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Whether it is worth investing century. spirits?

In brochures write that it ranks world famous Louvre and Versailles. Perhaps it and so, only I heard about the Museum of spirits for the first time.

- After excursion, - declared accompanying, - you will be able to acquire production of factory.

Actually what to carry from Paris how not a French perfume?!

Eva, has to be, earned quite good money. Issuing information with a speed of one million sounds a second, it is dexterous and to the place alternating the machine-gun speech jokes, she instantly won audience. Men quickened at once as soon as showed them the unit overtaking fats, infused on flowers, in fragrant oil which becomes a perfume basis subsequently.

- So same moonshine still! - experts exclaimed.

- Yes, yes, - Eva readily confirmed. - Now, madam, you were convinced that the moonshine still of the husband can be adapted with success for your needs?

Quality of spirits, in perfume of its not less than 25% depends on quality of oil. Thanks to such concentration to exhale aroma all day, rather absolutely small amount.

- Spirits only for women, - were continued by Eva. - Toilet water in which concentration of oils of 10% is intended to men.

Toilet water, Eva warned, put on... clothes.

- In it there are too much alkaloids which are not useful to skin.

Why so expensive spirits? To receive, for example, 1 ml of lavender oil, 30 kg of flowers of a lavender are necessary. For rose attar - 70 kg of rose-petals.

- Therefore as a gift demand from the man only the real, so expensive perfume. And if he is greedy, invest money in spirits, and you easily replace the man half-heartedly with more generous, - the Parisian gives the recipe of favorable investments.

Also warns: never buy by “Chanel No. 5“. In - the first, using the untwisted, fashion brands, women begin to smell equally.

- And therefore it is easy for husband to mix you with the neigbour, especially in the dark, - the Frenchwoman jokes.

But also, 70 percent of the price of such perfume are an advertizing and a flakonchik (too part of marketing policy), and only 30 - actually contents. The same authors of compositions can work for several brands at once. By the way, the author of popular “Chanel No. 5“ - the former court perfumer of an imperial family of Romanov Ernst Bo. It worked in the center of perfumery of those times - the city Grass. Mademoiselle Chanel chose aroma from several offered and gave it the name, the author remained unfairly forgotten.

Was considered earlier correct to choose spirits depending on a hair color: for blondes one aromas, for brunettes - others.

- Now all differently, - the expert warns. - As we also already forgot who we are actually: brunettes or blondes.

And therefore spirits carry depending on a season (winter, summer) and time of day. In the summer, for example, aromas of grapefruit are popular. The musky note is suitable for evening.

- Though if you have at work a chief - the attractive man, and you want to talk to him also about salary increase, safely use spirits with musk and in the afternoon, - the expert resolves.

The word “perfume“ that means “to smoke“, reflects its history. Before aroma lit up. Cleopatra was the first inventive woman who decided to charm the man by means of a smell. Caesar fell in love with her not at first sight, and from the first scent.

Women did not forget science and not without success many centuries in a row use smells in a subtle art of flirtation.