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Drinking water. Luxury for the poor and a way of enrichment for the rich?

Nearly a half of the used water on our planet leave in anywhere. One part of this water filters through various holes, and another just evaporates. And this with the fact that clear drinking water is the valuable and expensive benefit for all mankind.

of Drinking water remained just barely enough

Despite external abundance of water, not all people on Earth have identical access to the vital resources of mankind. While several countries of the world dispose of 60 percent of all reserves of drinking water, inhabitants of Asia where there lives more than a half of the population of our planet, are forced to manage only in 30 percent. More than 1,1 billion people have no exit to pure resources, and 2,4 billion use water of doubtful quality.

On Earth the so-called “waterless triangle“ which stretches from Tunisia to Pakistan and Sudan was already created. In this region shortage of water is a structural problem. Including all agrarian expenses, on one person a year less than 1000 liters of drinking water turn out. From - for it it is necessary to speak about its chronic shortage.

One more important problem is quality of water. There is one regularity - the more we use waters, the more arises the fulfilled and waste water. In the developed countries to 90 percent of the polluted liquid and to 70 percent of industrial wastes it is inexplicable for all get to various waterways and reservoirs.

The more people, the is less than water

As consequence of all that, from the diseases which are directly connected with quality of water, more than 5 million people annually die. According to forecasts of scientists in the next 15 years the population of Earth will increase to 8,5 billion people, and it at least will reduce an amount of water by a third per capita. According to estimates of the UN, at preservation of today`s rates of a water consumption in 20 years of 1,8 billion people will appear in a situation of absolute shortage of water. And here other 5 billion population should cut down considerably the expenses on expensive moisture.

Besides, this situation over the years is only aggravated from - for tendencies of moving of people from villages and villages to the large cities. It is already counted that in 2020 in the world there will be 33 cities where the population will exceed 8 million people. At the same time 27 of these megalopolises will be in the problem, southern countries. And it, in turn, will increase water expenses on industrial needs on 40 percent.

Prosperous people increase a water consumption

Than the vital standard is higher, that people are more prodigal, they use the built-in filters increasing a water consumption, have individual pools, etc. Therefore about any care of environment, from their party, out of the question. And at this time the poor population of Earth, from - for constant increase in prices for water, is forced to save constantly.

It is established that the average European consumes in 6 times more of drinking water today, than his grandfathers and great-grandfathers, namely from 100 to 200 liters a day. Water consumption indicators in the USA and Australia can throw in shock at all - from 400 to 1000 liters a day. But in the meantime the population of some developing countries is forced to manage in only several liters.

of 45 percent of water leaves in anywhere

Only 55 percent of the water accepted by the person are used really for designated purpose. Other 45 percent vanish or from - for untight pipes, or from - for infiltrations or evaporations on irrigating installations. And agrarian sector also consumes the greatest number of water - 70 percent. To support the population of the planet, quickly it is necessary to increase efficiency of use of water and to improve an irrigation system. Thanks to these measures it is possible to rescue, at least, 17 percent of water of life.

the Most reasonable - effective use

Purely technical way of receiving N 2 O as an example - desalting of sea water, a method in itself very expensive and power-intensive. There are simpler receptions for improvement of a situation. In - the first, all of us need to care for effective use of water. In - the second, at the state level it is necessary to improve infrastructure and management of various irrigation systems and the pipeline. Well, and at last, it is necessary just to protect the existing stocks and to fight against water pollution. Privatization of water resources can strike to

blow to the poorest sector of society

In the next 25 years will be allocated with financial institutions of the world more than 180 billion dollars for investment into the sphere of drinking water. At present these figures vary within 75 billion dollars a year. And in these figures deception is covered - the governments of many countries of the world use water privatization as means for successful elections. Still only 5 percent of world water reserves were privatized.

Various civil social movements condemn such marketing mechanism around water and want to legalize access for people to clear water on bases of the land right. Their slogans sound so: “Water has to be or free, or, at least, be on sale at prime cost“.

But to a deep regret, hardly these appeals will be heard...