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Trolls of the RuNet - who are they?

to “trolls“ whom we got used to see on screens of TVs as heroes of fairy tales and animated films this article has no relation To mythical inhabitants of the wood.

It is devoted to not less strange and mysterious beings who are inhabiting huge open spaces of the Internet now and having today relation to some extent to one and all users of the RuNet.

Each blogger or the author of publications on the popular websites had to fall at least once in life a victim of unclear attacks when in comments on the article he sees responses it seems “nonsense“, “ravings“, and even disgusting expressions of nonliterary character. Comments with such words most often are removed moderators, but, nevertheless, they are. Aggressive rudeness of readers sometimes has obviously provocative character.

Often required format of the publication does not allow to contain all available information on a subject of discussion, and the author of article it is necessary to reduce the description of the second plan, leaving only a conclusion to which he came in the course of the work. To such places of the published materials generally all critical statements of the readers specifying that here the author did not finish speaking are also attracted, did not pay attention or does not know something.

And then in the blog the dispute between readers reaching sometimes mutual insults begins. Negative reaction of users is caused by trolling - the phenomenon which main task to break discussion. At the same time participants of network discussions often lose over themselves control. The troll is the provoker capable to bring chaos in process of discussion and to damage to feeling of mutual trust in any developed community.

Causeless criticism and impudent offensive attacks with transition on the identity of all participants of discussion to discompose them. Information which is picked at random from different sources, nothing the arguments confirmed and not necessary at present which are taking away participants from article subject called in philosophy by sophisms. So trolls, “network hooligans“, mongers of the quarrels and causeless conflicts which are quite often followed by streams of obscene curses act.

On the Internet there is no total control and the punishing laws, the world information Network allows to participate in communication anonymously, without opening the real name. However it will be wrong to represent fans of dirty comments and similar “tricks“ in the form of the overage - the degenerate who is going bananas from the invulnerability because the troll can quite appear and quite respectable by sight in usual life of people, having several higher educations.

Such “intellectual“ with the developed speech with tasty sarcasm pours out a dirt tub on the author of article or blog. Without falling to a dirty slang, he comments on article with use quite admissible censorship of words and expressions. But each this word bears in itself the powerful semantic loading urged to discredit and smear with dirt of the author or the interlocutors at discussion of the published materials.

Why he does it, expressing the personal opinion in the form of dirt streams, unambiguously it is impossible to tell. Systemically - the vector psychology calls such people “analnik“, popular wisdom - envious persons. And envy is considered one of the strongest sinful motives. Esoterics considers envy and rudeness as karmic diseases, indicating that demons of envy and jealousy the strongest of negative entities.

On the Internet there is a lot of such people giving in the comments negative coloring with the purpose to discredit the author of article, and they are various in the manifestations. Frolicing and scattering around itself dirt, they wait for responses for a raising of the self-assessment.

The best response to these aggressive attacks of trolls of the Internet will such - not to pay attention to them.