get out of a shape, especially if their mobility is limited to the cage sizes.

So, before us there was a question how to choose a good germelin?
At first sight all germelina absolutely identical especially as have only white coloring of wool. Good germelin has to look as germelin: the small, thickset, strong snow-white robust fellow with short ears, a wide forehead and thick cheeks. The head is large, round, “shchekasty“, with a wide forehead (width is slightly less, than ear length), the neck is almost not expressed. Adult individuals have small ears, close put, roundish, length to 5,5 cm, and at krolchat to 3 cm. Too sharp, fleshy or long ears are considered as marriage. Forepaws at germelin short, and claws - colourless. But it is also enough also bad germelin and hybrids with them. Therefore before to decide to get to itself this charming rabbit, it is desirable to get acquainted with breed germelin closer at least on the basis of qualitative photos. And it is even better - to visit the operating nursery or two where part germelin. Or an exhibition of rabbits where you will be able to see both bad, and good germelin. To compare and choose the pleasant germelinchik.

And though rabbits of breed germelin cost much (and the reason for that small issues at females of germelin and a breed rarity in general) - all expenses are surely compensated by pleasure of communication with the favourite germeliny!