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In what bad luck reason? We distinguish “source code“ of

We are inclined to complain about destiny, about unsuccessful combination of circumstances, we argue and we are perplexed: why other things being equal someone is lucky more, someone is more successful, healthy, we love, is talented.

It is possible if know to what firm laws the world what “source code“ is put in the events which are taking place around is subordinated, it is possible to become wiser and happier.

In search of the answer to similar questions we often address astrological horoscopes and various psychological qualifiers of people who popularly explain what type of character it is better to have and under what star it is necessary to be born. But sometimes cardinally to change the life to the best, this knowledge happens insufficiently!

Everything in our world is energy, and we know about it long ago. So, we often intuitively speak about health “vigorous“, “there is not enough energy“, “breakdown“. Besides, many know that any thought is material and it is energy too. The modern science proves that the person - in fact too energy as all physical and biochemical processes of activity are supported at the cellular level due to enzymatic reactions during which electrons pass from one power level to another. And from the point of view of a power structure of people, besides a corporal cover, has aura and charkas.

It is known that the condition of aura and charkas influence quality of thoughts, emotions, a standard of living and health of the person. Each chakra is a power center in thin bodies of the person. From that, the exchange of energiya of the person with Universe energiya is how easily and freely carried out, features of the personality and quality of his life depend.

To understand what interferes with your full and rich life, it is possible on a condition of work of your charkas. Here the description of those main seven charkas which influence wellbeing of the person.

the First chakra - the center of life

Reflects a level of credibility of the person of life and openness to people around.

If the first chakra is open, such person is cheerful, optimistical, easily overcomes vital obstacles, easily makes contact with people around, is open for all new. He believes that life supports him and will always specify the correct exit from any situation. About such speak: “lucky“ or “was born under a lucky star“. It seems that to them always and in everything the destiny fartit.

But if the first chakra is blocked and the power exchange is broken, the person is full of internal fears and complexes which constrain his free movement on life. Such people are afraid of changes, strive for stability, confidence in tomorrow. Moneymaking, desire to have more is peculiar to them, than is at others. In this regard the increased embitternment on, on others, on the world and life in general. They live with feeling that life loves others more, and punishes them for something.

Level of freedom of a cash flow reflects a condition of the first in your life charkas.

the Second chakra - the center of emotions and sexuality

Reflects the level of an emotional maturity, acceptance of own sexuality. An open second chakra - guarantee of successful and harmonious relationship not only with an opposite sex, but also with people around in general. Given charkas it is easy to determine work by what relations with the partner at you, and whether are they in general.

The person with open the second chakry safely makes contact with strangers. He is able to operate own emotions and adequately reacts to moods of people around. He is not afraid of the desires and is open for pleasures. He realizes the appeal and sexuality, irrespective of forms and lines of the body. Such people are charming and have attractive internal force. About such mysteriously and with astonishment speak: “In it there is some highlight“.

If the second chakra is blocked, then the person internal is clamped, intense and as if it is held down in the relations with people around. It is accompanied by frequent differences of mood, it is constantly dissatisfied with itself(himself) and the events in life. Excessive faultfinding of and others are also characteristic of people of this kind.

the Third chakra - the center of consciousness and intelligence

Reflects ability to satisfy the requirements, to realize the desirable.

If energy in the third chakra flows freely, then the person is successful in society. He manages to achieve easily goals, to move ahead on a career ladder, to increase own welfare.

If the third chakra is blocked, then the person is afraid to recognize own desires and requirements, to dream “on - large“ as he does not believe that it is achievable. It is indecisive, is not confident in own choice, is inclined to shift responsibility for mistakes and failures in life to circumstances or to other people.

the Fourth chakra - the center of love

Reflects ability to love, to accept, to respect, appreciate itself and others.

The person with “open“ heart is a person with open the fourth chakry. It is sincere, understanding, loving, generous. He is self-sufficient, recognizes the advantage and respects people around.

If the fourth chakra is blocked, then self-abasement, the increased self-faultfinding and humiliation of others, at the same time denial of own negative traits of character, offense on people around and their charge of insufficient attention, continuous provocations on the conflict, external callousness, rigidity, dryness and greed on feelings is shown.

the Fifth chakra - the center of creativity and self-expression

Is the level of freedom, will, the power of the personality.

The person with an open heel chakry - the person of huge internal force, with self-respect. The sphere of its influence is not limited to own family, he is capable to bear responsibility for society and the world in general. He realizes and creatively realizes the mission in life, easily and naturally fulfills the wishes, the issue of material benefits at it is resolved and does not demand excessive efforts.

Blocking of energiya in the field of the fifth charkas strengthens internal feelings of uncertainty, isolation, depressiveness, dependence on opinion of people around, to state to fear own point of view.

the Sixth chakra - the center of intuition, the seventh chakra - the center of spirituality

Sixth, the most known under the name “third eye“, and the seventh charkas are considered as the highest power centers of the person. Level of work of these charkas is caused by openness of all previous. It is possible to tell safely that at the level of the sixth and seventh charkas are available to the person with the developed consciousness not only all material worldly goods, he possesses supersensory perception, abilities to clairvoyance and the highest spirituality.

However nobody is ideal. Also is not present in the world of people for whom all charkas would work for hundred percent. As the person comes to this world to learn a lesson, for it it is one more way of search - how to begin to comprehend it to come out the winner.

Apprehend this information as an opportunity it is deeper to look at himself and the events which are taking place in the life. Never late to take the first step to positive changes, the main thing - to be solved. Good luck to you!