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From what the financial pyramid of MMM - will collapse 2011? Opinions of experts. “on January 10 the founder infamous the MMM Sergey Mavrodi declared

creation of a new international financial pyramid - MMM - 2011 which is deciphered as “We Can A lot of things!“ He assures that the citizens who decided to invest the money in its new project will receive 20 - 30 - percentage profit monthly.“ Vestie`s source. ru from 4. 02. 2011.

The structure of a new financial pyramid which is built again by tireless Sergey Mavrodi is simple to genius. There are no offices, trucks with money and promises of any partnership now. All calculations are made by electronic money which voluntarily is transferred by participants of system to virtual currency of “MABPO“ which grows at rates from 20% a month. Foremen know distribution of means, they are controlled by centurions, centurions chiliarches etc. Withdrawal of funds is carried out on credit cards. Mavrodi claims that he has no benefits from this “organization“ and created it only for the help to people.

The first to whom it is unprofitable to MMM - 2011 - the state. Any. If people receive money just like that who will work then? The states (MMM - 2011 - system international) will seek to close in every way “this financial fraud“. Already 4 - go February, 2011, a month later since the beginning of activity of the MMM FAS Russia recognized it as a financial pyramid. “The Federal Antimonopoly Service recognized MMM - 2011 financial pyramid. The corresponding expert opinion was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.“ Vestie`s source. ru from 4. 02. 2011. However, Sergey Mavrodi would not be a genius if did not make secure. All calculations among members of MMM are carried out on a voluntary basis. There is no corpus delicti as if and to carp there is nothing. Though, attempts to cover “this shop“ with the states will continue and huge forces, funds and the best minds will be raised. Counteraction will be carried out at all levels of the power, from local to the international agreements.

So far MMM - 2011 exists as a certain cash desk of mutual aid. People are very cautious, put the small sums, respectively, withdraw even less. Until is so, the system will keep. In it one and all authoritative financial experts meet.

It will be worse when people richer and pozhadny come. When not tens, but hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars from where money for payment of 20% a month will undertake will be thrown in system? From one million it is 200 000 in a month! And 20% are the most minimum rate. And the biggest - 75%. In a month. Who will refuse such gift if there is spare cash? And if to throw there not the money? Why not to risk for such jackpot? And there will begin citizens will begin to take the credits, to borrow all neighbors, heads of firms to make investments of the enterprises in system. With good intentions, of course. Even the state can comprehend a default not that ephemeral virtual “system of mutual aid“. Scandals will be inevitable. As a rule, such “rating“ affairs will be widely lit with local, federal and even international mass media that will provoke sharp “fence“ of means from system MMM 2011.

One more prediction of experts. A weak link of system - foremen. “The key figure is a foreman, he is the closest to you and through it are bought and on sale MABPO.“ from mister Mavrodi`s website. Those foremen who stuff money which are sent by people, on their personal accounts. While money goes small, everything is normal. And when hundreds of thousands and millions come, very big temptation with this money appears to be washed away. It is bad and it is not bad, such is human nature. And though mister Mavrodi swears - swears that the security system on this case is thought over and there is nothing to be afraid. Quote: Whether “The foreman can steal money? If the foreman is a thief, investors will not suffer. MMM - dollars will remain on your accounts. All payments will be made by means of the next tens or hundreds. In this case all injured members tens can address to law enforcement agencies. The criminal will answer under Article 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - “Fraud“ or Article 160 - “Assignment or waste“ or to the legislation of your state.“ However, people transfer money to foremen voluntarily that by the Russian legislation is not pursued in any way. Besides, on the official site of mister Mavrodi there is prevention that payments can stop at any time. Confirmation of this theory video “Mavrodi Threatens Centurions and Chiliarches Again“ uploaded on YouTube can serve indirect. Mister Mavrodi confirms that not to change human nature, psychological moment in system is not considered today yet. If such “escapes of foremen“ accept mass character, the system will quickly fail.

Also commercial banks which, being covered with seemingly good intentions, began to block “suspicious“ accounts did not stand aside. Still. If the people begin to take away in large quantities money from banks from them 10 - yu - 13 - yu in percent a year and to put them under 20% a month to what banker it will be pleasant. And already the Privatbank, the biggest bank in Ukraine began campaign of a freezing of “suspicious“ accounts. Quote: “Oleg Serga (the deputy head of the “General Marketing and Advertising“ direction of Privatbank) emphasized that not accounts of “investors“ of MMM, but a possibility of carrying out operations of transfer of funds for accounts and cards of functionaries of a pyramid - centurions, chiliarches, foremen were blocked.“ For most MMM it too “there is no zer gutnut“.

Conclusion. system MMM - 2011 in fact a big virtual casino. Now (the beginning of 2012) it grows approximately for 60% a month. Experts foretell that such growth (when the system can answer for any obligations) will last from a year to four years. And to play a roulette or not, everyone solves.