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What animal to choose for the child? Guinea pig!

Guinea pigs are actually very simple in maintenance and leaving, not without reason in our century they inhabit vivariums of laboratories and actively get divorced as a meat source on the historical homeland in Peru. And fans in general took in head to be engaged in selection of guinea pigs and will successfully receive new interesting qualities at various breeds.

There are several moments capable to cause in you admiration and love to guinea pigs:

1. Guinea pigs are safer for children, than some other ordinary pets (cats, dogs, parrots and even rabbits).
2. Guinea pigs are capable to training, they undemanding, interesting in communication, friendly and sociable.
3. The guinea pig does not need special forages or the mode to feel happy. It needs society.
4. The guinea pig will meet especially joyfully you if behind the back you hid a tasty piece.

Guinea pigs seldom show aggression to the person. By the nature this animal - “victim“, capable to rescue itself only flight. Guinea pigs, of course, have claws and very much even sharp teeth, but they never defend with them. Only two mumps in a fight which in the majority only bravado and a performance, are capable to bite each other. But even such skirmishes extremely seldom come to an end with bloodshed. Therefore the guinea pig as a pet is more preferable than the others to the child.

Besides the mumps is undemanding in leaving. Its living space - a cage or a zagonchik of whenever possible essential sizes without special equipment (like wheels for run, walking spheres, short flights of stairs, mirrors and so forth) protected from drafts and encroachments of other animals.

A guinea pig - especially a herbivore who receives protein of an animal origin only once in life - with mother`s milk. Apart from eating of a placenta by the given rise pig.

Therefore under no circumstances it is not necessary to offer a guinea pig meat and milk. The same treats chocolate and other sweets, spices, fried and salty. The basis of food of a guinea pig is a hay and water in plenty. It is possible to tell, the menu of a mumps - a standard of a dietary lunch, it includes grain, vegetables and fruit. Anything superfluous.

The child himself can feed the guinea pig. However it is important to enclose it a forage in time, not to force it to starve because it is very dangerous to a mumps. And there is enough small package of hay for couple of pigs for a week, no special expenses are required.

Guinea pigs are easily trained in simple tricks therefore are interesting not only in respect of passive supervision over their life. Mumps it is possible to teach to come to call, to push with a nose a ball or other subject, to rise on back pads, to follow the owner. At the same time it is necessary to be careful incidentally not to touch with a leg or not to pinch a mumps.

Guinea pigs best of all are suitable for children aged from 7 years, though the three-year-old child under supervision of the adult can communicate with a small animal, hold a mumps on hands. Manual small animals very much love it!

Having chosen a guinea pig as a pet, you will be satisfied!