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Station of cellular communication on a roof - the evil or the benefit? There are no

Without cellular communication of life. At least presently, when we so got used to this convenient type of communication. Besides, many daily services use services of a mobile network: ATMs, systems of payments, protection, data transmission …

But to liquidate “white spots“ in a network covering, telecom operators establish the base stations on roofs - both houses, and production and social buildings. It allows “to light“ evenly the area and to force any mobile devices to work without failures.

Much living or working in rooms where on a roof the equipment of the operator of a mobile network is installed, are negative to such neighbourhood, including its dangerous. Such thoughts are given rise by misunderstanding of the processes happening at interaction of station and the cellular device. The main frightening factor are the antennas installed on a roof and looking “is terrible and unclear“. Some even consider that it is the source of “radiation“ causing diseases and constant indispositions.

Actually danger is strongly exaggerated. It can confirm the certificate of safety which is without fail made out on object of communication. At the admission in the level of microwave studying of 0,01 MW / the areas the measuring devices on the last floors of buildings which are under the equipment of station of cellular communication show to sq. cm zero values. But at a set and a parcel of a call from the mobile device the same device shows values in tens of units! Phone is a source of much more powerful radiation. In the apartments located opposite to antennas at distance of several tens meters, values of the device make the 100-th shares of units.

By the way, the accepted standards of microwave radiation in the European countries make 1 MW / sq. cm that by 100 times exceeds the norms accepted at us. And here, say, the forbidden radiation level for microwave ovens is the threshold in 5 MW / quarter see

The matter is that the sector antenna which is a source of electromagnetic radiations works as some kind of big “small lamp“, that is has the directed beam dispersing from the antenna and losing the intensity with growth of distances. Light is electromagnetic radiation, only in a visible range too. And in other party from “small lamp“ light cannot turn. The space before the most antenna at distance about 20 meters can be considered dangerous.

It is much more pleasant to realize that stay near station of cellular communication allows your cell phone which has a radiation, alas, not directed, to work at the minimum power. This parameter is regulated by the device and depends on range to communication station.

Many compare station of cellular communication with the microwave oven. Comparison this absolutely incorrect in view of the fact that signaling from communication station is conducted in a digital form that does not demand the big power of radiation. Another matter television transmitters or analog standards of cellular communication which are not used any more.

Besides, on a house benefit residents as the operator pays not so comic money for rent from placement of object of communication. And if the management company or condominium not absolutely swindlers, then this money go for improvement of the yard, repair of entrances and other necessary communications.

And still repair of a roof, protections, cables of power supply, doors of an attic and roof, lattices and locks will also lay down on shoulders of telecom operator. When you wait for such gift from ZhEK?

Thus, it becomes clear that placement of the equipment of communication on the house, hospital or office is not so bad for the people who are in the building. And of course cannot influence a state of health of the person. And many stories which can be found in mass media - no more than the fairy tales which are not reflecting real events and often being the phobia caused by ignorance and misunderstanding of everyday occurrences. Earlier were afraid of engines too and considered as manifestation of “devilry“ the first flights of airplanes.

In conclusion a joke on a subject.

Put a tower of cellular communication in one village.

In a month the population made the complaint that, say, headaches, deterioration in health, unclear diseases and other indispositions.

The engineers who arrived for control were extremely surprised:

“Anything to! And what will be when we include it?“