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Rome of the period of decline. The Robber demands

: the purse or life, and present medicine, angazhiruyemy mania of money, takes away both a purse, and life.
All our bedlam is concluded that the power of an agiotage of money raves, and it is necessary - absolute power of force of the reasonable law. The wanderer

“The power often awards actors, directors and to that similar figures as if they are a driving force of progress in the state. And people`s and honored artists at us divorced very much at present Russian low culture and fallen art that the people do not even know many of them. For the people these ranks depreciated. Why the power makes advances to this “the creative intellectuals“? - our listener asks. - Whether not for this purpose, that it finally destroyed by the inspirituality our already already poor culture?“

M. Veller: I think that all this is a little more difficult, a little more objectively and a little more hopelessly. When the country and on - a sort are busy with some serious things, it, in general, not to razvlekatel - actors. Remains unless military music and not numerous patriotic works of art. In total.
When in the state all settles down, the standard of living raises a little, political life when there is nothing to master fades and, strictly speaking, the new horizons, in this begun rotting of times - vlekatel, people who just give pleasure something are not visible, - suddenly begin to rise.

Here not we the first and, I think, not we are the last. Because in Ancient Rome that period of decline (if we take the IV-V - y centuries) suddenly not only gladiators became unusually rich and famous people; and gladiators in the majority survived; it only in simple literary works and cinema gladiators always fight to death. No, - it were some kind of sports duels where at the arena there was an arbitrator where fight stopped if the victory of one of them was visible. And that till the deadly end, - it happened dostatoch - but seldom, in exceptional cases, somewhere to ten percent of duels came to an end in death of one of an uchastna - k.

It to the fact that the gladiator could be released and make to himself a fortune. And kolesnichy on races, on races of quadrigae! They were not only the famous people, - happened, to them gold statues put... Today`s to a sportsma - ny cannot imagine it. And if to think that the person works all life, - he, of course, never had neither one million, nor even half a million dollars. And people go on a football or hockey match, without thinking that across the field - that millionaires run. Because their fees are that that any useful, productive and chest - ny work if you are not a businessman and not the businessman, you will not earn this money. This show - business into which the big-time sports turned long ago.

It belongs not only to big-time sports. It belongs to the fine arts when to us push carat - oozes or sculptures, absolutely dull, not having relations to anything, (here just agreed to consider that it costs much!) . What to pay money there for, - and the fool can... And for a brand! It type: two identical jackets. One of a local workshop, the second - from Armani. And so from Armani is much more expensive because lyu - di so agreed: pay for a brand as a prestige indicator. The any poorish jacket is at kazhdo - go to whom it is necessary. And here that it was prestigious! Though a jacket - the same...

Approximately it, probably, concerns also to companions actors. Because, really, sometimes you include a body - a vizor, - you look - the people. Further - according to the movie “Chapayev“: “Who such? Why I do not know?“ I do not know from where they undertake, but as actors are people public, they attach it special significance.

You know, officers are awarded in all countries. Here he did not participate in fights, and blocks at him in five rows on mun - Deere of a naveshana (well, not in five, so at least in two). For what?! Well, how? For long service, for model execution at - kaz of higher command... Officials are awarded, - and how?! What do you think, companions Guber - to nator are never given awards? “For merits before the Fatherland“ various degrees? (Yes, I would tell, - to - ren square of minus units). But all the same awards of any degrees - receive.

And actors on a view and with the degrees run as a peacock with a tail or the fool with a hand-written feed bag. Because if the actor is loved by all, then, generally, do not even think, there are ranks there, there are no ranks there... You sometime heard: “on - the company actor of England“? “The honored artist of France“? I it will not remember something... Here entered these gradation of Hundred - lean that both the people knew, and it was more pleasant to actors... And still all this lasts. Personally I suspect what all these ranks need to be cancelled, - what strange names are?! So here that I will tell you: spit and do not pay attention, is one of conventions of today`s life. We have more serious problems...
Mikhail Veller www. radiorus. ru/news. html? rid=4012 &date=19 - 02 - 2012 &id=589002

the Fine thought explaining inability of the UNIPOLAR power to create conditions of development of the person. Such organization of the power is directed to enslave, fool, fool … the person to please of ambitions of the few.

For full sense it should be added Boris Didenko`s research “Predatory creativity“ of www here. webslivki. com/u20. html www. lib. rus. ec/b/72907/read#t1, David Eich “Children of a matrix“ of www. insiderblog. info/2011/david - icke - deti - matrix, Graham Hznkok “The power of a mascot“ of www. lib. rus. ec/b/325064/read, Valentin Psalomshchikov “the Brain Internet“ of ru/file_2721. html, www. orgdosug. ru/pub. php? pid=2922 &cid=185, Vladimir Zhebit www. oracle - today. ru/articles/14517/, Anatoly
Ovchinsky www. liveinternet. ru/users/kfs - Moscow time - rus/post178611862.

From here a conclusion arises that the perfect power should be built on system of self-regulation which is provided only with interaction by TWO DIFFERENT, BUT EQUAL POLYARNOSTYA. Life is constructed on interaction of two polarly - sty: positive and negative charges create the potential of two polyarnost between which current flows (joint stock company - a kumulyator, the battery, the condenser …). What is characteristic, the charges of the same name make a start, and heteronymic - at - tyagivatsya! The double spiral of DNA, a double set of chromosomes, kislotno - alkaline balance of an organism of an obespecha - is howled by a metabolism of cages - female develop chinks, and man`s - acid. The brain consisting of two pain - shy hemispheres with nervous activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. And all this works at self-regulation level. Processes in cages, kidneys, a liver … unless happen under vigilant consciousness of the person?

The clever person has to solve all problems only this way: Culture of thought - Culture of the right - Culture of the organization - Culture of the relations - Culture of life!!!!! “Perfection of society has to assimilate to functioning of an organism“ Platon. And at what this ancient thinker hinted? In what centuries it is told and where so-called teachers of the people look, without understanding an essence of told. Here therefore flounder for centuries in a garbage can of own phrase-mongering!!! The structural organization of components gives rise such level to uniform system which possesses qualitatively other functionality, than its components. Example. Cages are collected in the uniform system organization of a body of the person who possesses absolutely other quality of activity, than cages - components of which it consists. In turn we are simply obliged to understand if we want to see the future, literally the following. How to create the organization of people - cages at the level of society so that to come to qualitatively other level of existence in a collective body of the people - quality of the environment of origin of the new person. It is also an essence of our immortality! And where we will look? The steady world is under construction on a potential difference: everything that is connected with a phenomenon of life has TWO POLES between which current flows. A binomial - a condition of functional activity of life of Reason. And what there is an essence of the power of people? It is also a society BRAIN - Reason! Means, the power should be arranged by an example of activity of cages - neurons of a two-nuclear brain of the person. The system of the power in the essence has to have BING - duality! And only such organization of the power will create self-regulating system in real time.

And what for we, to consumers and producers of goods, need commercial banks? To allegedly invest or give the monetary credit for a fulfillment of purchase and production of goods. The monetary bank note is valid only when it is supported with law force. Take old money and go to shop and that … - the refusal - is not present law force behind it. But even banks have no relation to production of these pieces of paper. That is, they in any production do not participate at all, and feather money the own nest a shovel!!! And what force is concluded in money? To distribute the energy resources of life for existence and development of the person made by people between subjects of society. There is it in the world of people fairly? No! And what, a problem in money? Again is not present - and in law force! Alas, only such rules of the game! Parasites imposed us these artful with hitretsy the relations besides by law force!!! And what they offer us? VIRTUALITY …, approved by law force!!! Here in what all drama - in rules of the game. It is all about the law! How to change these useless to us rules of vampires? To move away blood-thirsty intermediaries of bugs, and at sale of goods money has to go on the account of that producer who made these goods at once. And only the producer of goods deducts to the seller percent on the contract established with it for service of sales. Then the buyer directly in real time of sales invests without any intermediaries of the producer of goods, and the seller of goods will be put in the rigid framework established by force of the reasonable law. Also any financial crises will end!!! The world of people with relief will sigh from any parasites: usurers and shopkeepers.

Here therefore on the basis of the above-mentioned principles the concrete system of the self-regulating power promoting is developed to create conditions of development of society and the person
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