Rus Articles Journal

The fallen-down petals of

of the Childhood the flower reveals, then withers - touch the fallen-down petals …
… went to Anapa at night, and stood, was by the window until the train shudders, and the station, varnish from glass gloss, goes back, being removed that city landscapes could fly. In Anapa lived in a white lodge with a garden, and to the sea was meters three hundred. In the morning - till the heat - went to bathe; little crabs funny moved in easy rings of a foamy yarn on a coastal edge. And water split when dived, turned green eternal gold of light.
I was still the country world - near Kaluga - the whole city of dachas where six hundred-internal sites merged in uniform green magnificence, and hot beams flew down from foliage of birches, apple-trees, pears, cherry.
the Pond flickered blackness; caught crucians, and they lapped in a bucket - sklizky, dense. Mushroomed in the next wood, and the whole families of white did life intelligent and big, and russulas did not take, did not take … Zavyadshy petals of the childhood touch
gently and as if again they come to life in a subsoil of memoirs.

Vacation of winter … In a country town snow is especially fluffy, and Oka closed by a magnificent cover seems not the river, and descent in a ravine.
Cousins passed the bridge, and immediately learned a habit of sharply begun blizzard: its arches began to sparkle, playing silver, spirals svivatsya in rings, whistled.
- we Will come to old men, - brothers solved.
Grandfather and grandmother to one, anybody to another.
the House in the lane behind church dvukhetazhen, is yellow. Krashenny red the ladder peevishly creaks. In rooms it is cozy, the grandfather - imperious, mogutny deep-voices hoots. Karminny tea is strong made, and cherry jam bagrovo gleams in saucers. At a window - a tub with a ficus, and in a window - the church given in flickering silver zvyozdno - winter flakes. The grandmother, continuously smoking “Shipka“, asks the Moscow brother on school: 40 years taught Russian.
Blissful heat of memoirs.
After winter of life is so necessary warmly.

the Carpet was used up, and the furniture played polishing, and baby faces were reflected in secretary shutters slightly in a wrong way as happened at the dacha if to look in a samovar … Decided to write down the improvised concert for parents, and it was cheerful them, cheerfully. The heavy, big tape recorder, tape hanks …
the Cousin arrived on a visit to another - to the province: from the &ndash window; a square of the snow-covered yard with an uneven relief; a skating rink, sinevato playing a whiteness, angular shop - the bakery, whose glasses are painted with kalatches and steering-wheels.
was sung At first by one brother. Included record. The voice distorted as though seemed to it ridiculous, ridiculous - the fellow was tumbled down on a carpet, karrikaturno pulling legs. Then read verses, played sketches.
In two hours bothered and went for a walk - at winter, in life - such unknown, such attracting …