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When a kindling in pleasure?

That fire in the furnace flared quickly, besides firewood, the dry kindling is necessary. What, how many, where to take it and how to store?

In cold windy day you arrived with a family to the dacha. To kindle the center rather! But the oven became stubborn. Fire went out, the smoke tumbled down to the room, and the optimistic mood Wick - an enda, on the contrary, somewhere disappeared. Reason? Most often that the stoker simply saved on luchina. Ready it did not appear, and there was no wish to plane long.

How many pisano as it is correct to raskochegarit an oven. What are necessary firewood and how many as to stack them on a grid-iron. And about such here to a melochishka as a kindling, mention fleetingly. Say, it suits for it that popadya: a splinter, a branch, chips, birch bark, shavings together with paper and a cardboard. Real nonsense of which it is full everywhere only give a hand. However in practice at the right time under this hand there are only logs yes old newspapers.

From there is conclusion: even it is quite good to think of a trifle in advance. To define to it “living space“ in a shed or a drovyanik. Since summer - fall to collect to a heap bags, baskets, boxes, buckets, troughs and basins which after harvesting will hardly be necessary till the next season. And to place in them the birch bark, chips which are small cut a branch and a splinter that dried quietly till winter.

Then in the next arrival, having cleaned an oven from ashes, having opened the flue gate also blew, you put on a grid-iron the crumpled newspaper, and over it - an armful of these branches - splinters. In the form of a well or a shalashik. Strike a match and you will close a door in several seconds. You will allow a flame to inflame, and then already enclose poleshka, at first more thinly. Better than birch: they flare is hotter, and the house will quicker be warmed.

And of any gasoline - kerosene ! Otherwise there will be an explosion!

It is possible to prepare a kindling not only in the summer - in the fall, but also in the winter - in the spring. And even to turn this process into a house holiday of type of Day of the forest hospital attendant.

Having put axes, saws, secateurs and ropes in an empty bag, having taken the sledge, all family since morning to go to the next wood. If the road is knurled, and in the house there is an equipment with the trailer - the ATV, the motor-block or pass - a tractor - it is possible to use them. Or to risk to make the way on the SUV on an edge. To go deep a little into the wood - there always full wind and an old age of the tumbled-down trees.

Chose, what is closer. Checked that was not mouldering. Got the tool - and for work. And the dried hazel grove trunks - so those in general easily break hands.

Of course, you will be dropped in snow, however under squeal and a laughter saw something, you will cut, cut! And on the way back you will tell to children as it is necessary to prepare not only a kindling, but also firewood. How to look for suitable dry and sick trees, to saw trunks, to prick blocks, to store logs. How then quickly to kindle fire in the furnace and to long preserve heat, without having got poisoned by fumes at the same time. Where to put ashes which not garbage at all, and valuable food for plants.

And that children`s knowledge about the wood, especially at young citizens, sometimes at the level of a wrapper from candy with bears in a pinery. Later at school they will be told about flora, fauna and the world of domestic plants and animals. About masters of a landscape I. Shishkin, I. Levitana, V. Polenov, A. Savrasov. And about writers - hunters I. Turgenev, L. Tolstoy, N. Nekrasov …

But any lesson behind a school desk will not replace live pictures of the surrounding nature: soaring of a kite, a klekot of a spring, the aspen which is ground off by beavers for a dam, fox traces on a snow virgin soil. And feelings of primitive pleasure at the sight of fire flaring in the center. Pleasures from the participation in sources of this life-giving heat.

And as it is good to return to in advance warmed up house where the hot oven amuses a heart then. Where on a table cost tea - coffee - a liqueur glass, and on a plate the frying pan sizzles. And the general not only fatigue, but also pleasure from own fulfillments. This day children will remember for years. The holiday was successful.

Means, a kindling - not such a melochishka.