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I hate work - means, I hate life? On Monday morning everyone considers

a duty to expose the status on social networks in the spirit of “Ahead working week, our task - to survive“ or “Monday an unlucky day“, “Again this foolish work“ and other. A favourite subject for all talk - the chief - the fool and the grown hateful work. Every time when I hear something similar from the friends, I think: so what the hell you work there?

How people choose to themselves a profession? Why one become doctors, others - engineers, and someone professionally dances or cooks food? Among those whom I know only units consciously chose to themselves a profession. Others went to study at insistance of parents, for the company with friends, behind prestigiousness of higher education institution to otkosit from army and so on. And it is still half-troubles, having chopped off 5, and even 6 student`s years, people go to work which later begins to be hated several months fierce hatred. But there is a wish to eat that - therefore many have enough brains not to throw away good places. Nevertheless it seems to me, it is quite difficult - to carry out the most part of life with feeling of expectation of disposal. It is somehow wrong, it is even unnatural.

It is no wonder that the far few try to obtain success, it is difficult to develop in areas which is absolutely uninteresting. On the other hand, the students already behind, on hands the diploma, are any, and knowledge and to go completely to other area, to start from scratch - too not easy and considerable courage for a similar step is required. Whether there are options when it is possible to make work interesting within own profession? For certain, the motivation at 6 in the morning will rise every day a little higher if the person knows that at work he is expected by something interesting.

In - the first, it is necessary to understand that it can be interesting to you in what area you would like to develop. Now business is constructed in such a way that work can be found in any narrow area, having the diploma of broad specialization.

For example, upon termination of a mekhmat the road to all IT companies will be opened for you, and not only. If you do not want to be engaged directly in programming or design of servers, it is possible to go to any department of such company - since sales and finishing with logistics - and your diploma will be only advantage at selection of candidates.

Of course, it is necessary to understand that in a stock there have to be minimum knowledge in that area which you for yourself defined desired. But, I think, this knowledge is accumulated a priori, differently how you chose area? Bad shot? Then it is unlikely you will be successful and here. The success demands patience and persistence, and without effort, as they say, will not get also a small fish from a pond.

If the choice is not obvious, you at the crossroads, well, it is better for those - before you the huge field of opportunities.

To be defined, it is worth communicating to people from different areas which can be potentially interesting, ask what books they read that they can advise. Thus, the first step - collection of information which will allow you to decide on the choice of sphere of activity more narrowly targeted.

The following step which it is worth undertaking - to look at vacancies to this position. It is not necessary to rush to a whirlpool, rashly. Or, on the contrary, having seen the mass of requirements, to lower hands. Often employers write such ideal option of the applicant, but, as a rule, completely only units conform to their requirements and those request a fabulous salary. So, believe, it is not necessary for false modesty, offer what you have, and, perhaps, the employer, on the contrary, will give preference to you. The person who is not considering himself the guru in this or that business seeks to make everything on the highest class and constantly develops.

Why it is necessary to look through vacancies? To understand what minimum knowledge will be necessary for you in this field. If advanced training courses, self-training are not available nobody cancelled. Approach process seriously, write abstracts, look for interesting articles. Present that you will need to train the new employee on this vacancy what for this purpose needs to be known? How to interest him? And so on. Amazingly, how many interesting it is possible to learn about own profession it here in the way.

Having gained primary knowledge, it is necessary to make competently the summary to a desirable position. Also you remember, employers love people who know what is wanted. If you defined the certain position as wished go all the way - sell yourself, you seek to catch this work. The spark in eyes is not specified in one of announcements of employers, but will be nearly defining factor at decision-making, to take you or not.

Having well, done all this work and having caught a desired position, it is necessary to remember that in any field it is necessary to work, continue to be improved, learn something new, grow. Otherwise and new work will turn into tiresome routine, and all efforts will go up the spout. Progress!